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Update dec. 12, 2010: Linked with One Million Kids on Anti-Psychotics.

We take action to prevent, rescue and support children facing life trapped in a vicious circle of fear and harm; a vicious circle driven by violence, neglect, poverty and discrimination.
We intervene in the lives of children across the country, providing the right support at the right time. Take our work with young runaways, for example … (full text what we do).

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About /Who we are: The Children’s Society is a leading national charity that makes childhood better for all children in the UK.

Our network of community-based projects provide targeted, immediate and lasting help for children who feel excluded, isolated or abandoned; children who live in a vicious circle of fear and harm, and who are faced with a lifetime of danger and disadvantage in their daily lives.

Our schools work, children’s centres and mentoring schemes help many more children avoid crisis by developing the skills and confidence they need to challenge and overcome difficult situations.

Our research and campaigning creates real change by influencing the thinking of everyone – from the general public to politicians and decision makers – about how to make childhood better.

The charity was established in 1881 when Sunday school teacher Edward Rudolf found two of his pupils begging for food on London’s streets. Like The Children’s Society today, Rudolf was a pioneer and wanted to do things differently.

He didn’t like the large, institutional children’s homes of the day and so set up a model children’s home, offering vulnerable children a smaller, more caring alternative.

In recent times, the nature of our work has kept pace with the changing needs of children in an evolving society.

Our priorities for a good childhood are driven by what children tell us they need the most – to live in a world where they can experience loving, caring relationships in families and communities that respect and support them.
Make a difference to children’s lives

Help more children have a better childhood by making an online donation or by setting up a regular Direct Debit today. Your contribution will ensure we continue to reach the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in our society..

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