The Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre

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The MASIMANYANE WOMEN’S SUPPORT CENTRE is a non-profit international women’s organisation based in East London, South Africa. We promote the domestic implementation of international human rights standards by building the capacity of women and human rights advocates to claim and realise women’s human rights. This is done through the development of new knowledge and the utilisation of a rights-based approach.

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OUR HISTORY: Masimanyane started in January 1996 as a crisis and support centre for women victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault.

Initially, the services we provided were counselling and legal support which have reached thousands of women and girls. These services have reached thousands of women and girls. This has grown into a wide range of activities and programmes which are now provided to many more thousands of victims/survivors. Masimanyane is in the process of establishing itself as a facilitator in the Eastern Cape region by offering technical support and sharing its experience, information, resources and networks.

Our Vision is to contribute toward a safe, free, secure and gender-sensitive environment where violence against women is completely eradicated and Women’s Human Rights are protected.

Our Mission is to provide accessible crisis intervention and support to women and girls who are/have been victims/survivors of domestic violence rape and sexual abuse, and to input into policy and programme formulation for the protection of women and girls.

It’s also our mission to embark upon programmes of training, education and awareness that will highlight the problem of gender-based violence, and to engage in leadership training that contributes towards community well-being and nation building … (full text).

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