Virgin Money

Everyone’s better off with simplicity in a complex world. We’re here to help structure your social loan

We like to toot our own horn. We like it even better when others do it for us. See what they’re saying about Virgin Money, and about our years pioneering private loans and mortgages as CircleLending. (News).

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About Virgin Money; You may know us by our music, our planes or our mobile phones. You may have heard the name Branson or seen the glowing red and white logo in Times Square.

However you came to know Virgin, we want you to know this: we’re doing it all for you. Like all Virgin companies, Virgin Money was launched to give customers a better deal. We aim to offer you great value financial products and a clear path through financial processes that have traditionally been confusing. Everyone’s better off when they understand how things work.

Since making everyone better off is a fairly lofty goal we have to strike the right balance in our business. We offer great value to our customers, aim to have a positive impact on the world around us and deliver a fair profit to our shareholders. We think it works pretty well, and we hope you do too.

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