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[adhunika (fem.) adj. of present times: modern: recent: current (Bangla Acedamy Bengali-English Dictionary)].

Community: Women from all walks of life of Bangladesh belong to adhunika. Experience our lives through our work;

out future: Listen to our next generation, our future; teach them, learn from them, guide them, follow them; they are the pioneers of an egalitarian society;

our blog: Adhunika blog is launched with a mission to share knowledge among women from every walk of life. Sometime it would be in the form of sharing experience to find a feasible solution of a problem; sometime it would be in the form of professional consultation, which Adhunika group will arrange for its bloggers. Nevertheless, the intent of this blog always remains the same – to help and empower women through a common web-based platform;

current projects;
links and resources;
CONTACT: You can contact us by sending email with your work for consideration.

ABOUT: Adhunika is a global volunteer based organization, dedicated to promoting technology usage for the Bangladeshi women worldwide.

Adhunika aims to bring about social change in the lives of women through the use of technology. Adhunika provides the mechanism for voicing the common concerns that affect Bangladeshi women around the globe. By fostering dialogue, and raising awareness and creating hope for the next generation of Bangladeshi women. Women from all walks of life are encouraged to contribute their work with us. Our contributors are the driving force of the site.

MISSION OF ADHUNIKA: Adhunika is a global volunteer organization, dedicated to promoting of technology usage for women of Bangladesh.

VISION OF ADHUNIKA: Adhunika plans to evolve as a notable institution for providing information technology skills to the women of Bangladesh and thereby connecting them to a network of organizations. Adhunika aims to establish exclusive partnership with various organizations – non-profit and for profit, and in the process develop much needed information technology (IT) and communication skills for women.

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