Council for a Community of Democracies CCD

CCD is different from the many NGOs that promote democracy. We believe that an environment of cooperation among nations offers the best hope for resolving the critical problems of our age and that an organization of democracies acting in concert is a vital step in that direction. What distinguishes us is that CCD is the only nongovernmental organization in the world with an exclusive focus on the Community of Democracies. We believe that an effective way to consolidate the gains of democratic expansion is by strengthening that Community. We view this effort, which includes the creation of a Democracy Caucus in the UN, as a means toward our long-range goal – consolidating democracy globally by constructing an enduring framework enabling democracies to act in concert on the issues of concern to mankind.

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About: “For … decades the founders of the CCD had envisioned a new kind of international community, one built largely on cooperation among democracies. Then, in June 2000, under U.S. leadership, representatives of over 100 nations met in Warsaw and, for the first time, agreed to work toward a global community increasingly based on democratic governance — the Community of Democracies (CD) — and issued a joint declaration defining democracy as a new strategic vision of the world. CCD seized the opportunity to support the implementation of that vision … (full text).

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