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Linked with Maria Inês Gomes Rodrigues Fontinha – Portugal, and with O Ninho.

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Contact: United Voice (Han-So-Ri) for the Eradication of Prostitution in Korea, #203 B/D CISJDm 35 Choongjeung-Ro 2-gam, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul 120-012, Republic of Korea …
and: Andrea Bertone, Director Human, (Project of the Academy for Educational Development), Washington, Phone: +1.202.884.8916 DC, e-mail.

Linking Needs with Resources Campaign: Are you an organization combating trafficking that needs resources, funding, or volunteers? Are you a concerned individual or organization who can donate time, money, or resources towards combating human trafficking?

Tell us what you need or what you can provide, and we will try to link needs with resources. Be sure to provide an email address where you can be contacted along with your geographic location.

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