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IPS, the civil society’s leading news agency, is an independent voice from the South and for development, delving into globalisation for the stories underneath.

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Editorial Policy:

  • The IPS editorial team supervises the international news service and other IPS editorial products, such as the content of projects and the columnist service. This guarantees that all IPS products are coherent with the agency’s mission.
  • Coverage realm: The service does not aim to provide up-to-the minute coverage of events, as is the style of traditional news agencies. IPS does provide timely, in-depth coverage of relevant events.
  • Issues: The news service consists exclusively of materials that are of global interest. IPS does not cover all issues, but strives not to miss any that influence the course of international events in a significant way.
  • News Geography: IPS tries to reach people excluded or marginalised by the process of globalisation, notably in countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The question of exclusion is highlighted, explained and investigated in IPS stories.
  • Sources: Through its news service, IPS offers stories containing a variety of sources that provide all relevant sides of an issue, with a unique editorial angle: from the perspective of civil society and of the South. This editorial viewpoint, however, does not mean bias or compromising the quest for truth.
  • IPS does not discriminate against sources, but is committed to mainstreaming gender perspectives in its coverage. Likewise, civil society and ‘grassroots’ sources are essential to almost any IPS news story.
  • Genres: The service is made up of news stories, analyses, features, columns by experts and personalities, and interviews. It increasingly includes in-depth reports and investigations.

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