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Groupe pour l’Etude et l’Enseignement de la Population GEEP

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Le Groupe pour l’Étude et l’Enseignement de la Population GEEP est un organisme pluridisciplinaire et non gouvernemental à but non lucratif, créé en mai 1989. Le GEEP est abrité par la Faculté des Sciences et Technologies de l’Education et de la Formation FASTEF de l’Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar, Sénégal.
Notre objectif est de promouvoir l’intégration de  la variable population dans le capital de savoir diffusé  à l’école sur la base d’une approche participative … (texte entier qui sommes nous).

Didactique; En Action; Ressources; Recherche; Publications; Partenaires;
Adresse: GEEP, c/o FASTEF Ex Ecole Normale Supérieure, BP: 5036, Dakar, Senegal;

Histoire – Création du GEEP: Le GEEP a été créé en 1989 dans un contexte marqué par une croissance importante des questions de population à l’échelle nationale et internationale:  Continue Reading…

Australian Services Union ASU

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Linked on our blogs with Fair Work Australia, with Australia: Union prepares sell-out of PPG paint workers, and with Women are paid the same as men for equal work.

  • ASU Indigenous Members share unique interests and have special needs. There are many indigenous members working in industries covered by the ASU around Australia.
  • The ASU is encouraging the formation of an ASU Indigenous network across the Union to caucus and advise the Union on advocacy of indigenous issues.
  • The ASU is active in Indigenous Issues within the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the various State and regional Trades and Labour Councils. Read more about the ACTU’s Indigenous Committee … (full text AIM /Introduction).
  • ASU on en.wikipedia.

Campaigns; Calendar; Women; Latest News; Join us; Union Links; FAQs;
Addresses: ASU Headquarter, National Office Melbourne, Ground Floor, 116 Queensberry Street, Carlton South VIC 3053, Australia;
Contact /Feedback.

AIM 2/2: … /ASU Award coverage for indigenous members: Continue Reading…

Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice CMRP

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at Prifysgol Bangor University, Bangor, UK.

  • The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) is a self-funding organisation based in School of Psychology which is part of Bangor University.
  • The CMRP is committed to the promotion of wellbeing through the application of mindfulness-based approaches. This is achieved by training professionals in the application of mindfulness based approaches and researching applications of mindfulness. We also offer classes in mindfulness based stress reductions (MBSR) and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to specific populations and the general public both locally and further afield … (full text about the Centre).
  • University Prifysgol.

Courses; Research; Resources; Evening Classes; Events; Staff;
Address: Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, School of Psychology, Dean St Building, Bangor University, Bangor LL57 1UT, UK;

About Mindfullness: What is ‘mindfulness’ and how can it help?  Continue Reading…

Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform GFN-SSR

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  • The Global Facilitation Network for Security Sector Reform (GFN-SSR) works to promote a better understanding of security and justice sector reform through the provision of information, advice and expertise to practitioners, academics and policymakers throughout the world (full text Homepage).
  • Gov’s Department for International Development DFID.
  • University of Birmingham.

Background; Beginner’s Guide; Topics and Regionals; Docs-Library; Publications; Organisations; Org’s Pamphlet in pdf;
Address: GFN-SSR, International Development Department, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, UK;
What is Security Sector Reform SSR: Security is a core aspect of the vulnerability of the poor. Security sector reform aims to develop a secure environment based on development, rule of law, good governance and local ownership of security actors. GFN-SSR promotes these objectives by working with local actors through networks, capacity building and information sharing.  Continue Reading…

Centre for Security Sector Management CSSM

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at Cranfield University, Shrivenham UK

Our Mission is to promote the development and effective management of security sectors for enhanced peace and security.

Homepage and latest;
Core Activities: Education, Research, Policy Development (coming), Knowledge Management;
Library; News; Resources; Journal of SSR; Newsletter; CSSM-Team; Regions;
Address: Centre for Security Sector Management, Wellington Hall, Cranfield University, Shrivenham, SN6 8LA, UK;
Contact: Tel: +44(0)1793 785286, Fax: +44(0)1793 785771.

Stabilisation Programme: Team Leader: Dr. Stephanie Blair – The Stabilisation Programme at the Centre for Security Sector Management (CSSM) is dedicated to practical and empirically-based research that supports the wider stabilisation community. The purpose of the stabilisation programme is to make the link between practice and theory, and training and education for the full spectrum of actors that are involved in peace and stability programmes. Continue Reading…

Ethics Updates

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dedicated to promoting the thoughtful discussion of difficult moral issues

Ethics Updates was founded in 1994 by Lawrence M. Hinman, a professor of philosophy at the University of San Diego. Originally, it was intended to update the bibliographical essays in two of his books, Ethics: A Pluralistic Approach to Moral Theory and Contemporary Moral Issues. The site still reflects its origins: the structure of the two principal components of the site reflects the tables of contents of those two books. A more detailed description of the development of the site can be found in “The Virtual Seminar Room,” which was published in Teaching Philosophy in 1997 … (about 1/2).

Theories: Anti-Theory, Rights, Gender, Justice; Applied: Abortion; Euthanasia, Poverty/Welfare, World Hunger;
Resources: Classic Texts; Partner: Center for Ethics …;
Address: Dr. Lawrence M. Hinman, Director, The Values Institute, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110-2492, USA;
Contact: Voice: 619-260-4787, Fax: 619-260-5950, E-mail.

About Ethics Updates and its related websites 2/2: … As the site developed, a number of new features were added. An on-line library of classic texts in ethics provides the basis of the Reference Library.   Continue Reading…

Greater Good Science Center GGSC

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the science of a meaningful life

The Greater Good Science Center studies the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society … (about 1/2).

Raising Happyness; Resources; Articles; Videos, Podcasts; Membership; Volunteer; Organizations;
Map and Address: Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley, 2425 Atherton Street #6070, Berkeley, CA 94720-6070, USA;

About 2/2: … Based at the University of California, Berkeley, the GGSC is unique in its commitment to both science and practice: not only do we sponsor groundbreaking scientific research into social and emotional well-being, we help people apply this research to their personal and professional lives.   Continue Reading…

African Studies Centre ASC

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Afrika-Studiecentrum, Univ Leiden/NL

Mission statement: The African Studies Centre is an independent scientific institute that undertakes social-science research on Africa and aims to promote a better understanding and insight into historical, current and future social developments in Sub-Saharan Africa … (about 1/2).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Research; Reports; Publications; ASC book series; Newsletter; Library; ASA online; Online bibliographies; Events; Partners; FAQs;
Address: African Studies Centre, Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK  Leiden (PO Box 9555, 2300 RB  Leiden), The Netherlands;

About 2/2: … The institute is located in the Pieter de la Court Building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Leiden.   Continue Reading…

School of Oriental and African Studies SOAS

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(University of London)

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is a college of the University of London and the only Higher Education institution in the UK specialising in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. SOAS is a remarkable institution. Uniquely combining language scholarship, disciplinary expertise and regional focus, it has the largest concentration in Europe of academic staff concerned with Africa, Asia and the Middle East … (about 1/2).

A-Z Index; Research; Research online, eprints; Publications; Library; News; Events;
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, UK;

About 2/2: … On the one hand, this means that SOAS remains a guardian of specialised knowledge in languages and periods and regions not available anywhere else in the UK.  Continue Reading…

History News Network HNN

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at the George Mason University

  • Welcome to George Mason University’s History News Network (popularly known as HNN).
  • Our mission is to help put current events into historical perspective. Given how public opinion is shaped today, whipsawed emotionally on talk shows this way and that in response to the egos of the guests, the desire for ratings by the hosts and the search for profits by media companies and sponsors, historians are especially needed now. They can help remind us of the superficiality of what-happens-today-is-all-that-counts journalism.
  • Each week HNN features up to a dozen fresh op eds by prominent historians. Our archives, extending over the past decade, include thousands of well-researched pieces … (about 1/2).

Submissions; Breaking News; History Blogs; Videos; Newsletter; Archives; articles’ database;
Jobs; Internships; FAQs; Donations; Advertising;
Address: History News Network HNN, 119 South Main Street Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98104, USA;
Contact Editor.

About 2/2: … Even those who profess utter indifference to history are beholden to it. History is inescapable. Who we are and how we react to events depends, to a great extent, on our past.  Continue Reading…

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

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Our Blog;
What is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR? MBSR on wikipedia; MBSR Trainings, London; FAQs about Mindfulness Meditation;
Address: Center for Mindfulness, c/o UC San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine and Department of Psychiatry, 5060 Shoreham Place, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92122-0980, USA;
Contact at UCSD Medical Center.

Homepage 2/2: … The UCSD Center for Mindfulness is a multi-faceted program of clinical care, professional training, education, research and outreach intended to further the practice and integration of mindfulness into the lives of individuals throughout the healthcare and educational system, including patients, healthcare providers, students, teachers and businesspeople.  Continue Reading…

U.C. Berkeley School of Social Welfare

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Informing Practice, Transforming Lives

Vision Statement: Improving the lives of vulnerable individuals, families and communities.
Mission Statement: Located within the world’s finest public university and one of the most diverse regions in the nation, the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare strives to transform the systems that perpetuate poverty and social disadvantage by:

  • Developing effective leaders and scholars committed to solving complex social problems;
  • Producing, disseminating and utilizing research to improve social service delivery and policy through critical thinking and evidence-based knowledge;
  • Preparing the next generation of culturally-competent social workers, researchers and teachers dedicated to serving the most vulnerable members of our society.

Faculty and Staff; Field Work; News; Events;
map and Address: School of Social Welfare, University of California, 120 Haviland Hall #7400, Berkeley CA 94720-7400, USA;
Contact. Tel. (510) 642 – 4341, Fax. (510) 643 – 6126, email.

About the School: The UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare is one of the oldest and most prestigious social work graduate programs in the nation. Continue Reading…

Centrum for Social Investment SCI

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/ Centrum für soziale Investitionen CSI – Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg, Germany

Mission: The Centre for Social Investment is a central academic institute of the University of Heidelberg cooperating with the economics, social science, law and theological faculties. Its mission is to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of social investment through research, teaching, networking and consulting … (about 1/2).

english Homepage;
Projects; Colloquium; Teaching; Management; Staff; Careers; Services; References; Fellowship; Library;
Google Map and Addresses (1 of 2): Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg, Adenauerplatz 1, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany;
Impressum; Contact.

About 2/2 … /History: The Centre for Social Investment was founded on July 1st, 2006, as a central academic institution at the University of Heidelberg.  Continue Reading…

information for practice

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World Wide Web Resources for Social Workers, New York University – news, new scholarship & more from around the world

mission statement: To help social service professionals throughout the world conveniently maintain an awareness of news regarding the profession and emerging scholarship.

  • identify and deliver a selection of the highest quality available in each category
  • regularly deliver an interesting mix of new information
  • create a more global sense of the profession for users from all locales
  • serve as an introductory socialization force for students … (about 1/2).

Homepage and links to all news;
Archives; Key Journals; Help;
Contact Gary Holden.

About 2/2: … IP is an extension of one of our previous community service projects with the same name. The new IP will continue to be a monthly digest (like the old IP). You can subscribe by sending a blank email message to: Continue Reading…

Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique INRP

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also in english, and en espanol.

  • L’INRP a pour mission générale de conduire ou de piloter des recherches en éducation, particulièrement sur les méthodes éducatives concernant les différents niveaux d’enseignement en formation initiale et continue, au bénéfice de la communauté éducative ; il effectue notamment des travaux de recherche en associant les personnels éducatifs. Par ses partenariats scientifiques nationaux et internationaux, il remplit un rôle d’animation et de mobilisation de la communauté scientifique en matière de recherche en éducation;
  • et d’appuyer le pilotage national et académique de l’enseignement scolaire en matière de réformes pédagogiques, de pratiques nouvelles, d’innovation et d’expérimentation, par le transfert des résultats de la recherche en éducation au profit de la communauté éducative.
  • A cet effet, l’INRP développe en particulier: … (voir le texte entier Mission).

Agenda, Manifestations; Programmes; Recrutement; Recherche; Resources, Services; Partenariat, Liens; L’équipe NéoPassAction; Blog;

Contact: Accès réservé, donc ni adresse ni contact direct, mais voyez l’Université de Lyon /Contacts, resp. l’École normale supérieure de Lyon /Contact dont l’INRP dorénavant fait parti *. En plus il y a aussi l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

See also on INRP’s english website: International – The Web-site of the european Network of experts in Social Sciences of Education and training
NESSE coordinated by INRP for the European Commission is launched.

* Présentation: Depuis le 1er janvier, l’INRP a été dissout, à cette même date, les droits, obligations et biens, mobiliers et immobiliers, de l’Institut national de recherche pédagogique, à l’exception de ceux afférents au Musée national de l’éducation, sont transférés à l’École normale supérieure de Lyon, comme l’indique le décret. Continue Reading…

International Institute of Social Studies ISS

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Europe’s leading center for Development Studies

ISS is an international graduate school of policy-oriented critical social science. It brings together students and teachers from the Global South and the North in a European environment. Established in 1952 as the International Institute of Social Studies by Dutch universities and the Netherlands Ministry of Education it does research, teaching and public service in the field of development studies and international cooperation. We are located in The Hague, known as ‘The World’s Legal Capital’ … (full text about).

Education; Research; Library; News; Events; Female Genital Cutting (nl: femke general mutation): Film, Presentation and Discussion, 06 Mar 2008;
Address: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, 2518 AX The Hague, The Netherlands;

Prospective Students /Welcome to ISS: More than 10,000 people from all over the world have studied at ISS. Why? Because of our Institute’s academic approach: ISS is a diverse intellectual community that challenges and debates with conventional, mainstream approaches that tend to oversimplify the study and practice of development.  Continue Reading…

International Centre for Reproductive Health ICHR

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from the University of Gent (with a Chapter in Belgium and with a Chapter in Kenya).

Linked on our blogs with Give someone you never met, a gift they will never forget, with Waris Dirie et la MGF, with Desert Flower Foundation,with Législation de contraste aux MGF dans les pays africains, with Nigerian family struggles to protect daughters from painful African tradition; and with Clinic to fight taboo of female mutilation.

  • … International Centre for Reproductive Health (ICRH) was established in 1994 in response to the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD, Cairo, 1994).
  • ICRH is a multidisciplinary centre operating within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University. Besides research activities, ICRH implements projects in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia with a focus on developing training programmes and takes actions to defend sexual and reproductive rights … (about /Mission 1/2).

Homepage Kenyan Chapter;
Projects; Collaborations; News; Publications; Staff; Donate;
Address: International Centre for Reproductive Health, P.O.Box 91109, 80103, Mombasa, Kenya;

About /Mission 2/2: … ICRH is one of the largest academic units of its kind in Europe and enjoys a high-level profile both regionally and internationally.   Continue Reading…

La pratique de la discussion philosophique à l’école et au collège dans l’académie de Caen

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Lié dans nos blogs avec PHILO – ACTION, POUR PENSER ET CHANGER L’ECOLE, avec Former les enseignants aux activités à visée philosophique, avec Matthew Lipman – USA (August 24, 1922 – December 26, 2010), et avec Philosophy4Children.

Qu’est-ce qu’une ” activité pédagogique de caractère philosophique ” au primaire et au collège ? Il ne s’agit pas d’enseigner les grands systèmes de pensée, mais à l’aide d’un matériel adéquat, d’amener les élèves à se placer en “recherche de sens”, à poser des questions pertinentes, à y réfléchir et à discuter au moyen du dialogue philosophique entre pairs, à l’intérieur d’une “communauté de recherche” … (la démarche Lipman 1/2).

Séquences; Bibliographie; Contributions; Outils; Supports; Liens;

La démarche Lipman 2/2: … Une discussion est considérée de “nature philosophique” lorsqu’elle implique une mise en doute, une quête de la vérité. Les thèmes débattus sont ceux qui ont, de tous temps, préoccupé les philosophes.  Continue Reading…

Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children

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Philosophy, the “love of wisdom,” begins with wonder about the world. It is one of the oldest academic disciplines, but traditionally it has not been considered a subject for children. Yet, in many ways, young people are natural philosophers. They as philosophical questions and are curious about philosophical issues: how do we know things?, what is beauty?, how are the mind and body connected? Young people do not need to learn philosophy, it is something they do … (about 1/2).

Why; Lesson Plans; Blog; Center History; In the schools; Workshops; Tips; Kid’s Slam; Staff, Board; Links;
Address: Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children, Box 353350, Department of Philosophy, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-3350, USA;

About 2/2: … Philosophical inquiry helps students to develop strong critical and creative thinking skills. Continue Reading…

Philosophy for Children – USA

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philosophical questions from children’s stories – Linked on our blogs with PHILO – ACTION, POUR PENSER ET CHANGER L’ECOLE, with The Philosophy of Childhood, with Teacher Education Philosophies; and with Philosophy and children.

Have you ever thought of using children’s literature to teach philosophy to elementary school children? It may surprise you to know that children’s books often raise deep philosophical issues and that children love to think about them. This website contains all the materials that you need to lead philosophy discussions with your students … (Educator’s Page 1/2).

Kid’s Page; Parent’s Page; Resources; Stories; Videos;

Educator’s Page 2/2: … We’ve chosen a set of books that we think are remarkable for their philosophical content, and we have assembled questions to use to initiate a philosophical discussion. Continue Reading…

Philosophy for Children New Zealand P4CNZ

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Philosophy Department of the University of Auckland – Linked on our blogs with PHILO – ACTION, POUR PENSER ET CHANGER L’ECOLE et avec Penser l’école à l’ère du numérique.

Until recently philosophy for children in New Zealand was isolated to a few scattered schools around the country. Now the Philosophy for Children Association of New Zealand (P4CNZ) has been formed and the number of schools involved with philosophy for children is expanding … (Join us 1/2).

Lesson Plans; Training & Events; Resources; Newsletter;
Address: P4CNZ, c/o Vanya Kovach, Philosophy Department, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand;
Membership Form online; Contact.

Join us 2/2: … It is now possible for schools and teachers to get training in philosophy for children teaching in New Zealand. Continue Reading…

American Philosophical Association APA

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University of Delaware, Newark, DE

  • The American Philosophical Association was founded in 1900 to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline … (APA’s History 1/2).
  • … is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. Founded in 1900, its mission is to promote the exchange of ideas among philosophers, to encourage creative and scholarly activity in philosophy, to facilitate the professional work and teaching of philosophers, and to represent philosophy as a discipline … (full long text on wikipedia).

APA CommitteesAd Hoc Committee’s reportMembership; Member Services; Guide;
Meetings /Divisions: Eastern Div./Index; Central Div./Index; Pacific Div./Index,
Address: National Office Information, The American Philosophical Association APA, University of Delaware, 31 Amstel Avenue, Newark, DE  19716-4797, USA;

APA’s History 2/2: … Having grown from a few hundred members to over 10,000, the American Philosophical Association is one of the largest philosophical societies in the world and the only American philosophical society not devoted to a particular school or philosophical approach. Continue Reading…

Global Reproductive Health Forum

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Women’s Human Rights Resources Programme WHRR of the Bora Laskin Law Library, U of T Faculty of Law, Toronto

The Women’s Human Rights Resources Programme (WHRR) collects, organizes and disseminates information on women’s human rights law to facilitate research, teaching and cooperation. The information introduces women’s human rights law in general, emphasizes selected international and Canadian topics, and explores the interconnections between domestic and international human rights law.


History and Background; Contribute; Contribute to WHRR;
Feedback Form (contact).

Credits and History /Credits: The Women’s Human Rights Resources Programme of the Bora Laskin Law Library is coordinated by:  Continue Reading…

African Studies Centre ASC

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Linked with Connecting Africa, with Global Connections, and with Development Policy Review Network DPRN.

Welcome to the ASC. The African continent and its societies are changing continuously under the influence of global, continental, national and local forces. Such forces range from the by now familiar aspects of globalization and climate change to technological innovations like the cell phone. These changes require continuous research and new research questions. To keep up with these challenges, the ASC formulates a new research programme every five years, facing the developments on the African continent and at the same time building on the results of the Centre’s previous research … (full text research programme 2007-2011).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Library; Publications; Events; FAQs: general ones, of the Library; Partners; Connecting Africa-Net; How to find us;
Address: African Studies Centre, Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK  Leiden (or PO Box 9555, 2300 RB  Leiden), NL;

Organization /About the ASC: Mission statement: The African Studies Centre is an independent scientific institute that undertakes social-science research on Africa and aims to promote a better understanding and insight into historical, current and future social developments in Sub-Saharan Africa. Continue Reading…

Hinckley Institute of Politics

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at the University of UTAH – Linked with the Uyghur American Association UAA, with Hinckley forum discusses Turkish minority’s lack of rights in China; and with Oslo Freedom Forum – a conference for human rights.

The Hinckley Institute was established in 1965 through the generous bequest of the Noble Foundation and Robert H. Hinckley. It is dedicated to teaching students respect for practical politics and the principle of citizen involvement in government … (about 1/2).

Political Resources; Campaign; Internship; Scholarships; Publications; Media; Forum; Calendar;
Address: Hinckley Institute of Politics, 260 S. CENTRAL CAMPUS DR. RM 253, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112,

About 2/2: … The Hinckley Institute of Politics’ mission is to promote political and civic involvement and to engage university students in the political process. Continue Reading…

Globalization Studies Network GSN

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The first ideas for the creation of a network of globalization research centers were spawned at a lunch among colleagues back in fall 2002. The proposition was made that the topic of globalization and its multidisciplinary perspective was beyond the capacity of any one university to take on and address comprehensively. It was agreed that a coalition of university research centers from all over the world would be able to pool their expertise in globalization and make a more credible and persuasive case to funders about the merits of research proposals addressing the issues of globalization … (Homepage 1/2).

Announcements; About: Participants; Join; Research Commons; Steering Committee; Kiosk/Library;
Contact and Address: not found.

Homepage 2/2: With that initial spark, the Globalization Studies Network has become established. Its formation is a true work of pooling different perspectives and ideas and an interdisciplinary collaboration. Continue Reading…

Center on Law and Globalization

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A partnership between the University of Illinois, College of Law and the American Bar Foundation

  • The Center on Law and Globalization brings together leaders of international organizations, journalists, and legal scholars to understand the legal dimensions of key global issues, to stimulate exchanges on how these issues are addressed, and to advance research and conclusions on major topics in global debates.
  • The Center focuses on international human and legal rights issues, notably justice and security, the international economy and marketplace, and health.
  • By advancing social scientific understanding of global law, global legal institutions and global legal behavior, Center scholars lay foundations for potential solutions … (Mission 1/2).

Resources; Hague Colloquia; Directors; News; Events; Giving;
Contact online.

Mission 2/2: … The Center on Law and Globalization aims explicitly to help international legal agencies, such as the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the Hague Courts, and the International Monetary Fund, to advance the research and scholarly frames available to global leaders, to enable national legal professions to catch a vision of the contributions they can make to advance participatory democracy and to help global and local leaders better understand the constraints, ideologies, and difficulties of advancing global agendas in a world of nation-states. Continue Reading…

Feminist Legal Research Unit FRLU

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of the Law School of the Liverpool University

The Feminist Legal Research Unit (FLRU) was established in 1993 and brings together academic staff undertaking research into issues of equality and non-discrimination from a feminist perspective … (full text Introduction).

FRLU Homepage;
Publications; Seminars, Conferences; Postgraduate Studies; Collaboration Links; Weblinks;
University Address; The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK;
University Contact; People Contact.

Research Interest: The research interests of FLRU members span a range of fields, including Healthcare and Body Politics, Migration, the Open Method of Co-ordination, Discrimination, Domestic Violence, Children’s Rights, Employment, Family and Gender Mainstreaming.  Continue Reading…

Bioethics Research Library, Univ. Georgetown

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The Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University began as a few shelves of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics’ scholars’ books. As the interdisciplinary field of bioethics grew, so did the library. It now includes:

  • More than 300,000 books, journal articles, audiovisuals, and archival materials on a wide range of topics.
  • Materials written in over 20 languages.
  • A diverse range of opinions expressed on bioethical issues around the world … (about 1/2).

Library Databases; Other Databases; Resources for: Educators, Health Care prof.; Librarians; Students;
Publications; Professional Staff; Support;
Address: Bioethics Research Library, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, 102 Healy Hall, 37th & “O” Streets, NW, or Box 571212, Washington, DC 20057-1212, USA;

About 2/2: … Visiting the Library: Continue Reading…

Center for Justice and International Law CEJIL, Washington

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also in spanish

  • The institutional mission of CEJIL is to contribute to the full enjoyment of human rights in the Americas through the effective use of the tools of the Inter-American System and international human rights law.
  • CEJIL aspires for its work to help forge the ideal of a hemisphere where people live freely, without fear or want, as established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Preamble of the American Convention of Human Rights.
  • In this regard, CEJIL has established the following priority objectives: … (full text about).

english Homepage;
Inter American system; HR defenders; Litigations; Board; Strategies; Cases; Tools;
Address: CEJIL, 1630 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 401, Washington, D.C., 20009-1053; USA;
Contact online.

CEJIL: The Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that protects and promotes human rights in the Americas through the strategic use of the tools offered by international human rights law. Continue Reading…

Human Rights Library of the University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Library houses one of the largest collections of more than sixty thousand core human rights documents, including several hundred human rights treaties and other primary international human rights instruments. The site also provides access to more than four thousands links and a unique search device for multiple human rights sites. This comprehensive research tool is accessed by more than a 250,000 students, scholars, educators, and human rights advocates monthly from over 150 countries around the world. Documents are available in nine languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Homepages: of the University; of the School of Law, of the General Library; of the Law Library Website, and finally the english Homepage of the Human Rights part of the Law Library;


Treaties; UNdocs; Regionals; Topic Guides; Links to over 4′000 other sites;

About the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center and Library; Fellowship; Military and Medecine; Education Experience; Refugees/Asylums; US HR docs; HR USA; HR in the news; Donate;

Contacts: The University of Minnesota, the General Library, and the  Law Library, 120 Walter F. Mondale Hall, 229 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.

Political Economy Research Institute PERI

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University of Massachusetts Amherst

Economic Development in New England: A Positive Growth Agenda – In this new study, PERI Research Professor Jeffrey Thompson presents compelling evidence that investing in state infrastructure and building the skills of the current and future workforce are among the most effective ways to create jobs in New England … (full long text on Homepage).

Programs; Publications; News, events; Issue guides; Research Associates; PERI staff;
Address: Political Economy Research Institute, Gordon Hall, 418 N. Pleasant St., Suite A, Amherst, MA 01002, USA;

About: The Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) promotes human and ecological well-being through our original research.  Continue Reading…

Global Economy, Regulation and Development GEARED

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at the Danish Institute for International Studies DIIS / in DANSK HJEM – (Found on Weitzenegger’s Newsletter/websites of the moment, July 12, 2010)

Since the onset of the global financial crisis in late summer 2008 a widespread consensus has emerged that the previous two decades of de-regulation, and related institutional dismantling, bear a considerable part of the burden of responsibility for the crisis. Correspondingly, a large number of proposals to re-regulate not only the financial sector but also the global economy more generally have emerged  … (about GEARED 1/2).

GEARED: Homepage; Programmes, Projects; News; Events; Publications; Staff;
DIIS: Homepage; Global Economy Mondays; E-alerts online; Policy Briefs; Working Papers;News; About DIIS;
Address for both: GEARED resp. DIIS, Strandgade 56, 1401 Copenhagen, Denmark;
Contact online for both.

About GEARED: …  In relation to the financial sector, they have concerned banking institutions, hedge funds, credit rating agencies and offshore financial centres – as well as specific markets ranging from commodity exchanges to over-the-counter derivatives trading. Continue Reading…

Center For Globalization And Policy Research CGPR

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The Center was established in the autumn of 2000 in response to the growing need for informed research and debate on all aspects of globalization, and, in particular, on the many difficult policy questions that are being raised as globalization runs its course … (Overview 1/2).

Executive committee; Advisory committee; Fellowship; Project (06/2006); Links;
Address: Center for Globalization and Policy Research, School of Public Affairs, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA;

Overview 2/2: … Radically new forms of social, economic and political organization are being brought into being by this process, not only across nations but also within nations and within the individual cities and regions of different nations. Globalization is associated with massive increases in cross-national flows of capital, labor, technological know-how, goods and services, and it has correspondingly important effects on employment, economic development, political institutions, and social welfare.  Continue Reading…

Globalism Research Centre

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RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Australia

At a time of acute sensitivity to questions of social dislocation, economic inequity and political upheaval, the Globalism Research Centre is committed to rethinking the relationship between the global and the local. Its primary intellectual task is to understand the processes of change and continuity, and to think through cultural-political questions about sustainable living in a globalising world. In particular, it is concerned to facilitate and enhance activities of cultural dialogue across the continuing and positive boundaries of cultural diversity in the world today … (full text Homepage).

Identity mark; Aims, what we do; Affiliations;
Research Themes: Community; Governance; Education; Insecurity; Histories;
Address: Globalism Research Centre, at RMIT University, GPO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia;
Contact: at RMIT.

About /Manifesto: The tumultuous and uneven globalization of social relations has forced upon us the task of re-imaging a better world. The presumed lack of alternatives to market globalism constitutes a world-wide challenge.  Continue Reading…

Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation CCG

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A research Centre within the Strategic Research Centre (ADRI-CGG) – Deakin University, Australia

  • The nature of globalisation and its impact on the relationship between nation states and their citizens is one of the key issues confronting contemporary societies and polities. New global forces challenge traditional ideas of citizenship and democracy that are primarily based on rights and institutions within the nation state. These tendencies call for more complex understandings of how individuals, political groups and corporations interact with, and claim membership of, social, economic, political and cultural organisations within and beyond the nation.
  • As traditional forms of social, political and cultural infrastructure are eroded and superseded, innovative ways of thinking about belonging, participation and accountability are urgently called for … (full text Director’s Welcome).

Research questions; Research groups; Publications; Events; Visiting; Links; About CCG, members and staff; Latest News; Newsletter;
Address: Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation CCG, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125, AUSTRALIA;

Aims and Objectives: The overarching aim of the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation (CGG) is to make a major contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the changing ways in which people collaborate, participate in and identify with society.  Continue Reading…

Niehaus Center for Globalization & Governance CGG

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University of Princeton

  • The Center for Globalization & Governance is part of the Woodrow Wilson School. It began operation in Fall 2004, and is directed by Helen Milner. Charles R. Beitz, Carles Boix, Christina L. Davis, Joanne S. Gowa, Gene M. Grossman, G. John Ikenberry, Harold James, Robert O. Keohane, Douglas S. Massey, Andrew Moravcsik, and Katherine S. Newman make up its executive committee … (about 1/2).
  • The full press release (2005) announcing the Center.

Fellows Program; Application; People; Events; Research; Links;

About 2/2: … Our mission is three-fold. First, we seek to create a large and dynamic community of scholars and students interested in both the academic and policy dimensions of globalization and international governance. Continue Reading…

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

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  • The British Institute of International and Comparative Law continues a mission first begun in 1895: to advance the understanding of international and comparative law; to promote the rule of law in international affairs; and to promote their application through research, publications and events.
  • As an independent legal research institute with charitable status, unaffiliated to any university, the Institute is the only body of its sort in the UK. The Institute creates a diverse community of scholars and practitioners and serves as an unrivalled focal point for its substantial membership base.
  • More about the Institute of International and Comparative Law … (about).

Homepage; Sitemap;
News, Media; Research; Publications; Opportunities; Support us; Help; Events; Links; Meetings, Conferences;
Address: The British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5JP, UK;

Individual Membership of the Institute: What is the Institute? An independent legal research institute with charitable status, unaffiliated to any university, the Institute is the only body of its sort in the UK.  Continue Reading…

Law and Development, University of London

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  • This site aims to contribute to the understanding of linkages between legal issues and social and economic progress, and strives to support an applicable concept of how law can aid economic development.
  • Global interactions increasingly rely on law to govern them. Today, numerous rules apply to the interactions between states and non-state parties. International courts and dispute settlement mechanisms have been set up to enforce compliance with commonly agreed norms … (about 1/2).

International Law; Governance; Rule of Law; Finance and Trade; Conflict and Justice; Human Rights; Authors; Links: see on page of each Topic;

About 2/2: … International Law, however, is complex and often lacks universal acceptance. Worse, its influence is disproportionally strong on the poorest countries and countries in crisis.  Continue Reading…

International Law Institute ILI, Washington

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Since its founding as part of Georgetown University in 1955, the ILI has provided training and technical assistance to find practical solutions to the legal, economic and financial problems of developing countries training over 15,000 officials, managers, and practitioners from more than 185 countries since its first seminar in 1971. Since 1983, ILI has been an independent, non-profit educational institution serving an international constituency of government officials, legal and business professionals and scholars from its headquarters in Washington, D.C … (about Mission 1/2).

Faculty; Participants; Training; History; Employment; Links;
Address: INTERNATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE, The Foundry Building, 1055 Thomas Jefferson St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007, USA;

Our Mission 2/2: … ILI is headquartered in Washington, DC, and has regional centers in Kampala, Uganda, Abuja, Nigeria, Cairo, Egypt, Santiago, Chile and Hong Kong, SAR – its newest center.  Continue Reading…

Monterey Institute of International Studies MIIS

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a graduate school of Middlebury College – in 9 languages

Established in 1955 as the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, founders Gaspard Weiss, Remsen Bird, and Dwight Morrow Jr. envisioned a learning institution that promoted international understanding through the study of language and culture. While the institute’s name has evolved into the Monterey Institute of International Studies its core identity as an innovative leader in international education continues to define professional, global learning … (about 1/2).

Offices, Services; Giving; Admissions; Academics; Community; Careers;
Address: Monterey Institute of International Studies, 460 Pierce St Monterey, CA 93940, USA;

About 2/2: … Over the decades the Institute has grown, adding new programs, faculty, and students to expand its global reach and educational mission. Continue Reading…

Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research North-South NCCR N-S

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University of Berne – Linked with Pakistan Research Group.

The NCCR North-South is one of twenty National Centres of Competence in Research implemented by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. (Homepage of the Public Website NCCR North-South).

Programme; Regions; Partnership Actions; Publications; People; News; Events;
Address: North-South Management Centre NCCR, c/o Centre for Development and Environment CDE, Institute of Geography, Hallerstrasse 10, 3012 Bern, Switzerland;

About /Overview: The NCCR North-South is an innovative research programme in the fields of global change and sustainable development. Continue Reading…


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Humanities and Social Sciences online – Linked with H-AfrPol.

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online transforms a vision into an organization. The vision is of creating and enhancing international, electronic communication within communities of scholars, teachers, advanced students, and related professionals and of facilitating the electronic transmission of information by those committed to research, teaching, learning, public outreach, and professional service in the humanities and social sciences. To realize this vision, scholars, teachers, advanced students, and related professionals have created electronic networks and resources dedicated to advancing research, teaching, learning, public outreach, and professional service within their own specialized areas of knowledge … (full text Mission).

Homepage; Sitemap;
Disscussions; Announcements; Reviews; Editors; Jobs; Search; Help; Donate;
Address: H-Net  , 406 Natural Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 48824-1115, USA;

About /what is H-Net: An international consortium of scholars and teachers, H-Net creates and coordinates Internet networks with the common objective of advancing teaching and research in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Continue Reading…


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educated discussions on african politics … a project of H-Net online. – Linked with H-Net.

Welcome to H-AfrPol, a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences online. H-AfrPol is sponsored by H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University; American Political Science Association; African Political Science Association. H-AfrPol encourages scholarly discussion of African political history. H-AfrPol’s online editor and editorial board serve a broad intellectual community …  (Homepage).

Welcome Message; Help; Subscribe; Discussion; H-Africa; H-WestAfrica; H-AfrTeach;
Address: c/o H-Net, 406 Natural Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 48824-1115, USA;
Contact (like H-Net).

About /H-NET ANNOUNCES H-AFRPOL, A H-NET LIST ON CURRENT AFRICAN POLITICS. Sponsored by H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University; American Political Science Association; African Political Science Association.  Continue Reading…

Measure Evaluation

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. – (Found on Weitzenegger’s Newsletter/websites of the moment, June 2010).

MEASURE Evaluation provides technical leadership through collaboration at local, national, and global levels to build the sustainable capacity of individuals and organizations to identify data needs, collect and analyze technically sound data, and use that data for health decision-making … (full text Homepage).

Networks; Employment; Publications; Tools /(Topics); All tools; Training;
Physical Address: MEASURE Evaluation, 206 West Franklin Street, 2nd Floor, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA;
Mailing Address: MEASURE Evaluation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, CB 8120, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA;
Map and Contact.

Our Work: MEASURE Evaluation works to improve collection, analysis and presentation of data to promote better use of data in planning, policymaking, managing, monitoring and evaluating population, health and nutrition programs.  Continue Reading…

Peace Resource Center (Documentations)

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An old website, last updated 4 November 2000, with Peace Documents for many Issues and their sub-files

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center, with a generous grant from the Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation and the United States Institute of Peace, presents the Peace Resource Center. The Peace Resource Center hosts documents and links to further the peace movement around the world through action, education, and information.

Peace Docs; War & Peace; Dayton, Bosnia; Law; Crime Tribunals; Activist Links; Public Awareness; Media; Human Rights Education;
Contact /comments.

Named as Partners:

Center for a Livable Future CLF

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of the Johns Hopkins University JHU – the whole problem of health, in soil, plant, animal and man is one great subject

Vision Statement: As the world’s population and consumer demand continue to grow, there is urgent need to improve human health, prevent disease, and meet basic needs for food, water and shelter equitably for all people. The challenge of our time is to meet these goals as population increases while protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity, and conserving finite resources to meet the needs of future generations … (about 1/2).

Vision; Research; Resources; Programs; Education; Events; Press; Staff; Goals;
Address: Center for a Livable Future, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 615 N Wolfe St. Suite W7010, Baltimore, MD 21205-2179, USA;

About 2/2: … CLF Concept Model: Within CLF’s program areas — farming, eating and living for our future — we are engaged in three principal activities:  Continue Reading…

School of Social Work SSW

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of the University of Minnesota – The teaching philosophy of the School of Social Work is:

  • promote a community of cooperative learning.
  • build a learning environment that continually responds to needs of the profession, the state and beyond.
  • use technology to improve teaching and learning
  • increase access of diverse student populations.
  • promote social justice in a multicultural society
  • provide a professional social work degree that which fully complies with the standards for professional education set by internal/external review bodies. (Philosophy).

Field; Internship; Forms, Docs; Continuing Education; Employment; Research; History; Prospective Students; Current Students; News; Partner: CEHD;
Address: School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, 105 Peters Hall, 1404 Gortner Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108, USA;

About /we are … : Since 1917 the School has contributed to the development of progressive social services and is consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the country.  Continue Reading…

Conflict Resolution Information Source CRInfo

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… In addition to its easy-to-use but powerful search engine, CRInfo (along with its partner project, Beyond Intractability) provides easy browsing of information on 600 peace- and conflict resolution-related topics. Also available are recommended readings from our panel of editors on 425 topics, along with 225 “executive summary”-type overview essays on key topics and approximately 500 summaries of important books and articles. Our Education section includes a “build your own” virtual textbook system, an Internet-based conflict research training program, and extensive links to resources on elementary, secondary, and higher education, as well as professional training. An extensive Networking section helps users connect with the network of people working in conflict resolution-related fields. Finally, a set of Conflict Resolution FAQs (frequently asked questions) provides easy access to many of the most common questions asked by CRInfo users … (full text Overview /Introduction).

Introduction /About Conflicts: /Causes, /Assessment, /Stages, /Consequences; Browse: /Types; Education; Networking; Board; FAQs; News;
Address: The Conflict Resolution Information Source, University of Colorado, Campus Box 580, Boulder, CO 80309, USA;
Contact online.

About CRinfo – /Acknowledgements: CRInfo is a cooperative effort, which depends on the contributions of a large number of organizations and individuals. Continue Reading…

Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution ICAR

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of the George Mason University

At the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (ICAR), faculty and students are committed to the development of theory, research, and practice that interrupt cycles of violence. ICAR is an innovative academic resource for people and institutions worldwide. It comprises a community of scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, practitioners, and organizations in the field of peace making and conflict resolution. ICAR is a Commonwealth Center for Excellence, recognized for its leadership in the field and its world-renowned faculty … (full text about the Institute).

Programs; Student’s; Faculty, staff; Events; Publications; Resources; last Newsletter; Careers;
Addresses: ICAR, 3330 N. Washington Blvd., Truland Building, 5th Floor, Arlington, VA 22201, USA;
For mailing: 3401 N. Fairfax Drive, MSN 4D3, Arlington, VA 22201, USA;
Contact: Tel: 703-993-1300, Fax: 703-993-1302, e-mail.

ICAR’s Philosophy of Conflict:
Conflict is the product of unmet needs and unrecognized differences. Often, it is the result of perceived present or future incompatibility of plans, goals or actions.  Continue Reading…