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If you’re passionate, care about sustainability, love your bike, write about social justice or are just INVOLVED with the planet, then this site is for you.

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The Youth Engagement Program (YEP):

This website – the Youth Action Centre – is part of the Green Street’s National Youth Engagement Program (YEP). The YEP was created to link youth who had participated in a Green Street program (see below, under ‘What’s Green Street?’) with other environmental learning and action opportunities.

The YEP is a busy program! We do tons of stuff – like run this website, send out monthly e-newsletters (want to subscribe? Click here) and support youth friendly events like summer camps, youth internships and youth conferences. We also have an awesome Youth Steering Committee.

The Youth Steering Committee:

Our Goal: “We are the youth representatives for Green Street. Collectively, we help to identify youth-friendly environmental and sustainability learning programs, opportunities and materials.”

The Youth Steering Committee (YSC) is a group of very cool, very inspiring youth who come from across Canada to help guide Green Street with their ideas and goals. Some have been Green Street interns, some have attended Green Street workshops, and others have heard about the program through youth networks and wanted to get involved.

The YSC is the youth VOICE of Green Street. It helps make decisions for Green Street, like: What kind of school programs should they support? What’s missing? Who would be a good person to contact for workshops or ideas? What environmental issues are REALLY important to youth, and what do they want to do to help? The YSC has great ideas for new programs, resources and other stuff you need to help you be a serious force of change!

Interested in being a YSC member? If so, you can download an application form – for pdf click here, and for Word click here.

And in the meantime, click here to meet some of our current Youth Steering Committee members.

What’s Green Street?

Green Street is a national program that supports environmental and sustainability education programs to teachers and students across Canada. Green Street was started by an organization called the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.

Under Green Street, Canadian environmental groups (like Earth Day and Ducks Unlimited) develop and deliver high quality environmental and sustainability school programs. Over 18 environmental organizations are currently involved in Green Street!

Through these programs students are actively engaged in learning about the environment and are motivated and supported in taking action. If you want to learn more about Green Street or the school programs your teacher can book, visit

The Youth Engagement Program is a special part of Green Street. Its purpose is to connect with all the students out there that have gone the in-class school programs with other, on-going environmental opportunities. That’s why we have a Youth Steering Committee, send out monthly e-newsletters, and have this website!

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