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We, citizens of the world, determined to safeguard future generations from war, poverty, injustice, cultural uniformisation and environmental degradation,
DECLARE the particular seriousness of the problems and challenges facing humanity and, in particular, that the globalisation process is increasing the interdependence and complexity of world problems and widening the gap between rich and poor people; whilst markets become increasingly global, the influence of political institutions required for their democratic, equitable and effective functioning decreases every day … (full long text Manifesto).

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  • To ensure that a process of in-depth reform of the System of International Institutions gets underway;to generate concrete and specific reform processes that are effective for themselves and that, within a coherent framework, contribute to the in-depth reform process.
  • To involve the maximum possible number of actors in the global arena in this process: international institutions, different levels of government and Civil Society in its broadest sense. To involve key actors in the current political momentum in the World Campaign: the world of parliamentarians and their international organisations; the world of local authorities and their international organisations; governmental groups and regional and sub-regional groups linked to them; sub-state political bodies; related media; other branches of international Civil Society (i.e. the Corporate Social Responsibility Movement); etc.
  • To continue to draw up proposals within Civil Society (and/or jointly with other actors) based on the conceptual, intentional and methodological foundations of the reform.
  • To contribute to the construction of an international social and political movement capable of generating the process or processes of reform.


In order to achieve all of these things, we will focus on:

  • Raising awareness among public opinion of the need and importance of an in-depth reform of the System of International Institutions in order to move towards global democratic governance and in this way to contribute to solving the serious problems and challenges facing the world.
  • Carrying out activities and obtaining the support of global public opinion using the usual mechanisms. Continuing to implement tools on the Internet in order to collect signatures in support of the Campaign that are as diverse, representative and numerous as possible. Directing actions intended to gain the global public support not only of individual citizens, but also, and very importantly, to gain the broadest and most diverse support possible from Civil Society organisations throughout the world, in order to have them as part of the Campaign.
  • Setting up committees and/or groups of focal points to promote the Campaign at all possible levels (regional, state, sub-state, local, sectorial, etc.) that contribute in a more active way to attaining the objectives of the Campaign and that are representative of it, not only as instrumental means, but also as explicit objectives of the Campaign, since their existence will really mould a World Campaign.
  • Channelling the pressure of global public opinion to the international powers (international organisations, different levels of government, participants in the global economic scene, etc.) in terms of the importance and the need for in-depth reform.
  • Carrying out all types of events (meetings, consultations, debates and activities in general) aimed at the presentation, dissemination, extension, debate and increase of support for the Campaign, at drawing up proposals and, in general, at achieving each and every one of the Campaign objectives.

In addition to these things, efforts will be made within the agenda of the Campaign to begin processes intended to:

  • Create a “World Commission for In-Depth Reform of the System of International Institutions” that, linked clearly and explicitly to the Campaign, would assume and exercise the role of “lobbyist” for the Campaign. To this end, contacts would be made and developed with the intention of establishing a dialogue with the United Nations System, other international organisations, different levels of government and other important groups in the world sphere.
  • Establish points of contact with the media in order to strengthen the dissemination and all other aspects of the Campaign. In addition to this, where possible, the Campaign should develop its own instruments of communication.
  • Channel the dynamics of the Campaign, wherever possible and at different territorial levels, towards debates and the adoption of favourable and explicit positions on the part of parliaments, city councils, different levels of governments, social movements and organisations, etc.
  • Use the existing possibilities to promote explicit “internal” debates on the issue within the International Institutions themselves (i.e. promoting an annual meeting of the DPI-NGO that focuses on this point; working to introduce these themes as points on the agenda firstly at ECOSOC meetings and then at ECOSOC meetings with the Bretton Woods Institutions and the WTO, etc.).
  • Work on ensuring that the Campaign’s conclusions be presented to the UN General Assembly and on preparing a petition to convene a world conference on the in-depth reform of the System of International Institutions.

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