UFER International Movement for Fraternal Union among Races and Peoples

Linked with BASJAK’s report on Jammu and Kashmir, with Paul Beersmans – Belgium, with the Belgian Association for Solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir BASJAK, and with Professor Pandita’s Blog about Kashmir and IDPs.

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homepage in english;
homepage en français.

All links are on the respective homepages. Offices in Geneva, Bruxelles, New York.


  • affirms the unity of human nature;
  • affirms the fundamental equality of all races, of all peoples, of all cultures, and works towards the advancement of a genuine international community;
  • believes in the efficacy of spiritual values to promote comprehension and collaboration among peoples; however, the Movement is non-confessional;
  • rejects every method inspired by hatred, its doctrine being a doctrine of peace in justice and love;
  • promotes the aims and objectives of the United Nations.

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ACTIVITIES at the local level through various involvements in the social, medical and educational fields … (full text).


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