The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH

(the Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities, in english, in slovenscina).

Linked with Svetlana Slapsak – Slovenia.

The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH, the Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities was founded in accordance with the national Higher Education Act. The resolution giving consensus for its foundation was adopted on November 24, 1995 by the national Board of Higher Education at its 17th session, in conformity with Article 49 of the Higher Education Act. As an independent organisation, the ISH was entered in the register of higher education institutions at the Ministry of Education and Sport under charter number 601-736/95 … (full text).

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Postgraduate education: Studies comprise of 5 programmes and 3 courses of study divided into modules.

Modules: The module structure allows flexibility which is necessary due to, among other reasons, the number of foreign lecturers contributing to the programme. Modules comprise of 32 hours of lectures and seminars, mentorial work and assistance to students in their research projects.

Modules can be carried out throughout the year or as intensive courses which usually last two or three weeks. Lectures are customarily organised in the form of intensive courses. The collaboration of foreign lecturers offers students a unique opportunity to initiate a face-to-face dialogue with high-ranking experts whose works are recognised as the basic literature in their respective academic fields.

Modules are thematic and disciplinary units which enable students to become acquainted with the challenges, achievements and approaches of individual disciplines within their chosen topics. Within the modules, students choose the topics to be dealt with in their seminars, and such topics are usually related to their research work.

Seminars: Seminars enable intensive expert discussions among students and lecturers, and consequently a systematic co-ordination of the research work performed by students. When presenting their research they receive instructions, both regarding the methodology and the content, which helps in the further progress of their work.

Seminars also complement the lectures, since they enable broader expositions of theoretical problems, whereas lecturers, in constant dialogue with students, can build their pedagogical strategy:

  • In addition to modules and research, students also attend other forms of training organised (or brought to their attention) by the School, as well as undertake other forms of research in specialist meetings, conferences and colloquiums at home and abroad;
  • in Slovenian and international summer schools;
  • according to agreements and contracts with foreign higher education institutions.

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