FIDA Kenya – federation of women lawyers – Haki Za Akina Mama FIDA-K

  • Civic Engagement FIDA deals with engagement with police, military, public administration and municipal civil servants; civic education provisioning and awareness on progressive constitution provisions rights monitoring …
  • … Constitutional and Legislative Reforms FIDA’ s motivation being historical, it deals with constitutional matters independent of the agenda 4 interventions … (full text Transformative Justice Programme).

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Access To Justice: This is the Flagship programme of FIDA Kenya. 

The programme has six different levels of intervention that it carries out in seeking to afford access to justice for the indigent women. They are:

  • Engaging with the formal justice system – FIDA Kenya takes up and files court cases on behalf of poor and needy women;
  • Engaging with the I nformal Justice System – in the regional offices, where informal justice systems are more vibrant, FIDA Kenya assists women to access justice through the existing Channels by training the respective bodies on gender and gender related issues;
  • Public Interest Litigation – unlike the welfare litigation that targets individual persons, FIDA Kenya also takes up matters of high impact especially where the issue at hand affects a group of individuals with the result a successful result from the prosecution of the case may result in the amendment, repeal and/or enactment of Laws and policies that may positively impact on communities and thereby remedying the wrongs that existed;
  • The Pro bono Scheme – is a scheme that brings together lawyers, both male and female, members and non-members of FIDA Kenya who are willing to offer legal services to FIDA Kenya at no fee or at a greatly subsidized fee. The scheme currently has over 200 lawyers.
  • Self Representation – Noting that not all FIDA Kenya clients will be given a FIDA Kenya lawyer to represent them in court and also noting that there is a need to empower women to be able to seek remedies for any infringement of their right if need be. This programme involves training of FIDA Kenya Clients to represent themselves in court.
  • Mediation – FIDA Kenya through its trained internal and external mediators invite disputants to mediation sessions carried out at FIDA Kenya offices. This service has helped healed many families struggling with various stages and levels of conflicts.
  • Emotional Support Services – Through FIDA Kenya’ s individual and group counseling, clients are empowered through psycho-social support to make informed choices regarding their situations
  • Legal Awareness FIDA Kenya also focuses its energies on creating awareness on human rights and empowering women to reclaim their rights through awareness creation activities throughout the country.

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