Justice Integrity Project

investigationg selective prosecutions

The primary focus of the Justice Integrity Project is to promote effective oversight of federal prosecution and judicial misconduct
1. Educate the public and its opinion-leaders.
2. Work with legal officials, organizations, and voters to increase awareness of how federal injustice harms the country. (About /our Goal).

Prosecutors; Attorneys; Leading Researchers; Board’s Bios; Legal Resources; Issues; News Reports; Videos; Medias;

Project History: The Justice Integrity Project (The Project) is a research and educational effort established in 2010 …  

… by concerned citizens to improve oversight of abusive prosecutorial and judicial decisions in the federal justice system. Its primary focus is political and other arbitrary prosecutions, and official corruption cases.

The Project researches questionable cases, and advocates for reform. The focus is mainly but not exclusively on domestic federal investigations. Sample areas of concern include warrantless surveillance, intimidation of families and witnesses, suppression of evidence, appearance of judicial bias, and irregular financial incentives. Also, the Project examines oversight by higher courts, congress, and the news media that permit abuses that undermine the foundations of democracy.

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