Fellowship for Intentional Community FIC

  • TO EMBRACE THE DIVERSITY THAT EXISTS AMONG COMMUNITIES and to facilitate increased interaction between communitarians and the wider culture;
  • TO BUILD COOPERATIVE SPIRIT WITHIN AND AMONG COMMUNITIES through shared celebrations, joint ventures, and activities that build awareness of our common humanity; …
  • … TO SUPPORT EDUCATION, RESEARCH, ARCHIVES, AND PUBLISHING about contemporary and historic intentional communities; … (full text Purposes).

Events, Conferences; Projects, Services; Membership; Endowment Fund; Board Meetings; Get involved;

Endow FIC’s (Fellowship’s) Online Directory and Website: We invite you to make an earmarked donation or pledge in support of our Endowment.

Your donation will help ensure an ongoing source of income to cover the hundreds of hours annually that it takes to keep our online Communities Directory up-to-date, comprehensive, and free! In addition, the Endowment will support the ongoing maintenance and development of our family of websites.

Today, 95% of our inquiries and responses are handled electronically, and our websites have become indispensable tools in making information about cooperative living as widely available as possible. We need your help to keep these tools sharp!

With the exception of a modest amount of paid advertising, our online activities do not produce revenue (our online book store basically breaks even and is designed primarily as a service rather than a major income source). We depend on the support of people like you who understand the importance of this work. Here’s how you can match your dollars with our labor and expertise.

Our target is to raise $400,000. With the $20,000-25,000 annual income that this amount will generate in perpetuity, we expect to be in a solid position to keep our web-based information fresh, accurate, and easily accessible.

As with all FIC donations, your gift to the Directory/Website Endowment will be tax deductible. If you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can do so on our store.

Make an Endowment Donation.

If you prefer to make a monthly or annual pledge instead of a one-time donation, please contact our development coordinator to dscuss the possibility.

Thank you for helping us offer high-quality information right where it’s needed most.

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