Development Policy Review Network DPRN

Linked with Global Connections, with African Studies Centre ASC, and with Connecting Africa.

DPRN was set up by the Research School  for Resource Studies for Development (CERES) in 2003, with a view to stimulating increased cooperation and synergy between science, policy and practice. In the course of its existence the corporate sector was added to the target groups because businesses are increasingly engaging in development issues, while still being poorly connected to any of the other sectors. DPRN aims to bring the four sectors together to stimulate interaction and informed debate. (about).

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Address: Development Policy Review Network DPRN; Coordination unit: University of Amsterdam/AMIDSt, Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, 1018 VZ Amsterdam, NL;

Mission statement: The Development Policy Review Network is committed to stimulating informed debate and discussion of issues related to the formulation and implementation of development policies, in particular those related to Dutch policies and aid organisations.

The DPRN promotes information exchange and dialogue between scientists, policymakers and development practitioners in the Netherlands and Belgium by creating opportunities for several kinds of development experts to meet and exchange ideas and information.

See Strategic Plan 2008-2010, 30 pdf pages.

Specific objectives – The specific aims of the DPRN are to:

  • Create a climate which is open to debate and discussion;
  • Strengthen the role of research-based knowledge in the national debate on development and development policies;
  • Strengthen the contribution of research to policy formulation and the development practice;
  • Align development policy and research agendas more effectively by channelling policymakers’ and development practitioners’ research questions into the research community;
  • Stimulate joint analyses and the joint formulation of recommendations for research, policy and practice based on the aggregated experience of the three sectors;
  • Provide access to development expertise in the Netherlands and Belgium via a searchable web portal.

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