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Index November 2006

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2006-11-01: Proyecto Palomas;
2006-11-01: The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center;
2006-11-02: The National Agricultural Research Institute NARI;
2006-11-03: Dream Change;
2006-11-03: Global Dialogue Center;
2006-11-04: Center for Global Development;
2006-11-05: The Development Research Institute dri;
2006-11-06: New Economics Foundation NEF;
2006-11-07: In these Times;
2006-11-08: Jubilee Research;
2006-11-09: Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding ACMCU;
2006-11-10: Terre des Hommes;
2006-11-11: International Cost Engineering Council ICEC;
2006-11-12: E-Changer;
2006-11-13: Planet Life Academy;
2006-11-14: The Club of Budapest International;
2006-11-15: Self-help Assistance Programm ASAP;
2006-11-16: The Kamanakao Association;
2006-11-17: The Green Belt Movement GBM;
2006-11-18: A Greater Gift – USA;
2006-11-19: Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era, DAWN – Nigeria;
2006-11-20: IFAD – enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty;
2006-11-21: Mongolian Women’s NGO Coalition;
2006-11-22: AGENDA – Empowering Women for Gender Eqity;
2006-11-23: nabuur – the global neighbour network;
2006-11-24: Development Watch;
2006-11-25: IPS Europe & Mediterranean;
2006-11-26: Women’s Federation of World Peace International;
2006-11-27: The Alternative ASEAN Network ALTSEAN;
2006-11-28: TAM – The American Muslim;
2006-11-29: The Sisters in Islam SIS;
2006-11-30: Women’s learning partnership WLP.

Women’s learning partnership WLP

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Linked with Zainah Anwar – Malaysia, with Sisters in Islam’s battle, with TAM – The American Muslim, and with The Sisters in Islam SIS.

First: Watch a video about the work of Women’s Learning Partnership.

They write about themselves: WLP Women’s Learning Partnership for rights, development and peace is dedicated to women’s leadership and empowerment. At its essence, WLP is a builder of networks, working with 18 autonomous and independent partner organizations in the Global South, particularly in Muslim-majority societies, to empower women to transform their families, communities, and societies.

We strongly believe that women, working in partnership, will learn the skills and implement the strategies needed to secure human rights, contribute to the development of their communities, and ultimately create a more peaceful world.

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The Sisters in Islam SIS

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Linked with Zainah Anwar – Malaysia, with TAM – The American Muslim, with Women’s learning partnership WLP, and with Sisters in Islam’s battle.

Sisters in Islam SIS is a group of Muslim professional women committed to promoting the rights of women within the framework of Islam. Our efforts to promote the rights of Muslim women are based on the principles of equality, justice and freedom enjoined by the Qur’an as made evident during our study of the holy text.

We uphold the revolutionary spirit of Islam, a religion which uplifted the status of women when it was revealed 1400 years ago. We believe that Islam does not endorse the oppression of women and denial of their basic rights of equality and human dignity.

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TAM – The American Muslim

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Linked with Zainah Anwar – Malaysia, with The Sisters in Islam SIS, with Women’s learning partnership WLP, and with Sisters in Islam’s battle.

TAM, The Original, launched in 1989. It was published as a quarterly print journal from 1989 to 1995. The FOUNDING EDITOR was Sheila Musaji. The journal included an original piece of calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya as an insert in each issue.

The American Muslim is dedicated to the promotion of peace, justice, and reconciliation for all humanity. We strive to:

  • Provide an open forum for the discussion of ideas and issues of concern to Muslims in America from various points of view (based on Qur’an and Sunnah) representing no one school of thought, ethnic group or organization, but to encourage all to be represented in these pages and to speak for themselves;
  • Provide a forum for and encourage inter-community dialogue particularly on divisive issues, and to encourage interfaith dialogue to find common ground for cooperation on issues of mutual concern;
  • Provide the most comprehensive information possible about individual and group efforts and projects to enable networking and cooperative effort;
  • Offer support and encouragement and provide shura (consultation) to those who are speaking publicly on behalf of the Muslim community;
  • Help Muslims with a deep personal commitment to Islam and to America to locate each other. Help people of faith (Muslims, Christians and Jews) who share our concern for dialogue, peaceful resolution of problems to find each other so they can work together;
  • Provide a balanced, moderate, alternative voice focusing on the spiritual, dimension of Islam rather than the more often heard voice of extreme political Islamism.

(Read more about on all TAM’s websites).

The Alternative ASEAN Network ALTSEAN

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ALTSEAN on Burma is a network of activists, NGOs, academics and politicians who support human rights, democracy and peace in Burma.ALTSEAN-Burma initiates and implements a range of activities to support human rights, democracy and peace in Burma, and ultimately, in the rest of Southeast Asia. Its activities are mainly oriented to campaign work, advocacy, networking and resource production.
Country Focus: BURMA. (See International Rule of Law Directory).


Website: ARENA online.


The Alternative Asean Network on Burma (ALTSEAN-BURMA) is a network of activists, nongovernmental organization, academics, and politicians who support human rights, democracy, and peace in Burma. All of the members are from Southeast Asia. (See

TEXTs on Alternative Asean Network on Burma ALTSEAN


Read also: DRUG-Report November 2004.

See photos on Angelfire.

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Women’s Federation of World Peace International

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Last Newsletter (Fall 2006);


Girl’s Education: A Key to Poverty Eradication, 49th Session of CSW, Bejing+10, NGO Side Event, Presented by: Motoko Sugiyama, Vice President and Director of UN Office, Women’s Federation for World Peace International, United Nations NY, March 1, 2005. (See Girls Education).

The Forum on the Global Perspective to End Racial Discrimination in Commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was held on March 21, 2005 in Conference Room 4, UN HQ, New York and sponsored by the NGO Section of DESA (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) cosponsored and organized by Women’s Federation for World Peace International (WFWPI) and WFWP-USA. (See Forum 2005).

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IPS Europe & Mediterranean

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Linked with Ramesh Jaura – India & Germany.

IPS Europe: (is) … a network of correspondents and stringers in Europe, the Middle East and Maghreb covers the Euro-Mediterranean region. The journalistic and administrative co-ordination is conducted from Berlin in Germany where the European regional centre IPS EUROPA | IPS EUROPE is based.. Most of the copy is edited in London where the regional editor is located. In case of need Berlin jumps in. Some of the hotspots of IPS coverage from the region are: Brussels, Berlin, Bonn, Geneva, London, Paris, Rome, Belgrade, Moscow, Prague, Vienna, Istanbul, Cairo, Damascus, Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The overall IPS mission, according to the statutes of the International Association, is the following:

  • “The Association – which intends to inherit the goals of the former cooperative of journalists “IPS- Inter Press Service” and to carry forward its ideals – shall be a public-benefit organisation for development cooperation. Its main object shall be to contribute to development by promoting free communication and a professional flow of information to reinforce technical and economic co-operation among developing countries;

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Development Watch

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Linked with Ramesh Jaura – India & Germany.

DEVELOPMENT WATCH is an Alliance for Monitoring International Cooperation and has been launched by GLOBAL COOPERATION COUNCIL and IPS EUROPE as an independent watchdog to monitor reliable and critical information on international development cooperation. You will agree with me that tax payers in the OECD countries have the right to know what is happening with their hard-earned money. Also peoples in the countries of the South receiving funds must be enabled and empowered to know what their governments are doing with the money they get for them from the North. This objective can be achieved if individuals, institutions and organizations around the world – in North and South – help us and provide DEVELOPMENT WATCH reliable and critical information.

(To be distinguished from: Development Watch Australia.)

I invite you to register yourself as our partner and ally. Please download the file named registration and E-Mail it to this address as attachment.

Partnership does not involve any financial obligations. After receiving your registration, we will send you an E-Mail requesting confirmation that it is really you or your institute that has registered. Once we have your confirmation, we will be happy to enlist you as our partner.

As partner we would ask you to E-Mail us a link to any news and analyses related to the following:

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nabuur – the global neighbour network

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On the website you will find people around the world who share your interests, goals and ideas. You’ll find:

  • Virtual ‘Villages’ where communities in developing countries present their issues and ask for assistance of online volunteers (‘Neighbours’);
  • Online discussions in the Villages between representatives of the communities and their Neighbours on how to solve local issues;
  • Thousands of committed individuals who work as online volunteers (Neighbours) to find solutions for problems of communities in developing countries;
  • Individuals.

On NABUUR.COM you can help a community in a developing country:

  • Here and now;
  • Together with other online volunteers (Neighbours);
  • By sharing your skills, knowledge and contacts;
  • In direct contact with the local community, so you will see the results of your actions with your own eyes;
  • In the online discussions on NABUUR.COM the representative of the local community and his/her Neighbours work together to find solutions for the community’s problems.

how it works.

See the NABUUR.COM Guidelines for NABUUR.COM’s guiding principles.

what you can do.

register and join now.

AGENDA – Empowering Women for Gender Eqity

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Linked with Paula Makabory – Indonesia, and with WEST PAPUA, the forgotten story of a people in crisis.

Founded in 1987, Agenda began as a journal, which sought to provide a political outlet and focus for gender and feminist activism in the politically-fraught apartheid South Africa of the time. In the words of a founding member: “We – those of us who founded Agenda – had a dream – to bring gender/women’s liberation into the big debates of the day and into the centre of the movements for liberation and transformation”. Over the years, Agenda has maintained this perspective, but evolved to operate four programmes and an interactive website as follows:

Journal: At the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for almost 20 years, Agenda’s journal creates an important space for women to publish their work. The journal questions, debates and critiques understandings of gender. Four themed issues are published each year, with 4,000 journals read by 60,000 people each year.

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Mongolian Women’s NGO Coalition

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Linked with Semjidmaa Damba – Mongolia.

The Mongolian Women’s NGO Coalition
was formed on December 10, 1999 and Was registered in the Ministry of Justice on February 25, 2000. The Coalition is a non-profit, non governmental organization which is directed towards the improvement of society, and it exists to ensure that equal numbers of women are elected and nominated for decision-making positions.

The Coalition also:

- prepares documents and information on the electoral system and women candidates for the general electorate
- prepares women nominees for election through traning programs
- prepares related books manuals and materials for nominees on electoral skills
- Infuences laws and rules concerning election nomination for election
- cooperates with external and internal organizations.

See on their website the names of the 31 NGOs being part of the Coalition. So also the ‘Association of Business Women of Vulnerable Group’.

IFAD – enabling the rural poor to overcome poverty

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The International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD, a specialized agency of the United Nations, was established as an international financial institution in 1977 as one of the major outcomes of the 1974 World Food Conference. The Conference was organized in response to the food crises of the early 1970s that primarily affected the Sahelian countries of Africa. The conference resolved that “an International Fund for Agricultural Development should be established immediately to finance agricultural development projects primarily for food production in the developing countries”. One of the most important insights emerging from the conference was that the causes of food insecurity and famine were not so much failures in food production, but structural problems relating to poverty and to the fact that the majority of the developing world’s poor populations were concentrated in rural areas.

IFAD’s mission is to enable the rural poor to overcome poverty.

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Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era, DAWN – Nigeria

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Linked with Noeleen Heyzer – USA, with Human Rights as Education for Peace, and with Globalization and the Eradication of Poverty.
DEVELOPMENT ALTERNATIVES WITH WOMEN FOR A NEW ERA is a network of women scholars and activists from the economic South who engage in feminist research and analysis of the global environment and are committed to working for economic justice, gender justice and democracy. DAWN works globally and regionally in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific on the themes of the Political Economy of Globalization; Political Restructuring and Social Transformation; Sustainable Livelihoods; and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, in partnership with other global NGOs and networks.

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A Greater Gift – USA

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A Greater Gift is a program of SERRV International, a nonprofit alternative trade and development organization. Our mission is to promote the social and economic progress of people in developing regions of the world by marketing their products in a just and direct manner.

OUR MISSION is to promote the social and economic progress of people in developing regions of the world by marketing their products in a just and direct manner.

Our goal is to alleviate poverty and empower low-income people through trade, training and other forms of community support as they work to improve their lives. SERRV has worked to assist artisans and farmers for more than 55 years through the following:

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The Green Belt Movement GBM

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Linked with Wangari Maathai – Kenya, with The rich biodiversity of Africa, and with the GBM World Bank Biocarbon Project.

The GBM provides income and sustenance to millions of people in Kenya through the planting of trees. It also conducts educational campaigns to raise awareness about women’s rights, civic empowerment, and the environment throughout Kenya and Africa.

Green Belt Movement Kenya;
Green Belt Movement International;
Pan African Training Workshops;
The Blog;

In Africa, as in many parts of the world, women are responsible for meals and collecting firewood. Increasing deforestation has not only meant increasing desertification, but it has also meant that women have had to travel further and further afield in order to collect the firewood.

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The Kamanakao Association

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Linked with Lydia Nyati-Ramahobo – Botswana, and with The Case of Shiyeyi in Botswana.

The Kamanakao Association is a registered non-governmental organization with the basic objective of maintaining and developing the remnants of the language and culture of the Wayeyi people of northern Botswana. Shiyeyi refers to both the language and culture of the Wayeyi people. In Shiyeyi, Kamanakao means “remnants.” Since its establishment, the association has worked tirelessly to convince the Government of Botswana to officially denounce the people of Wayeyi tribe as minority and also recognise their chieftainship as legitimate. Some efforts have been fruitfull!

The Kamanakao Association is one of the organizations assisting government to achieve the goal of recognizing and developing other languages for literacy as a necessary tool for development. It is willing to assist other groups to develop their languages so that Batswana can know and walk hand in hand with one another with pride and dignity in the hearts of all. This is necessary for unity and development.


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Self-help Assistance Programm ASAP

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Linked with Dele Olejede – Nigeria, with e-learning plans for Africa, with Africa and Poverty, with TO LIFT AFRICA OUT OF POVERTY, and with Corruption linked to poverty.

ASAP A Self-Help Assistance Program (ASAP Africa) is a non-profit charitable organization committed to working in partnership with rural communities in Zimbabwe, assisting people in their efforts to improve their own lives.

Since 1992, ASAP Africa has been committed to working in partnership with rural African communities, assisting people in their efforts to improve their own lives. By working together with communities that take the initiative to try to resolve problems and pool their limited resources, long-term, sustainable improvements are achieved. ASAP Africa’s philosophy is to focus on the enormous potential of what people can achieve by working together. The staff in Zimbabwe works to empower those living in their country by sharing their knowledge of how to break the cycle of poverty, strengthen local education, and improve nutrition and health.

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The Club of Budapest International

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Linked with Ervin Laszlo – Hungary, with Planet Life Academy, with New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind, and with Consciousness In The Cosmos, Perspective of Mind.

The Club of Budapest International is an independent organization of likeminded persons who wish to come together in the interest of working toward a better future for all. Its core objective – pursued together with its world-renowned international members and engaged creative and national members – is to create and implement holistic solutions to problems that face the entire human family in a participatory way that can be experienced and acquired. (Read more on this page).

See also ‘Deutsche Version‘. And see also their Newsletter.

The Mission of the Club of Budapest is to be a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world through
Promoting the emergence of planetary consciousness: Interconnecting generations and cultures, Integrating spirituality, science, and the arts, Fostering learning communities worldwide.

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Planet Life Academy

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Linked with Ervin Laszlo – Hungary, with The Club of Budapest International, with New Concepts of Matter, Life and Mind, and with Consciousness In The Cosmos, Perspective of Mind.

Die Planet Life Academy ist eine Bildungseinrichtung des Club of Budapest, die im Juni 2004 mit einem ersten kleinen Eröffnungsprogramm begann. Bekannte und weniger bekannte Vordenker/innen vermitteln all ihre Visionen, Konzepte und innovative praktische Projekte für ein Lernen auf der Stufe der grundlegenden Potentiale des Menschen (”Lernen des Lernens”, “Unternehmer der eigenen Potentiale werden”) eine humane Gestaltung der Globalisierung und ein ethisches und systemisch-ganzheitliches Denken in allen Wissensgebieten. Die Planet Life Academy baut schrittweise ein immer vielfältigeres Programm auf – auf drei Ebenen:

  • - allgemein zugängliche Veranstaltungen (also eine Art “freie Volkshochschule”);
  • - Seminare, Studien, Vorträge, Fortbildungen etc. auf akademischer Ebene;
  • - Bildungsangebote und Trainings für Unternehmen;
  • - Dozenten und Trainer der Planet Life Academy sind renommierte Vertreter aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft, Politik, Kunst, Kultur, Ethik und Medien.

Kontaktformlar auf der Website.


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E-Changer – Organisation suisse de volontariat à la coopération, Partenaires dans l’échange et pour le changement. (Aussi en espagnol et portugues).

E-CHANGER est une organisation suisse de volontariat à la coopération.

Nous sommes convaincus que l’amélioration des conditions socio-économiques dans les pays en voie de développement n’est possible que si les populations défavorisées arrivent à se responsabiliser et à prendre conscience des possibilités juridiques, politiques et économiques qui s’offrent à elles. Nos volontaires, fortes de leurs compétences et de leur expérience professionnelles, s’engagent à renforcer le potentiel d’organisations Sud. Qu’il s’agisse de femmes paysannes brésiliennes, d’Indiens boliviens ou de journalistes burkinabés, tous nos partenaires luttent pour s’affirmer comme interlocuteurs des pouvoirs politiques et économiques qui ont tendance à les oublier lorsqu’ils prennent des décisions qui les concernent.

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International Cost Engineering Council ICEC

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The International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) is an nonpolitical and nonprofit organization which was founded in 1976 with the object of promoting cooperation between national and multinational cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management organizations worldwide for their mutual wellbeing and that of their individual members.

ICEC member societies are located in more than 40 countries, and have chapters or sections in many additional countries. Through these chapters and sections, ICEC has access to more than 100,000 cost engineers and project managers in over 120 different nations. Regular ICEC meetings are attended by delegates of the member societies where subjects of common interests are exchanged and discussed. Each member society has one vote on the Council.

Major objectives of ICEC:

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Terre des Hommes – divers groupes indépendants

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1). Terre des Hommes Suisse:

Siège à Genève. Terre des Hommes Suisse prend parti pour l’enfant et son avenir et agit pour ses droits fondamentaux afin qu’il vive sur une terre qui le nourrit au sein de sa famille et de sa communauté. Qu’il bénéficie de soins préventifs et curatifs, qu’il reçoive une éducation de qualité, appropriée et une formation professionnelle. Terre des Hommes Suisse oeuvre pour des relations plus justes entre les pays du Nord et du Sud. Notre objectif c’est l’aide au développement au Sud, 70 projets dans 11 pays (Afrique, Amérique Latine et Asie), avec des associations locales comme partenaires.

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Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding ACMCU

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Linked with Mahmood Mamdani – USA & Uganda, and with Making Sense of Political Violence in Postcolonial Africa.

The ACMCU of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. – They say: “The Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding is concerned with Islam and the West and Islam in the West. The Center, since its creation in 1993, has built bridges of understanding between the Muslim world and the West, addressing stereotypes of Islam and Muslims and issues and questions such as the clash of civilizations, and the compatibility of Islam and modern life – from democratization and pluralism to the status of women, minorities and human rights – and American foreign policy in the Muslim world”.

The ‘Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding’ ACMCU is concerned with Islam and the West and Islam in the West. The Center, since its creation in 1993, has built bridges of understanding between the Muslim world and the West, addressing stereotypes of Islam and Muslims and issues and questions such as the clash of civilizations, and the compatibility of Islam and modern life – from democratization and pluralism to the status of women, minorities and human rights – and American foreign policy in the Muslim world. (see Homepage ACMCU).

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Jubilee Research

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Linked with Ann Pettifor – England, with In these Times, with A cycle of illusions, with Bringing the Proposal to Reality, and with New Economics Foundation NEF.

Jubilee Research is part of the Global and National Economics (GNE) programme at nef (the New Economics Foundation, London). Nef is a radical “think-and-do” tank, founded in 1986 by the people who led the first Other Economic Summit – a fore-runner to the World Social Forum. It is based on the principles of new economics, and was voted Prospect Magazine’s UK Think Tank of the Year in 2002/3. Working on the UK and international economies and the environment, it seeks to promote well-being, rights and environmental sustainability, and to resolve tensions between these objectives. Its GNE team coordinates work on markets and climate change with Jubilee Research’s programme of international financial reform. Building on the work of the hugely successful Jubilee 2000 debt cancellation campaign,[1] Jubilee Research continues to provide up-to-date, accurate research, analyses, news and data on international debt.

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In these Times

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Linked with Ann Pettifor – England, with New Economics Foundation NE,  with A cycle of illusions, with Bringing the Proposal to Reality, and with Jubilee Research.

In These Times is dedicated to informing and analyzing popular movements for social, environmental and economic justice; to providing a forum for discussing the politics that shape our lives; and to producing a magazine that is read by the broadest and most diverse audience possible. In 1976, author and historian James Weinstein founded In These Times with the mission to “identify and clarify the struggles against corporate power now multiplying in American society.” Weinstein was joined in establishing this independent magazine of news, culture and opinion. by noted intellectuals Daniel Ellsberg, E.P. Thompson, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Julian Bond and Herbert Marcuse, all of whom were among the original sponsors of the magazine. In 2005, those sponsors now number in the thousands—as a not-for-profit publication, In These Times, like all political magazines on both the left and the right, has survived with the help of readers who make donations above and beyond the cost of their subscriptions. (Read the rest on above link).

New Economics Foundation NEF

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Linked with Ann Pettifor – England, with In these Times, with A cycle of illusions, with Bringing the Proposal to Reality, and with Jubilee Research. See also nef on Dec. 29, 2006.

New Economics Foundation, The NEF is an independent think-and-do tank that aims to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. (Big Picture) . … NEF Homepage;

Economics Overview;

NEF’s theoretical new economics programme‘ aims to build a framework for a new economics which promotes real well-being (rather than financial wealth), environmental sustainability and social justice;
Democs: (deliberative meeting of citizens) is part card game, part policy-making tool that enables small groups of people to engage with complex public policy issues. It helps people find out about a topic, express their views, seek common ground with the other participants, and state their preferred policy position from a given choice of four. They can also add their own policy positions.

THE REAL WORLD ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: NEF is launching the first in a new series of yearly reports provocatively shadowing the International Monetary Fund’s annual World Economic Outlook on September 1st.

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The Development Research Institute dri

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Linked with William Easterly – USA, with Center for Global Development, with A Modest Proposal, and with The West Can’t Save Africa.

The Development Research Institute dri (of the New York University) is devoted to research on the economic development and growth of poor countries. Poor countries include all those besides the industrialized nations, i.e. Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The Institute includes both macroeconomic and microeconomic research, and both theory and empirics. The Institute is devoted to high standards of research, including publication in peer reviewed journals, scientific methodology, and creative and skeptical inquiry. It also includes research on the relationships between rich and poor nations, and between international organizations/aid agencies and poor nations. The Institute does not engage in any kind of advocacy for particular causes or organizations. The co-directors of the Development Research Institute are William Easterly and Yaw Nyarko.

Global Development Network Growth Database;

dri working papers;

Conferences & Seminars.

Go to the rest with a click on an item on the left column of any ‘dri’-site.

The Center for Global Development

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Linked with William Easterly – USA, with A Modest Proposal, with The West Can’t Save Africa, and with The Development Research Institute dri.
(To be distinguished from the Global Dialogue Center).

The Center for Global Development, (stands) for Independent research and practical ideas for global prosperity. The CGD is an independent, not-for-profit think tank that works to reduce global poverty and inequality by encouraging policy change in the U.S. and other rich countries through rigorous research and active engagement with the policy community. It was founded November 2001 by Edward W. Scott Jr., C. Fred Bergsten and Nancy Birdsall. A technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former senior U.S. government official, Ed provided the vision and a significant financial committment that made the creation of the Center possible. Fred, the director of the Institute for International Economics (IIE), lent his formidable reputation in academic and policy circles as well as providing the fledgling Center with a roof and logistical support within IIE for its initial months of operation.

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Global Dialogue Center

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Linked with John Perkins – USA.

(To be distinguished from The Center for Global Development), Washington DC 20036).

The Global Dialogue Center is a virtual gathering place for people throughout the world with a focus on leadership, professional and personal development — a place to think, question, explore new ideas, learn and connect with a purpose: To help us all become catalysts for creating a better world than we know today.
See also John Perkins COLLECTION at the Global Dialogue Center!

See more on following links:

Dream Change

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Linked with John Perkins – USA.

Dream Change was founded in the early 1990s to change consciousness. With the new millennium came the realization that a powerful grass-roots movement is necessary to channel the energy from our awakened individual consciousness into actions that create a more compassionate and just world. WOW! (WAKING OUR WORLD!) is that movement.

DREAM CHANGE (DC) is a world wide grass roots movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds dedicated to shifting consciousness and promoting sustainable lifestyles for the individual and global community. The objective of inspiring earth-honoring changes in consciousness is accomplished through programs that educate and foster environmental and social balance. DC was originated to encourage new ways of living. (Read more on ‘above‘).

See more on following links:

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The National Agricultural Research Institute NARI

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Linked with Maria LINIBI – Papua New Guinea, and with Strategies for agriculture and rural development in Papua New Guinea.

NARI is a publicly-funded statutory research organisation for conducting applied and development-oriented research on food crops, emerging food and cash crops, livestock and resource management issues. In its vision for PNG, NARI foresees “Prosperous PNG Agricultural Communities.” The word “prosperous” implies economic, social, and cultural well-being of all residents of PNG. Reference to “agricultural communities”, in its wider sense, means that the prosperity of all in PNG will be realised through wealth creation and sustainable broad-based economic growth from agricultural development. The major targets are the smallholder, semi-subsistence, semi-commercial and commercial farmers and rural communities in the country.

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The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center

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Linked with Nicole Magloire – Haiti.

Friends of St. Vincents. The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center for handicapped children is a volunteer group formed in 1997 to help the children and staff at St. Vincent’s Center for Handicapped Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti obtains the resources needed to educate and care for the children. The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center is an interfaith outreach ministry of St. James’s Episcopal Church in West Hartford, Connecticut.

The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center mission statement is to provide service, supplies and support to the children and staff at St. Vincent’s Center, a residential school, day school, orphanage and hospital for approximately 350 handicapped children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

2005 has been a very difficult year for our colleagues and the children at St. Vincent’s Center due to the political situation and civil unrest. The Friends of St. Vincent’s Center continued their support in many different ways as it was not possible to conduct medical, construction and education missions in Haiti.

St. Vincent Hospital.

Proyecto Palomas

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Linked with Lázara Lizette Vila Espina – Cuba.

¿Qué es el Proyecto Palomas?


1. ¿Por qué existen las palomas en colores tan variados?

2. ¿Qué color de pareja suele escoger una paloma?

Los participantes del Proyecto Palomas observan palomas y envían sus observaciones y cómputos al Laboratorio de Ornitología de Cornell en donde científicos recopilan los datos y usan la información para examinar estas dos preguntas de interés científico. La gente participa al contar palomas y anotar los comportamientos de cortejo observados en las bandadas de palomas del vecindario.

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