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The Knowledge Brokers’ Forum (KBF) is a collaborative space to promote knowledge sharing and dissemination on knowledge brokering (KB) and the role of intermediaries in international development. Our aim is to foster a global community of peers interested in KB from a diversity of sectors and practices, consolidate information and resources on intermediaries and help promote experiences and refine practices in knowledge brokering and knowledge translation (KT) … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2 … /What can you do on KBF? 

  • Learn from a global community of peers involved in knowledge brokering and intermediary work
  • Access and share resources on the strategic, practical and technical aspects of knowledge brokering and intermediary work
  • Share your experiences of knowledge brokering and intermediary work with others
  • Obtain advice and peer support on issues and challenges you face in your own context

You will see a variety of tools on the forum that you can use to share information and experiences. You can also personalise your own profile and receive email alerts with recent activity and news from the forum. For more information on all of these see our FAQs section.

Why focus on knowledge brokers (KBs) and intermediaries?

  • Knowledge brokers and intermediaries are central to the promotion and uptake of evidence-based decision-making. They generate, interpret, organise and communicate research-based information from diverse perspectives and harness ICTs to improve access to knowledge. They also foster links, interaction, understanding and collaboration between researchers and decision makers.
  • We believe a stronger understanding of these unique players is needed to help identify and contribute to effective strategies for accessing and using research to support social change. Our long-term goal is to identify good practice, tools and techniques in knowledge brokering that can support existing players and newcomers to the field, and harvest this material to produce a KB Toolkit in 2012.

The I-K-Mediary Network:

  • This platform is managed by the I-K-Mediary Network, a rapidly growing global initiative to connect knowledge brokers and intermediaries from across the North and the South. These organisations share a common commitment to increase access to and use of research in development contexts by providing portals, gateways or reporting services, and facilitating exchange between development stakeholders.

The network enables members to:

  • Learn and innovate together
  • Support professional development within the sector
  • Collaborate with each other to maximise their efficiency
  • Build greater understanding of the role of knowledge and information intermediaries
  • Advocate for the value of information and knowledge in development processes
  • Develop capacity of other key stakeholders in the information environment

For more information and to see how you can become a member, please visit: Institute of Development Studies IDS.

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