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OneVoice is a non profit organization and citizen activism movement working in Israel and the Palestinian territories to achieve a two-state solution through non-violent means. An initiative of The PeaceWorks Foundation, the organization is headquartered in New York City, with field offices in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, and Gaza City, and international offices in London and Ottawa.[1] … (full long presentation on wikipedia).

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How it works /Programming Tracks: OneVoice’s approach is designed to appeal to the enlightened self-interest of the Israeli and Palestinian people. The majority of people on both sides realize that they have everything to gain by ensuring the independence and security of ‘the other’ and thus are prepared to compromise in order to do so.

OneVoice, consequently, is in a unique position to engage all sectors of each society in our work – from right to left and religious to secular.

OneVoice recognizes that one of the most powerful ways to empower moderate constituencies is to demonstrate to them that they have an engaged partner on the other side. Thus, OneVoice’s initiatives include a number of programs along four tracks:

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The Israeli and Palestinian tracks address the unique issues facing each society. The Regional track focuses on cooperative development and education through joint Palestinian and Israeli programming. The International track is geared towards promoting mutual understanding among all global citizens. These tracks are essential in strengthening the role of civil society – regionally and throughout the world – in crafting a viable and comprehensive resolution for both peoples.


… International Education Program:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is having a polarizing effect on campuses and communities around the world. Growing polarization between Palestinian, Jewish, Arab, Israeli and Muslim groups over the conflict has led to an increasing vacuum of moderation. The conflict is all-too-often either the cause of, or an excuse for, poor relations between different ethnic or religious groups.

OneVoice’s strong credentials in both Israel and Palestine are what set it apart from other organizations. By bringing these credentials to campuses and communities outside the Middle East, OneVoice is able to attract groups of all backgrounds and political persuasions. This allows us to bring together students who would never normally sit in the same room, let alone applaud the same ideals, to realize that they have more in common than they could have imagined. (full long text How it works).

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