Forum for African Alternatives

Linked with Demba Moussa Dembele – Senegal, with What Is Development Ethics, with People’s Strugles, People’s Alternatives, with EUROPE SELF-SERVING IN TRADE TALKS WITH AFRICA, with Millennium Development Goals and debt cancellation, and with the Jubilee South Network JS.

The Forum is dedicated to challenging the neo-liberal agenda in Africa and to proposing alternative policies. We have been involved in these activities for a long time. Almost three years ago, in December 2000, we organized a conference on debt cancelation in Senegal. I was the co-ordinator of that conference. That conference organized a big march in Dakar in which over five thousand people participated. Since then we have had other marches in Africa – in Nigeria, in Ghana. In South Africa a few weeks ago, during the World Summit on Sustainable Development,we organized a big march that overshadowed the official march sponsored by the government … (full text).

There is no website, but Google search shows many items with the key words ‘African Alternatives’:

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