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The Jewish Virtual Library’s purpose is to provide information about all facets of Jewish life: Judaism, Jews in the Diaspora, the history of Anti-Semitism, the rise of Zionism and Zionist thought, biographies of prominent Zionists, The Holocaust, Israel and Jerusalem, Israel’s Wars, and Jewish holidays, Who is a Jew?

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On One Foot: A Middle East guide for the perplexed, or: How to respond on your way to class, when your best friend joins an anti-Israel protest, by Mitchell G. Bard, Ph.D.;


Library of Congress;

Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress: Spinoza’s Opera Posthuma;

From Publishers Weekly: The Library of Congress has one of the world’s great collections of Judaica … (full text);

From the Ends of the Earth, by Rizzoli on amazon.

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