AbleChild: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education  is a nationally recognized Non-Profit Organization (501c3) dedicated to parents, caregivers, and children’s rights alike. Incorporated in New York in November 2003, Ablechild is steadily moving toward ensuring that all caregivers are provided with a safe haven, resource center, and support network when faced with issues surrounding subjective psychiatric labels assigned, and drug “treatment” prescribed, to our nation’s vulnerable children … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: …  Founded in 2001 by parents who had their own personal experiences with label and drug coercion by the education system, Ablechild has a personal commitment to inform, support, and unite others faced with all aspects involving labeling and drugging children.

Ablechild has a full understanding of what a parent/caregiver goes through when dealing with school systems recommending, and many times pressuring a parent for mental health evaluations. We recognize that schools will many times force-feed mental health approaches on parents, while steering clear of science-based education resources and solutions.

AbleChild, a national parent’s rights organization, is dedicated to protecting full informed consent and the right to refuse psychiatric services.

Ablechild educates parents on the risks associated with drugging children and promotes a label and drug free education in our schools. AbleChild has no religious or political affiliations.

Information that our organization provides you with consists of what you would need to be given to make an informed or educated decision surrounding your child.

This information consists of informing you on or about:

  • The subjective nature of ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric labels, what the diagnosis means for you and your child, what it consists of, how the diagnosis is determined, and how these labels affect children.
  • ADD/ADHD and other psychiatric “medication treatment” risks.
  • Health issues that contribute to children’s attention & behavior problems.
  • Educational resources & solutions to improve your child’s attention & behavior.
  • Laws that parents can use to empower them to stand up for their right to JUST SAY NO.
  • Other informational sites, books, non-drug resources and professionals.

Ablechild’s Board of Directors consist of doctors, teachers, psychologists, and other mental health providers dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children. These true professionals wholeheartedly support parental rights, informed consent (full disclosure), and a parent’s right to choose.

Ablechild has recognized the fact that “Junk Science” pervades our nation’s schools and is being misrepresented to parents worldwide, as scientific fact! We encourage all parents and caregivers to fight for their right to full informed consent! Do not accept solely based on what you are told, but question, delve, and more importantly always re-question.
One of Ablechild’s goals is to provide all parents/caregivers with the information that is sadly, being denied them, and at the same time optimize public awareness of child labeling and drugging. The information provided on this site is critical to the informed consent process.

The American Medical Association couldn’t have said it any better when in 1999 they were quoted: “Informed consent can be effectively exercised only if the patient possesses enough information to enable an intelligent choice.”
Extensive information is available on this site about ADD and ADHD and other subjective psychiatric labels. Information on drugs used in “treatment”, such as Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Wellbutrin, Paxil, Effexor, as well as many others, is also available and is located throughout this site. We strongly recommend that you take your time in carefully reading through the information we have provided for you.

Knowing that informed consent is a must and a critical component in making an educated decision, Ablechild and many of its individual members have worked diligently since 2001 to provide the public with extensive information at Federal, State, and Local Governmental hearings, at educational conferences, events, Governmental meetings, and throughout national and local media circuits. We have directly advocated and worked on creating laws that would strengthen “Informed Consent” and guarantee a person’s “Right to Refuse” psychological testing and services via the education system.

Many members of this organization have advocated directly for state and federal legislation outlawing school personnel from recommending psychotropic drugs for children within schools across the nation. We can proudly say that our organization and the united efforts of its members were instrumental in the lobbying and passing of the Federal law entitled “Prohibition on Mandatory Medication Act”. This law is now part of the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) and stands as the first of its kind, outlawing forced child drugging on a federal level.

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Our Mission:

  • AbleChild, a 501c3 non profit organization, has been established to raise public awareness regarding the psychiatric labeling and drugging of children, and the risks of mandatory mental health screening.
  • AbleChild acts as an independent advocate on behalf of parents whose children have been subjected to mental health screening, psychiatric labeling, and prescribed psychotropic drugs without receiving informed consent.
  • Ablechild champions human rights to protect all children and teens by disseminating all necessary information to educate parents and caregivers on the real risks of psychotropic drugs on children and inform them on alternative resources for behavior and attention issues.
  • Ablechild’s intent is to refocus or redirect schools onto educational issues as opposed to psychological ones.
  • Ablechild works as an independent proponent for children in foster care who are improperly treated with dangerous psychotropic drugs, many time off-label, without informed consent, and without benefit.
  • AbleChild works steadily to influence critical national policy debates as they unfold in legislation by serving as a voice for caregivers and children to ensure that no law is passed that infringes on the rights of anyone to full informed consent and choice related to mental health screening, psychiatric labeling, and drugging of children.
  • AbleChild is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.

“We must act now to protect for this and succeeding generations not only our human and material resources, but our free institutions as well.” – Public Education and Political Consequences. The Gaither Report of 1957.

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