Centre for Justice Studies and Innovations CJSI

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  • Contact: Valentine Namakula Mulindwa, Executive Director, Tel: +256-414-531483, e-mail.

The Centre for Justice and Innovations is an independent civil society organization that integrates research, demonstration and innovation to promote just and equitable administration of justice and good governance in East and Central Africa. Through empirical and conceptual studies, designing and implementation of innovative projects, CSJI avails independent comparative justice research findings and policy recommendations that inform and advance public policy and innovations in justice administration in the East and Central African Region. 

CSJI current thematic areas of emphasis involve the fostering a conducive policy and legislative environment for rights based organizations to advance women’s rights. CSJI has been designated as the CSO facilitator for the Justice, Law and Order, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Gender Working Group. This working group feeds into the Technical and Policy discussions with a specific mandate of addressing policy and legislative access to justice bottlenecks; it is in the execution of this mandate that CSJI popularizes the African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women.

Strategies CSJI engages are:

  • Participation in the legislative and Policy Formulation processes
  • Identification of overriding issues in the justice system that stands to benefit from in depth inquiry
  • Raising the voices of the underserved populations in the administration of justice, the focus here lies with women, the poor, victims of crime, children in conflict with the law and those affected by the justice system, the elderly and disabled
  • Building the capacity of young members of the legal profession, civil society organizations, and technical and policy officials and to engage with the principles and practices of the justice system in a critical and constructive manner aimed at shifting the focus from system efficiency to consideration outcomes.

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