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Cook for Peace: You can make a big difference by having everyone you know send in A DOLLAR FOR PEACE. Food Not Bombs is as busy as ever. We are growing rice and yams in Africa, starting a movement to provide free medical assistance called Healthcare Not Warfare, organizing numerous actions for peace, social justice and animal rights, working for the release of our volunteers who are jailed in the Philippines, help finish our documentary, and most importantly we are feeding thousands of hungry people every week in hundreds of communities all over the world.

When the U.S. government failed to respond to Katrina, Food Not Bombs organize bus loads of food and volunteers to head down to the Gulf Region to feed the survivors. We were feeding people in New Orleans less than three days after the storm hit. Our taxes were busy funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while Food Not Bombs volunteers were freeing people from attics and providing them with three hot meals a day. According to the city of New Orleans and the disaster relief agencies in the Gulf States Food Not Bombs was the only group coordinating food to the survivors on a daily basis. We continue to feed people made homeless by Katrina. Imagine if a million people send in one dollar just think how much more Food Not Bombs can do!

Link: On conflict and consensus.

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