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  • DEA is a membership-based charity that promotes global learning. We work to ensure that people in the UK develop an open-minded, global outlook and recognise connections between their lives and global issues, such as poverty and climate change. We believe that it is only through education that people will gain a critical understanding of the world around them, and develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to live in, work in, and shape a global society that is more just and sustainable … (page 2/8 of DEA’s Vision in pdf, free download).
  • DEA is member of the Joint Agencies Group JAG (see also their Frontpage).

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About /what we do: The 21st century has brought a global dimension to every aspect of our lives and it is vital that the UK education system reflects this.  

Global learning is key in helping learners to succeed and society to thrive in a world which faces issues such as global poverty, climate change and racial and religious tensions.  DEA is a national organisation that brings together educational agendas related to globalisation and poverty, sustainable development and community cohesion.

DEA’s vision is for all citizens to understand the global challenges we face and develop the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world.

We work on both formal and informal education, which includes schools and youth work, covering ages 5-19 in England and the UK.  Influencing policy and curriculum that relates to schools and youth work is central to our work, as is enabling the improvement of practice of those who work directly with young people.  Our work is primarily at a national level and is heavily influenced by the experience of our member organisations, who share our commitment to global learning and work directly with schools, teachers, youth workers and communities.

DEA strategy 2010-2013 sets out DEA’s vision, priorities and approach for the three years ahead.

DEA in numbers: … (full text about).

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