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2005-12-01: Fog Watch;
2005-12-01: op-icescr and Intellectual Property;
2005-12-02: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre;
2005-12-03: Human Rights & WTO;
2005-12-13: Iranian Human Rights Working Group IHRWG;
2005-12-24: Afghan Institute of Learning AIL – Creating Hope Internat. CHI;
2005-12-26: Center for Human Ecology Study of Highlands CHESH – Viet Nam;
2005-12-27: Blue Star Church – USA;
2005-12-29: WANGO – shows to be linked to the MOON group;
2005-12-30: Lawyers without Borders.

Lawyers without Borders

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Linked to our presentation of Luc Walleyn – Belgium on December 30, 2005.

They write about themselves: ‘We are the world’s largest organization of volunteers lawyers committed to providing pro bono services to Rule of Law initiatives, Human Rights work, and non-gemental organizations from around the world’.

Go to their website to read more.

WANGO – shows to be linked to the MOON group

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WANGO shows to have a recognished appartenance to the MOON group. Read more about on

Added February 10, 2007:


Frederick Swarts from WANGO writes us on February 10, 2007, as an answer to this post, as follows:

Even a precursory reading of this piece can tell that it is full of deceptions and poor logic, written simply as a hit piece, designed not to inform but to cause ill feelings toward its intended target. The authors clearly have an agenda, and in service of that agenda they employ a deceptive, untenable strategy, present misleading and inaccurate information, and ignore information that runs counter to that agenda.

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Blue Star Church – USA

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Linked to our presentation of Rev. Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder – USA on December 27, 2005.

The Church of the Blue Star came forth from a Vision of Thunder and her Elders in 1988. At that time, a non profit entity called Blue Star Inc. was born in the State of Texas. At that same time, a Church was formed and sanctioned by the State of Texas called the Church of the Blue Star. Since 1988, the head of the Blue Star Church has been and continues to be Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder.

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Center for Human Ecology Study of Highlands CHESH – Viet Nam

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Linked to our presentation of Tran Thi Lanh on December 26, 2005.

Center for Human Ecology Study of Highlands (CHESH), Viet Nam, linked to our presentation of Tram Thi Lanh, December 26, 2005.

Read here the Report of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations on its eighteenth session.

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Afghan Institute of Learning AIL – Creating Hope International CHI

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Linked to our presentation of Sakena Lida Yacoobi on December 24, 2005.

AIL Afghan Institute of Learning is committed to bringing peace and dignity to Afghan people as they struggle to overcome oppression, devastation, and injustice wrought by the last quarter century of war and instability.

Discussing Afghan Women Group

AIL’s internationally recognized work is improving the health and education of Afghan women and children, relieving their suffering after three decades of war and civil strife, and enhancing the quality of their lives.

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Iranian Human Rights Working Group IHRWG

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Linked to our presentation of Hossein Bagher Zadeh – Iran on December 13, 2005. And to human rights panel of the CIRA conference on the same date.
Iranian Human Rights Working Group (IHRWG) is an Internet-based community of individuals committed to campaigning for the improvement of human rights in Iran:

History: The following text was provided to SCI Site by IHRWG in Nov 1999:

It all started with the news of a yet another stoning (to death) in Iran in March 1994.

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Human Rights & WTO

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A joint event will happen, organized by FIDH, 3D and IATP in parallel to the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Conference. Please see the programme hereafter: Human Rights and the WTO: examining the impacts, 14 December, 2005, 10 – 13.00, WTO Convention Center, Room A.

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Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

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Updated on May 21, 2011: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre iDMC.

We are pleased to announce that the Global IDP Project of the Norwegian Refugee Council has changed its name to Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). The name change is accompanied by a relaunch of the IDMC’s website and its online IDP database. Please go to the Homepage to visit the new website and the IDP database.

New name: We believe our new name better reflects the main focus of our work: monitoring situations of internal displacement, advocating for solutions to the plight of the world’s 25 million internally displaced people, and strengthening the capacity of actors on the ground to improve their responses to IDP crises. The Centre continues to be an integral part of the Norwegian Refugee Council and its mandate remains unchanged.

Improved website: The IDMC’s new website provides free and easy access to comprehensive and frequently updated information and analysis on all situations of conflict-induced internal displacement worldwide. The new inter-active IDP map opens an additional gateway to the over 50 country pages currently featured on the IDMC’s website. Each country page serves as a portal to a host of IDP-related reports, news, maps and other resources. Several thematic resource pages are also available on the new website.

Re-register now: As part of the relaunch, we are updating our distribution lists. If you would like to continue to receive the bi-weekly IDP News Alert or e-mail notifications of new IDMC reports and profile updates, please re-register now on our subscription page.

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Norwegian Refugee Council, Chemin de Balexert 7-9, CH-1219 Châtelaine (Geneva), Tel.: +41 (22) 799 07 03, Fax +41 (22) 799 07 01, mail here.

op-icescr and Intellectual Property

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op-icescr is an abbreviation for the Optional Protocol for the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. This is the UN official terminology making a debate since 1999 on rights other than just political and personal ones. People generally think that only the political and personal rights can be claimed by law, at least in countries that have signed the Chart of Human Rights.

Many observers think that economic, social and cultural rights should also be in the category of rights admissible by law. Among the countries strongly supporting this view to be admitted by the UN General Assembly are Brazil and Mexico.

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Fog Watch

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The New York Times Versus The Civil Society, Protests, tribunals, labor, and militarization and wars, by Edward S. Herman, Z Magazine Online, December 2005, Volume 18 Number 12 – The biases of the New York Times surface in one or another fashion on a daily basis, but while sometimes awfully crude, these manifestations of bias are often sufficiently subtle and self-assured, with facts galore thrown in, that it is easy to get fooled by them. Analyzing them is still a useful enterprise to keep us alert to the paper’s ideological premises and numerous crimes of omission, selectivity, gullible acceptance of convenient disinformation, and pursuit of a discernible political agenda in many spheres that it covers.

The veteran Times reporter John Hess has said that in all 24 years of his service at the paper he “never saw a foreign intervention that the Times did not support, never saw a fare increase or a rent increase or a utility rate increase that it did not endorse, never saw it take the side of labor in a strike or lockout, or advocate a raise for underpaid workers. And don’t let me get started on universal health care and Social Security. So why do people think the Times is liberal?” The paper is an establishment institution and serves establishment ends. As Times historian Harrison Salisbury said about former executive editor Max Frankel, “The last thing that would have entered his mind would be to hassle the American Establishment, of which he was so proud to be a part” … rest see this link.