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Philosophy with students and children / la Philosophie avec les élèves et les enfants

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a short index of latest organizations and articles on our blogs / un court résumée des derniers organisations et articles dans nos blogs … à voir: demain 29 janvier dernier jour d’inscription pour l’atelier PHILO – ACTION, POUR PENSER ET CHANGER L’ECOLE.

Depuis le 28 décembre 2010 résumée des dernières organisations dans le blog NGOs – we and others: Continue Reading…

back from long long divings

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… yes, back for work, from now on you will have again your three civil organizations per day.

Here after a last souvenir from the diving site Anemone Reef in Phuket/Thailand: a beautiful young Lepard Shark trys to sleep, despite our presence (no danger, they eat only plancton).

.IMG_3332 20p.

Photo by Suntorn Suntornrat, Thai dive Instructor for Dive2Phuket, more pictures here.

I am again out for longer divings

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… and I will put you one Civil Society or project per day

.IMG_1743 korrigiert 30p.

Picture by Suntorn Suntornrat, Dive Instructor in Bang Tao, Phuket, Thailand.

Sujet: Incorrect and defamatory article about our client

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Linked on our blogs with Gaddafi’s playboy son attacked model wife in £4,000 Claridge’s suite, December 30, 2009 .

Received by e-mail, From: Yavarianfar, Arezou, Date: 12/07/2010.

Dear Sirs, We are instructed on behalf of the Libyan Authorities who in turn represent the interests of Dr. Moustassim Gaddafi.  As you may recall from our previous correspondence, a copy of which we have attached to this email, we had written to you in relation to the publication on your website of an incorrect and defamatory article about our client.

It has come to our attention that the article in question has not been removed from your web-site and is still operative on the internet at the following web-address.

This article causes significant damage to our client’s reputation. We would be grateful for your co-operation in responding to our message and ensuring that the article is removed immediately.

If we do not hear from you in a satisfactory manner within the next 7 days, we will have no alternative but to take the matter to the appropriate Court.

Kind regards, Clyde & Co LLP, 51 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1JP, UK.

Comment: Dear Sirs, sorry, but this article, written by Rebecca Camber, Tamara Cohen and Neil Sears, is a copy from Mail online, December 30, 2009, last updated 10th February 2010, and today can still be read on this newspaper’s website.

back again

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.IMG_1743 korrigiert 30p.

Hi, back from divings and eager to show you more interesting NGOs and Civil Societies.

Picture by Suntorn Suntornrat, a smart Thai Dive Instructor from Bang Tao /Phuket.

Yes, water, sunlight on it and sea life was exactly like that …

I am out for longer divings

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.Heidi sous l'eau 07 - IMG_0357 - rogne plus redim 65.

Before leaving I prepared for you the presentation of one NGO per day, for some weeks ahead, until I’ll be back.

Meanwhile have a good time. Heidi.