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  • This website does not suggest that it contains the “truth”. The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable (in my opinion) for anyone to say “I know the truth.”
  • If you came to this site in search of “the truth” you will be disappointed. That is also true of CNN, FOX , ABC etc. If you came to gather information you may find it a useful resource … //
  • … This means that each citizen has a civic responsibility … //
  • … Truth is indefinable. Information is unlimited. (full text Purpose and Intent of this website).

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What and Who is Information Clearing House? – This web site is: 

  • An independent media source.
  • One person’s effort to correct the distorted perceptions provided by commercial media.
  • This web site is non-commercial (no advertising no pop-up windows) and funded by  readers contributions.
  • This web site grew out of my personal frustration and anger at the failure of traditional commercial media to inform the American public, especially as it relates to US foreign policy.
  • A source of unreported (or under reported) news from around the globe.
  • An effort to provide more depth and understanding to current issues.
  • This web site is the work of one person.
  • I am a private individual.
  • I am not affiliated with any particular political party.
  • I am not funded by any group.
  • I pay for all services associated with this site from my personal funds and readers’ donations.
  • I am not independently wealthy.
  • I work and live in Southern California.

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