The Road Back (from drugs)

there is hope, there is a solution – also in Netherlands, in Russian and in Slovak.

  • The Road Back program has been in use since 1999. Well over 30,000 people are now drug free after following these simple but powerful procedures.
  • The Road Back Program is a non-profit 501(C)3 Public Charity. All donations are tax deductable in the United States and Canada. Our service and help is completely free.
  • In 1999, our founder, Jim Harper began investigating antidepressants and the cause of their adverse reactions … (about us 1/2).

How to start; Physician Training; Reducing /Cold Turkey; Weight Loss; Newsletter; Testimonials; Glossary; References; FAQs;

About us 2/2: … One common denominator was found with every adverse reaction caused by antidepressants as well as all other psychotropic medication.

Working from the basic building blocks needed to protect our immune system and health, and replenishing the nutrients being depleted by psychotropic medication, this program was developed, the psychotropic drug taper program.

In 2010, The Road Back Program now helps people off all addictive medication, street drugs as well as alcohol. Why The Road Back continues is simple:

  • “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! It is day #9 of taking my supplements and I am experiencing NO side effects today.  I am amazed.  3 weeks ago I was taking 150mg. of Effexor….quit cold turkey…..and I’m fine….in 3 weeks?!  I don’t know how to thank you.  When I got the supplements I was in bad shape.
  • Things started getting a little better everyday and now I am only 9 days in and feeling great!  Just wanted to let you know … Also wondering how long I should continue to take everything.  Again…thank you from the bottom of my heart! Jennifer”
  • The Road Back Program has often been described as magic or from a Higher source. We sit here in wonderment sometimes as well. Our results are that staggering.
  • If we would have only received one success like the above since 1999, it would have been worth it.
  • All of us can make a positive difference for others. Our experience with The Road Back has shown us that.
  • If anything, most of us at some time in our life reach a point where we need a route back or a road back.
  • This has been our road back for caring and taking responsibility for more than family and our own immediate needs.
  • Thank you for allowing all of us at The Road Back Program to help.

Best, Jim Harper

If your group or organization is in the Los Angeles, California area and you would like to have Jim Harper as a speaker you can send him an e-mail by clicking here.

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