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Latest Action (on homepage): More doctors, medicines and safe drinking water needed to contain cholera outbreak.

Government must scale up health centres to contain cholera outbreak: As a deadly cholera outbreak hits tribal areas of Orissa, ActionAid is helping to check the spread of the virus by organising health camps and awareness drives with indigenous communities in areas adjacent to those already reeling from the epidemic. (full text).

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About: ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency working in over 40 countries, taking sides with poor people to end poverty and injustice together.

In India today we are working with more than 300 civil society organisations and over five million poor and excluded people in 24 states and two union territories.

Our focus is on the rights of India’s most marginalised communities: Dalit and indigenous people, rural and urban poor, women, children and minorities. These groups face an acute lack of access to and control over resources, services, and institutions.

We pay special attention to those in vulnerable situations such as people living with chronic hunger, HIV/AIDS or disability, migrant and bonded workers, children who are out of school, city-dwellers without a home, and people whose land or livelihood is under threat.

Also, women and men, girls and boys who have been trafficked, displaced, or hit by natural and human-made disasters.

ActionAid believes that to make any dent in persistent inequity and injustice, the root causes of poverty must be addressed, and not just the distress conditions.

We therefore take a rights-based approach to development, helping people to claim their rights which may be constitutional, moral or legal entitlements. This is in addition to addressing immediate needs like food, health care, shelter and education.

Our approach:

Enjoying rights – ActionAid works together with poor people to strengthen their organisations, alliances and individual capacity to improve their lives and achieve their right to a life of dignity.

Challenging power – ActionAid helps poor people to tackle discrimination in their own communities and to challenge and influence governments and companies to enable them to realise their potential.

Women’s equality – ActionAid stands alongside poor women and girls in their fight against the injustices of poverty. We believe equality for women and girls offers the most effective way of ending poverty.

Creating change – locally and globally, in villages, cities and the corridors of power, ActionAid works to deliver significant change to end poverty together.

Working in partnership – ActionAid works closely with community groups, partner organisations, and social movements to achieve lasting change to end poverty. We are stronger together.

Open and accountable – We put ourselves under the same scrutiny as we place others. That way we learn and improve so that we are better equipped to end poverty.

Vision: An India and world without poverty and injustice, one in which every woman, man, girl and boy enjoys the right to life with dignity.

Mission: To work with poor and excluded women, men, girls and boys to fight poverty and injustice.

Our Goals:

1. Poor and excluded people and communities will exercise power to secure their rights

2. Women and girls will gain power to secure their rights

3. Citizens and civil society across the world will fight for rights and justice

4. States and their institutions will be accountable and democratic and will promote, protect and fulfill human rights for all.

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