SURGIR (arise)

vies perdues, vies retrouvees (lifes lost, lifes found) – in EN FR DE IT

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Contact. Fondation SURGIR, Avenue Ruchonnet 3, CH-1003 Lausanne VD, Tel : +41 21 / 311 27 31, Email.

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Who we are: A movement which individually targets the defence and rescue of girls and women subjected to criminal traditions, martyrs in their souls and their bodies, with their children. Mutilated, prostituted, raped, rejected, burnt, lapidated, held hostage, designated victims so chosen because they are females. They can be found all over the world. Adolescents and women enslaved, girls kept illiterate and in bondage, girls sexually mutilated, women raped during wars, widows with AIDS rejected with their children, girls and women killed in the name of family honour, women assassinated for lack of dowry, etc.

Having witnessed their suffering, SURGIR wants to cry out and help them in their action, their revolt, and become the instrument of their fight.

SURGIR is a Swiss Foundation, based in Lausanne and set up from articles 80 and following of the Civil Code. It has a Board of five persons and an executive comity. It functions with the help of a small team of four workers and numerous volunteers in Lausanne, and about 15 colleagues in the programmes in the field (Middle East). Those who receive a salary will be paid modestly from donations given uniquely for the running of the association. All those who become involved in SURGIR are aware of the extent of the endeavour and the necessity of giving his/her time, but also part of his/her personal comfort to this cause.

SURGIR is neither a political nor a religious movement.

SURGIR and the United Nations: The Foundation has been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

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