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Neurotoxin Removal Process, Detoxification: This program was designed for persons who have accumulated toxins and to specifically remove those toxins. 

It was taken into consideration that many persons participating in this program will be on medications for the symptoms they have been having. In most cases, the need for the medications will be reduced as a person progresses.

Detoxification is a process of neutralizing toxins in our system particularly in the lymph nodes and liver and then eliminating them through our lungs, colon, skin, and kidneys. This process is vital to our system as is nutrient intake, and it is a process that our system engages in as consistently as our heartbeat. Without these systems working properly, the toxins would then embed themselves in our tissues and trigger a host of degenerative diseases and inflammatory conditions which could include mental symptomatology such as anxiety and psychosis. When overloaded and if the body cannot neutralize and eliminate a toxin, it will sequester it away in fatty tissues including glandular, nerve, and brain tissue. In an effort to protect us from dangerous poisons; the body can accumulate mucous and fat to deposit these toxins in.

The scale of toxins we are currently exposed to put an unreasonable demand on our detoxification physiology. Industrial chemicals and the water treatment process pollutes the water we bathe in and often drink. Pesticides designed to poison insects are accumulating in our bodies, the concentration of mercury permeates the food chain along with other heavy metals, your household cleaners, solvents, the declination of our air quality, your hygiene products, and our environmental hormones all put an undue burden on our system, inevitably resulting in the breakdown of our natural body systems. Energy metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, addictive biochemistry, the disruption of normal hormonal production, interference of DNA and tissue repair, and other delicate biochemical systems are additionally adversely affected. The World Health Organization research has implicated environmental chemicals in 60-80% of all cancers today. We have seen this toxic load as correlatively and directly responsible for mental issues including psychosis, anxiety, hormonal disruption, addictive disorders, and underlying allergic and chemical sensitivities.

Our immune system serves the purpose of protecting us from infection. It does so by making a distinction between the self (the body) and the non-self (a foreign invader). When it detects an invader, such as a pathogen, – it will identify it closely. It will then send out the equivalent of a wanted poster to all the white blood cells, informing them of the invader. When the white blood cells come in contact with the pathogen, they set off an inflammatory process and begin the attack of the pathogen.

The immune system is being asked to distinguish self from non-self when it comes to toxin laden tissue. Often, the immune system mistakes this toxic tissue with “foreign invaders” and then proceeds to attack it. This is a likely mechanism for some cases of auto-immune issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Graves’ disease, Psoriatic Arthritis, and a host of others. The immune system attacks tissues that are toxic without realizing the “attack” is on itself.

Signs of toxicity: … (full long text).

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