Still Human Still Here

the campaign to end destitution of refused asylum seekers

How the Still Human Still Here campaign is run: Still Human Still Here is a broad coalition of  organisations that are campaigning together to bring to an end the destitution of refused asylum seekers by extending asylum support, permission to work and access to health and education until the time of departure from the UK or their grant of leave to remain … (governance doc 1/2 … click link down ofthe right column: Governance Doc).

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Governance Doc 2/2 /How the Still Human Still Here campaign is run: … The coalition brings together organisations that believe we can campaign more effectively with a common banner.  

We can coordinate our resources, initiatives, skills and contacts. We can also demonstrate more easily the strength and diversity of those appalled at the enforced destitution of people refused asylum.

Individual organisations that (a) add value and resources to the campaign and/or; (b) tap into important constituencies of support or influence can sign up as supporters and are encouraged to engage in active campaigning on this issue. Key organisations that are interested but not actively involved in the work of the coalition can become observers.

The whole coalition meets quarterly with working groups meeting to follow up on specific advocacy issues related to the campaign, as required. These groups consist only of those with a direct contribution to make in that particular area and may operate by email.

No organisation can speak for Still Human Still Here, but rather as a supporter of it. Any organisation wishing to produce documents, undertake campaigning in the name of Still Human Still Here or use the campaign’s brand needs to get approval for this from the Advocacy Manager.

Supporting organisations do not necessarily agree with each and every policy position taken by Still Human Still Here.

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