South-South Learning on Social Protection

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The South-South Learning on Social Protection gateway is an online collaborative platform for policy dialogue and knowledge-sharing amongst social protection practitioners in the Global South … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … It is an initiative of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth to foster South-South collaboration.

(Also for) aiming to expand the knowledge base and capacities of developing countries to design and implement nationally-owned poverty reduction strategies, bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible and diverse social protection information in print and online, as well as providing a space where practitioners can share ideas, experiences and resources.

This site has been set up as a “virtual bookcase” where you can find a searchable database of social protection materials from across the world. The collection includes tools, case studies, policy papers and research.

Another innovation of this gateway is that is that it fosters the interactive engagement of users, offering the possibility to participate by posting news, comments and suggestions, submission of recommendations for library inclusions, proposing new features and also participating in the Forum.


The main objective of this gateway is to facilitate South-South Learning on Social Protection policies, creating open, independent and critical networks to share experiences across regions and countries. As such, it should also be a platform for broader South-South collaboration.

The gateway intends to raise awareness, understanding and practical experience to a wider audience, making it globally known as a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. Therefore it will highlight less known and innovative case studies in various countries and provide training materials, suggested references and a roster of specialists in social protection. It will also build partnerships and involve other actors, not only at the government level, but from the general public and academia.

Our mission:

IPC-IG considers South-South learning to be collaborations and exchanges among governments of developing countries and non-state actors to reduce poverty and inequality.

IPC-IG believes South-South dialogue allows countries with similar challenges to share their experiences and propose innovative solutions. Such processes enhance the capacity of nations to shape development according to their own vision and needs.

As part of UNDP, IPC-IG shares and spreads the values and principles of the Human Development paradigm. Its online gateway aims to reflect and work with a shared vision, and believes that the fundamental goal of Social Protection Policies is to expand human choices and allow people to flourish beyond simple economic attainment.

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