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The Rights Philosophy Forum is dedicated to promoting the exploration and discussion of human rights, and the philosophy and rationale behind them …

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Mission Statement: Many of the practical problems associated with human rights – from civil rights violations, to genocide, to international intervention – stem from fundamental disagreements about ethical philosophy. The Rights Philosophy Forum aims to nurture understanding of competing philosophies, and to encourage everyone involved in the human rights debate to continually refine, strengthen, and even overhaul their own arguments when necessary. At the same time, the RPF hopes to cultivate a sense of cooperation and tolerance in the discussion of human rights philosophy, and to promote a healthy, fruitful interchange of ideas between peoples and countries holding vastly different viewpoints.

Focus on philosophy: any human rights theory must face real-world challenges. It can’t lounge in the clouds counting angels on pinheads. But the focus of the Rights Philosophy Forum is not to chronicle rights abuses or to champion human rights causes. Real-life examples certainly provide life and breath to philosophical debate, and can highlight strengths or weaknesses in a particular philosophy. But the RPF will focus primarily on the underlying ethical theories used to decide human rights issues, from personal relationships, to constitutional debates, to international foreign policy.

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