World Coalition Against the Death Penalty

(Coalition mondiale contre la peine de mort)

How we work:

  • World Coalition brings together abolitionist organisations committed to working together in line with a common charter. The member organisations meet once a year for the General Assembly to define the World Coalition’s strategy and elect a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee’s member organisations take the necessary decisions to implement this strategy;
  • The General Assembly also elects a member organisation to undertake the work of the World Coalition’s executive secretariat, i.e. its day-to-day management;
  • The World Coalition is financed by contributions from its members and the European Union. It is also seeking financing from other institutional sponsors.

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About: The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty aims to strengthen the international dimension of the struggle against capital punishment. Wherever the death penalty is in force, it contributes to reducing and, better still, definitively abolishing death sentences and executions.
To do this, the Coalition facilitates the constitution and development of national and regional coalitions against the death penalty, leads lobbying actions towards international organisations and States, and organises events which have an international impact.
In 2003 the Coalition established October 10th as the World Day Against the Death Penalty.Composed of over 60 member organisations, the Coalition was founded in Rome in May 2002.

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