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2005-10-15: A network of human rights partners;
2005-10-20: Indian-Pakistan earthquake map;
2005-10-30: Canadian Council of Muslim Women CCMW.

Canadian Council of Muslim Women CCMW

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CCMW – STRATEGIC PLAN FOR THREE YEARS: 2003-2005: Based on the needs, issues and challenges identified at the Strategic Planning of the 2002 Conference.


To be a voice for Muslim women and to work towards improving the image of Islam and Muslim women so as to result in positive outcomes for women.

Facilitate the integration and participation of Muslim women into mainstream society.

Combat racism and discrimination.

Advocacy and lobbying.

Collaboration and networking.

Media relations.

Increase use of technology.

To achieve these goals, increase/ strengthen role and visibility of CCMW, at national and local level. (See the rest on this CCMW-page).

Excerpt of Minutes of xx – We should be proud of the fact that CCMW has its 20th anniversary this year! It is quite an achievement for a small, volunteer women’s organization to not only have survived, but lived up to the vision created 20 years ago. It was heartening to hear from the women who started CCMW that CCMW has broadened its scope and done more than they had aspired to …

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Indian-Pakistan earthquake map

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Found in Guardian unlimited, Special Reports.

A network of human rights partners

Comment first! » brings together more than 1,500 organizations from across the globe — to promote sustainable development, social justice and human rights.