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AERO’s mission is to help create an education revolution to make student-centered alternatives available to everyone. (Mission).

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Addresses (1 of 3): AERO, Main Office, 417 Roslyn Rd., Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577, USA;

About: The Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) was founded in 1989 by Jerry Mintz. AERO is a branch of the School of Living, a non-profit organization founded in 1934 by Ralph Borsodi.  

AERO’s goal is to advance student-driven, learner-centered approaches to education. AERO is considered by many to be the primary hub of communications and support for educational alternatives around the world. Education Alternatives include, but are not limited to, Montessori, Waldorf (Steiner), Public Choice and At-Risk, Democratic, Homeschool, Open, Charter, Free, Sudbury, Holistic, Virtual, Magnet, Early Childhood, Reggio Emilia, Indigo, Krishnamurti, Quaker, Libertarian, Independent, Progressive, Community, Cooperative, and Unschooling. One of AERO’s areas of expertise is democratic process and democratic education, but equally important is the networking of all forms of educational alternatives. It is through our work and mission that we hope to create an education revolution. AERO’s mission is to help create an education revolution to make student-centered alternatives available to everyone: … (full text about).


… 2004 AERO celebrates its 15th Anniversary with its first solo conference. It is again at Russell Sage College, with John Gatto, Pat Farenga, Jerry Mintz and Chris Mercogliano as keynoters. 17 year old homeschooler and Free School graduate Isaac Graves is the conference coordinator. It is so successful that participants demand that it become an annual event. After a year of participating in organizational meetings, AERO helps to start Brooklyn Free School, the first democratic school in New York City in decades. Late in the year two AERO staff members participate in the IDEC in Bhubaneswar, India.

2005 AERO produces a documentary of Butterflies, a democratric program in Delhi, India, for working homeless children. Jerry is brought to Guatemala by NELEB School, helps them establish democratic process. The second AERO conference is held, “A Spectrum of Alternatives.” AERO helps the IDEC in Berlin Germany.

2006 Jerry does his third consultation for the DAV schools, India to help them establish democratic process in their 700 schools, and a similar consultation for Unity Charter School in NJ, The third AERO conference, “Finding our commonalities, Celebrating our differences,” is the most successful to date. Out of the conference a new online course for school starters is established. 28 students take the first course, world-wide. The IDEC is held in Australia for the first time. Ouida Mintz, Jerry’s mother and long time AERO volunteer, passes away. Ron Miller becomes editor of Education Revolution Magazine. (full long text History).

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