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The most potent weapon in the hands of oppressor is the mind of oppressed (Steve Biko)!

Welcome to Indonesian Peacebuilding Directory. This directory is a guide to organizations that work to promote social change and create the conditions and relationships required for peace and justice in Indonesia. The organizations in this directory are divided into three categories: Civil Society Organizations, Training Providers, and Donor and International Organizations. This directory is an on-line version of the first directory, organized by Cordaid and Catholic Relief Service in 2002. This on-line version is organized by CERIC FISIP UI. Simply, just click your left-menu to see the organizations or use “search” menu. If your organization work for peacebuilding, you are welcome to register your organization to this website, please click your right-menu. To update your data, we suggest you to send your updated data to or fax to (62)(21)787 3777. Together We are Strong! (full text).

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784 Civil Society Organizations: Activity, Area of Work;
62 Training Providers: Type of Training.
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We are the Positive Movement, a non profit organization from Indonesia that worked to campaign the positive values and building the awareness to make positive changes in our community. We are organizing program called BRIDGE of YOUTH 2007: ASEAN in our hands. This program will gather 100 youth age 17-25 from all over ASEAN countries to learn more about ASEAN, its challenges and how can we work together as one ASEAN to overcome the problems in each country. The program will be hold in Kuta, Bali Indonesia from 5 th-11 th August, 2007 … (full text).

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