Center for Third World Organizing CTWO

The Center for Third World Organizing is a racial-justice organization led by people of color whose mission is to achieve social and economic justice.

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Contact. Center for Third Eorld Organizing CTWO, 1218 E. 21st Street, Oakland, CA 94606, PH (510) 533-7583, FAX (510) 533-0923, WEBsite.

About: The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO, pronounced “C-2″) is a racial-justice organization dedicated to building a social-justice movement led by people of color. CTWO is a 25-year-old training and resource center that promotes and sustains direct-action organizing in communities of color in the United States. CTWO’s programs include training of new and experienced organizers, including the well-known Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP); establishing model multi-racial community organizations; and building an active network of organizations and activists of color to achieve racial justice in its fullest dimensions … (full text).

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