Independent People’s Tribunal

on the World Bank Group in India

Linked with Harsh Dobhal – India.

The World Bank Tribunal, the first of its kind in India, is an opportunity for concerned groups and individuals to present research and evidence that objectively examines the impact that the World Bank’s policies and projects. It will serve as a forum to hear the concerns of communities that have been directly effected by Bank funded projects and to envision alternate models of development that will better meet the needs of India’s poor. Panelists include three retired Supreme and High Court Indian Judges, prominent academics and activists such as Eric Toussaint and Arundhati Roy, ex Indian Prime Minister V.P. Singh, and the spiritual leader Sivak Suvaraska.

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About: Over the past few years, several groups have systematically come together to closely monitor the World Bank’s functioning in India, especially with regard to its Country Assistance Strategy; its review of its social and environmental standards; its proposal of using Country Systems in lowering regulatory standards, etc. As part of this process, it has been considered important to undertake a broad-spectrum enquiry into the World Bank and the functioning of its allies and to review their impacts nationally. This is the origin of the Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India. The purpose behind the Tribunal is to provide a just and unbiased forum for people who have faced the impact of projects and policies funded or promoted by the World Bank Group. The Tribunal is an opportunity to express their grievances and propose alternatives … (full text).

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