WSIS Forum 2011 – 16-20 May, Geneva

Remote Participation will be an integral feature of the WSIS Forum 2011. Building on the success of WSIS Forum 2010, the WSIS Organizers are working towards integrating the most user friendly and widely used tools for encouraging remote participation. During WSIS Forum 2010 the following tools were used successfully and were widely appreciated: … (full text remote participation).

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Consolidation of Views and Analysis: In order to ensure the participatory and inclusive spirit of the WSIS Forum 2011, the organizers i.e. ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP announced an open consultation process on the Venue for the WSIS Forum 2011.  

The open consultation aimed at engaging Governments, international organizations, civil society and the private sector in discussing the venue for WSIS Forum 2011.

The organizers would like to thank all WSIS Stakeholders for their engaged and involved participation. The open consultation process, consisting of three phases was welcomed and appreciated by all. Multiple stakeholders participated in the open consultation process, first by holding discussions on the WSIS community platform and in the second phase by submitting direct contributions.

WSIS Stakeholders submitted their comments keeping in mind several parallel and interrelated dimensions, and concluded that finding a balance between operational costs and participation would be an ideal objective in deciding the venue of the WSIS Forum 2011. Since the year 2011 paves the way for the path beyond the halfway point between the successful conclusion of the WSIS in 2005 and 2015, the decision on the venue is directed at strengthening the WSIS Implementation and follow up process.

Stakeholders submitted their views recommending New York, Geneva, Paris and countries in the developing world as possible venues for the WSIS Forum 2011 … (full text).

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