International Coalition for Genital Integrity ICGI

Genital Integrity is the principle that all human beings — whether male, female or intersexed — have a right to the genitalia they were born with – Linked on our blogs with Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children, and with National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers NOCIRC.

Member of Child Rights Information Network CRIN.
… Summary: The risks and harms of circumcision include:

  • a. Increased risks of MRSA and other infections in newborns [Annunziato; Donovan; Sauer].
  • b. Death and severe complications resulting in life-long disability.
  • c. Sexual side-effects and sensitivity-loss from circumcision [Kim; Sorrells].
  • d. Psychological consequences including infant analog of PTSD [Taddio], dissociation [Rhinehart], and addictive behaviors [Laumann]… (full long text HIV & Circumcision).

Declaration; Information; US adult circ rate; Full Disclosure; Member Organizations (actually 28); FAQs;
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About /Who We Are: The International Coalition for Genital Integrity is an alliance of organizations dedicated to protecting the normal anatomy of males, females and the intersexed, and supporter of the Genital Integrity Resolution. 

ICGI was formed to coalesce the many activist organizations, each with a specific focus, into one, common voice. Added to them are organizations and companies who also agree that every human has a right to a whole and intact body. Organizational members include healthcare professionals, psychologists, researchers, attorneys, journalists, ethicists, academicians, and citizen activists dedicated to ending unnecessary genital cutting.

ICGI is a member of CRIN, Child Rights Information Network.

Our Goals Are To …

  • provide a unified voice to the various, specifically missioned genital integrity groups throughout the world.
  • invite philosophically compatible, but unaffiliated organizations, to join with us in protecting non-consenting humans from forced genital mutilations.
  • create and disseminate educational information and teaching/learning opportunities for raising consciousness about the forced genital mutilations of minors or others through collective press releases, symposia, letter writing campaigns, tv, radio, Internet programs etc.
  • pursue vigorously, through our legal representatives and the courts, human rights violations involving genital mutilation.

ICGI is funded by donations from volunteers and private sources. We do not charge for membership. If you would like to add your organization’s voice to the growing outrage against child mutilations, please contact us.

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