Center for Rights Education and Awareness CREAW

  • Our Vision: To realize a just and free society in which women and men have, exercise and enjoy equal and full rights and opportunities.
  • Our Values
  • Our Slogan: Setting standards in upholding women human rights.

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Human Rights, Research and Advocacy Program – Broad Objective: To strengthen a culture of promoting human rights and social justice advocacy in Kenya. Sub-objectives include:

  • I.      To strengthen and support human rights defense in Kenya
  • II.      To influence and advocate for national legislation, policies and programs towards further realization of women’s rights in Kenya.
  • III.      To advocate for and monitor the process of Constitutional review
  • IV.      To conduct research on women’s issues, document and disseminate relevant findings to stakeholders for the advancement of women’s rights
  • V.      To improve the recognition and realization of sexual and reproductive rights for girls and women.

Community Empowerment Program – Broad Objectives:  To transform the Kenyan society into a community of people who respect, defend and actualize women’s rights. Sub-objectives include:

  • I.      To provide, promote and facilitate civic education amongst local communities towards realization of women’s rights
  • II.      To enhance awareness on women’s rights and sensitize communities to demand their realization
  • III.      To develop and sustain strategic engagements with relevant stakeholders on socio-cultural and political issues that impedes the advancement of women’s rights
  • IV.      To strengthen meaningful participation of women in leadership and decision making process at the local and national level.

The Peace and Justice Program – Broad objectives: To sustain the national peace building process and provide immediate psychological support to traumatized women. Sub-objectives include:

  • I.      To develop and carry out a continuous psycho-social and counseling support for women
  • II.      To initiate peace building and reconciliation efforts and uphold pertinent dialogue with communities and government to achieve social cohesion among Kenyans.
  • III.      To strengthen the availability of counseling service at the grassroots level.

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