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the voice of education workers worldwide – also in french and in spanish

  • Education International represents nearly 30 million teachers and education workers.
  • Our 402 member organisations operate in 173 countries and territories, from pre-school to university.
  • As the world’s largest Global Union Federation, and the only one representing education workers in every corner of the globe, Education International unites all teachers and education workers no matter where they are.
  • Education International protects the rights of every teacher and education worker, and every student they educate … (about 1/2 /full text Introduction).

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About EI /Overview: It is a fundamental human right for all to have a free quality public education. Education International insists that this should be achieved through the establishment, protection and promotion of publicly funded and regulated systems of education that provide equality of educational opportunity.  

As the Global Union Federation representing education workers worldwide, Education International seeks to improve the welfare and status of teachers and other education employees. We protect their human rights, their trade union rights and their professional freedoms.

Education International believe that tolerance and respect for diversity form the basic foundation of a peaceful world. Through education, we seek to eradicate all forms of discrimination based on gender, race, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, political affiliation or opinion, social or economic status, national or ethnic origin.

We promote democracy, sustainable development, fair trade, basic social services and health and safety. This is achieved through solidarity and cooperation among member organizations, through the international trade union movement and through activities with civil society and global governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The united voice of all teachers can only be heard in the international arena through the strengthening of Education International, the world’s largest Global Union Federation, and through the participation of all affiliated member organizations.

In this microsite you will find examples of how we are implementing these aims with our affiliates across the globe.

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