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2007-03-01: Ligue des droits de l’homme LDH – France;
2007-03-02: Banchte Shekha – Bangladesh;
2007-03-03: Mothers and Daughters of Sri Lanka;
2007-03-04: The Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom BWPF;
2007-03-05: Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability;
2007-03-06: Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery (Tiger Temple);
2007-03-07: – Action Without Borders;
2007-03-08: Association for Solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir BASJAK;
2007-03-09: Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS;
2007-03-10: DEV NET – AOTEAROA New Zealand;
2007-03-11: Co-operative solutions to global poverty;
2007-03-12: Centre for Comparative and Public Law;
2007-03-13: The Project Gutenberg;
2007-03-14: Weeramantry International Centre For Peace Education and Research;
2007-03-15: Arms Control Association;
2007-03-16: the City of Hope;
2007-03-17: Women living under Muslim laws;
2007-03-18: The Perry Center;
2007-03-19: ECOWAS – The Economic Community of West African States;
2007-03-20: The World Future Council;
2007-03-21: Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies;
2007-03-22: SEECRAN or South East European Child Rights Action Network;
2007-03-23: The Foundation for P2P Alternatives;
2007-03-24: The International Centre for Ethnic Studies ICES;
2007-03-25: We the People Foundation, for Constitutional Education;
2007-03-26: We The People Congress;
2007-03-27: The Humanities;
2007-03-28: All Afghan Women Union AAWU;
2007-03-29: Mathaba News Network;
2007-03-30: The Afghan Women’s Organisation AWO;
2007-03-31: The Jane Goodall Institute.

The Jane Goodall Institute

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Linked with Jane Goodall – USA.

In 1977, Jane founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation to provide ongoing support for field research on wild chimpanzees.

JGI for wildlife research, education and conservation, is a global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things. We are creating healthy ecosystems, promoting sustainable livelihoods and nurturing new generations of committed, active citizens around the world.

African Programs;
Chimpanzee Central;
Action alerts;
Contact on their website.

About: The Jane Goodall Institute advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things. The objectives of the Institute are to:

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The Afghan Women’s Organisation AWO

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Linked with Suraya Parlika – Afghanistan, and with All Afghan Women Union AAWU.

The AWO is a non-profit organization committed to assisting vulnerable Afghans in Canada, in refugees camps abroad and in Afghanistan. The AWO promotes the successful settlement of Afghan refugees in Canada through advocacy, and a wide range of settlement services, which it delivers primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, but throughout the country as well. The AWO also provides assistance and protection to refugees and to internally displaced and vulnerable people in Afghanistan, through advocacy, relief, education and income-generation projects, and through sponsorship to Canada. In all of its work, the AWO is committed to non-discrimination, equality and providing services that are culturally sensitive and designed to meet the particular needs of the Afghan community … The AWO is a multi-service settlement agency whose mandate is to assist Afghan women and their families, in all aspects of adaptation and integration into Canadian society. The AWO is also mandated to facilitate the resettlement of Afghan and other refugees from overseas through a refugee sponsorship program.Moreover, the AWO provides assistance to Afghan refugees overseas and to vulnerable groups in Afghanistan through lobbying, advocacy, direct assistance, relief, education and income generation programs. (full text).

Services; Projects; Youth Program; Links; Contact.

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Mathaba News Network

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Linked with Rudo de Ruijter – Netherlands, with Cost, abuse and danger of the dollar, with US-Iran: Raid on nuclear fuel market, with Pipeline projects through Afghanistan,

At Mathaba we provide an example that people can be united in their goals while maintaining healthy differences of culture, nationality and opinion. We encourage the search for alternative solutions to realize human rights and freedom, and evolve those ideas into concrete living works that benefit our world.

Mathaba can be contacted by Telefon at:

  • Hong Kong, China: +852 8199 000;
  • London, England: 0871 2000 246
  • Washington DC, USA: +1 202 470 3321

Wiki-Introduction – Mathaba.Net contains the Mathaba News Agency (mathaba), and also includes some special interest sections, Africa2020, Skype-News and other specialised news sites making up the Mathaba News Network.

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All Afghan Women Union AAWU

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Linked with Suraya Parlika – Afghanistan, and with the Afghan Women’s Organisation AWO.

This Group has not an own website, but is mentionned on the following sites:

Sonoma County Women’s Council: The Core Council of Women for a Better World, the SCWC has been active since the Spring of 2002 as a concerned group of women in the County addressing the cessation of war and establishment of women’s power and place in creating a peaceful world. To that end, they have connected with two organizations: the All Afghan Women’s Union, in particular the Kabul Peace Circle, a part of AAWU, and Afghans4Tomorrow, an American-Afghan group based in the East Bay, working to promote the re-building of Afghanistan. The Women’s Council linked up with the Kabul Peace Circle through PeaceXpeace, an international women’s online organization begun by Patricia Melton Smith. The WCSC was the first circle of women to link with another international one through PeaceXpeace ( Communication is difficult because of the language barrier as well as a lack of computer/email connection in Kabul, but the Council continues its work through personal visits. (full text).

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The Humanities

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The National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITE: EDSITEment, the best of the humanities on the web from the National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with the National Trust for the Humanities, and the Verizon Foundation. This educational partnership brings online humanities resources from some of the world’s great museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and universities directly to your classroom.

March 2007, this months feature: Exploring Women’s History;
calendar of the month (here March 2007);
all subject categories;

About EDSITEment: Partners: National Endowment for the Humanities is an independent federal agency established to promote knowledge of human history, thought, and culture. For more than thirty years, educators and students throughout the nation have benefited from NEH grants that create and preserve knowledge, identify and disseminate reliable learning resources, and empower teachers through professional development programs. EDSITEment brings the NEH commitment to excellence in humanities education to the Internet.

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We The People Congress

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Linked with We the People Foundation, for Constitutional Education.

The Give Me Liberty 2007 Conference, Washington DC, March 29-31, 2007 (Thursday-Saturday); Volunteer; Contact us.

One of three organizations that are working together to get government in New York State back under the control of the people and the New York Constitution. These three organizations provide a triple-threat offense on constitutional issues designed to address educational, litigational and activist dimensions, respectively:

- We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.;
- All-County Taxpayers Association (ACTA);
- We The People Congress.

The We The People Congress has been established for the purpose of developing in the public forum, from the ordinary, non-aligned citizenry, a constituency committed to what Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to as a “militant, non-violent, mass-movement” with the goal of achieving substantial reforms in the structure and process of government in the State of New York, through constitutional means.

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We the People Foundation, for Constitutional Education

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Linked with We The People Congress.

In July 2004, almost 1800 Citizens initiated a landmark federal lawsuit to have the Judiciary declare – for the first time in US history – the full constitutional meaning of the First Amendment Petition clause: The Right to Petition … (full text Homepage).

Events and Projects;
Latest Foundation News;

Mission Statement
: The We the People Foundation is a non-profit research and educational foundation. Our purpose is to promote a deeper understanding of the history and nature of America?s unique constitutional system of government and the power it affords our citizens to hold government leaders at all levels accountable for their actions. The Foundation?s programs facilitate effective civic action intended to compel government officials to obey our federal and state constitutions.

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the International Centre for Ethnic Studies ICES

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Linked with Radhika Coomaraswamy – Sri Lanka.

ICES is one of the leading think tanks in the world researching and publishing on violent group conflict and related issues of governance and development. Established in 1982, the original mandate of the Centre being the study of ethnic conflict and gender issues, it is probably the first of its kind to focus attention on violent group conflict and has done pioneering work on the subject related to South Asia and many other parts of the world.

Current Projects;
Ethnic Studies Report ESR;
International conferences;
Sri Lanka database;

About: The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) is a world leader in the study of violent group conflict. Established in September 1982, the Centre was a pioneer in the field of conflict studies and research when the subject of conflict was not the fashionable subject for academic research and teaching that it is today. The work it has done covers South Asia and many other parts of the world which is also unusual for a think tank located in a small developing country. However, ICES also soon concluded that the study of violent group conflict needs to be studied and understood in its broader socio-economic, political context and global context. Thus the focus of the ICES soon widened to encompass a much broader research and publication agenda that extended to, among other things, sustainable development, governance and gender. The ICES vision is animated by six themes:

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The Foundation for P2P Alternatives

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(Ce site exisiste aussi en français)

Linked with Michel Bauwens – Belgium & Thailand, with The cult of Ken Wilber, with FIVE FUNDAMENTAL ERRORS, and with The Political Economy of Peer Production.

Homepage with many good links to blogs, interviews, members, friends, news, resources etc. etc.; more on wiki; Contact.

About: The Foundation for P2P Alternatives proposes to be a meeting place for those who can broadly agree with the following propositions, which are also argued in the essay or book in progress, P2P and Human Evolution:

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SEECRAN or South East European Child Rights Action Network

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SEECRAN is a network of non-governmental organisations, agencies, institutions and individuals promoting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the South-East European region … From Budapest to Tirana, from Ljubljana to Sofia, you will find member organisations of SEECRAN spread all over South Eastern Europe.

Consult the SEECRAN member database here.
Country Reports;
News & Events;

With the armed and other conflicts in the region, along with the transition of economies, the lives of millions of people in the region have changed, for most to worse. In war-affected areas, the usual consequence of destruction is economic devastation. In other countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Croatia, economic situation is not satisfactory and there are bad consequences of transition for children. Slovenia is the only country in the broader region that has managed to enable economic development. Greece and Turkey have for a long time been market-oriented countries and are in a different position, particularly with Greece being an EU member. Economic underdevelopment in most of the countries of the region has tragic consequences for children since it disables functioning of social services, health care, education and delivery of all kinds of services and goods. (full text).

Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies

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Linked with Carolyn Nordstrom – USA, and with Shadow Sovereigns.

Policy Studies;
Research Projects;
In the News;

About: Founded in 1986 through a generous gift from Mrs. Joan B. Kroc, the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame conducts research, education, and outreach programs on the causes of violence and the conditions for sustainable peace.

The institute’s research agenda focuses on the religious and ethnic dimensions of conflict and peacebuilding; the ethics of the use of force; and the peacemaking role of international norms, policies and institutions, including a focus on economic sanctions and enforcement of human rights. In addition to individual research by faculty in a wide range of disciplines, the institute organizes collaborative research projects on these themes.

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The World Future Council

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Linked with Francisco “Chico” Whitaker Ferreira – Brazil, with Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher – Ethiopia, and with World Social Forum: Origin and Aims.

Long-term thinking for today’s world. The World Future Council is a new voice in the global political arena – one that draws on our shared human values to champion the rights of future generations, and works to ensure that humanity acts now for a sustainable future. Facing global challenges Despite having the means to tackle many of the problems we currently face, the existing global system of governance has so far seemed incapable of addressing them, often failing to adopt available solutions. The World Future Council will identify and promote successful policies, using existing networks to connect with over 25,000 parliamentarians, and more than 8,000 civil society organizations worldwide, arguing not for an ideology or a nation or a religion or a political party but for one thing only: our common future.

World Future Council’s Members;
Key Challenges: Environment, Social Issues, Economics and Politics;

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ECOWAS – The Economic Community of West African States

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Linked with Ruth Sando Perry – Liberia, and with The Perry Center.

The Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS) is a regional organization of 15 west African nations formed in 1975. There were 16 nations in the group until recently when Mauritania withdrew membership from ECOWAS. The main objective of forming ECOWAS was to achieve economic integration and shared development so as to form a unified economic zone in West Africa. Later on, the scope was increased to include socio- political interactions and mutual development in related spheres. When ECOWAS was registered in Nigeria in May 1975, there were 15 members in the organization to start with. In 1976, Cape Verde joined ECOWAS as 16th member. In 2002, Mauritania left the organization. Currently, there are 15 member countries in the organization. The membership list include the following countries. Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

Visitor’s Info;
Pivacy Policy
Useful Links;

The Perry Center

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Linked with Ruth Sando Perry – Liberia, and with ECOWAS – The Economic Community of West African States.

Whether you are here to find help or to give help, we hope you will come to know through our website that the Perry Center is a God-centered home reaching out to strengthen and provide for young unwed mothers spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


About: The purpose of the Perry Center is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to single women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by providing for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs in a residential setting. This is a faith ministry. God is our provision and our strength. No matter how severe the problem or difficult the background may be, Jesus can heal the wounds and create a new and whole person in His name. The commitment of the people who work for the ministry must be one of total giving. They must believe that God can supply all their needs. They must also believe that God can supply the total needs of the ministry. Jesus is a life-changer. Sometimes we will see the fruits of your labors and sometimes we are seed planters and never see the harvest.

Women living under Muslim laws WLUML

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Homepages: français, arabic, russian, english.

Linked with Sharla Musabih – United Arab Emirates, and with the City of Hope.

News and Views;
Calls for actions;
Publications webshop;
Contact (scroll down);

Women Living Under Muslim Laws
is an international solidarity network that provides information, support and a collective space for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam. For more than two decades WLUML has linked individual women and organisations. It now extends to more than 70 countries ranging from South Africa to Uzbekistan, Senegal to Indonesia and Brazil to France. It links:

  • women living in countries or states where Islam is the state religion, secular states with Muslim majorities as well as those from Muslim communities governed by minority religious laws;
  • women in secular states where political groups are demanding religious laws;
  • women in migrant Muslim communities in Europe, the Americas, and around the world;
  • non-Muslim women who may have Muslim laws applied to them directly or through their children;
  • women born into Muslim communities/families who are automatically categorized as Muslim but may not define themselves as such, either because they are not believers or because they choose not to identify themselves in religious terms, preferring to prioritise other aspects of their identity such as political ideology, profession, sexual orientation or others.

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the City of Hope

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Linked with Sharla Musabih – United Arab Emirates, and with Women living under Muslim laws.

The group will be permitted to have an own website only when the government has given them an official recognition (statement in a TV documentation on the french channel odyssee, showing the city of hope).

The City of Hope – an organization founded in 2001 by Sharla and two other women, Lena Mustapha and Margaret Greeney – has served as a refuge for hundreds of abused women and children. Its establishment, says Sharla, was in direct response to a growing need that has been neglected during the UAE’s stunning infrastructural and cultural transformation … The police and other social agencies, says Sharla, found it hard to cope with the sudden rush of an incoming multinational population. Their systems – designed with the customs of the UAE in mind – began to crack … According to figures released by the human rights section of the Dubai Police, some 45 cases of family problems were reported in the city last year, only four of which were cases of violence against women. At the time of the report’s publication, Sharla dismissed the statistics as a gross underestimate, blaming the police system for mishandling domestic abuse situations. Abuse victims are often sent back home ‘after the police ask the husband to sign a statement promising not to harm his wife again’. Despite this, her relationship with the Dubai Police is good – she was officially honoured by them late last year. ‘Gaining official status from the UAE Government [should] protect me and allow me to work in safety. And building more shelters would allow us to cope with the results of an ever-increasing multinational population. This country must never be allowed to live in denial [of the needs] of a [foreign] population which they have invited.’ (full text).

While the Dubai police department runs a “Caring for Victims” program aimed at helping women and children who have been victims of crime and abuse, the program only offers legal, psychological, and financial help, but refers women who seek refuge from abusive husbands or employers to Dubai’s sole women’s shelter, known as “City of Hope.” The “City,” or better known as Villa 18, however, is not officially licensed, and has over the past few years come under attack by many locals, mainly men, who believe that its mere presence contradicts UAE culture. The shelter, set up in 2001 by Sharla Musabih, who is originally from the United States and has been married to a local for over 20 years, houses tens of women and children at any given month. Musabih has tried for years to get the shelter officially licensed, but her requests always fell on deaf ears. (full text).

Arms Control Association

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Linked with Judge C. G. Weeramantry – Sri Lanka, with Arms Control Today, and with Weeramantry International Centre For Peace Education and Research.

The autoritative Source of Arms Control:

The Arms Control Association ACA ( ), founded in 1971, is a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies. Through its public education and media programs and its magazine, Arms Control Today (ACT), ACA provides policy-makers, the press and the interested public with authoritative information, analysis and commentary on arms control proposals, negotiations and agreements, and related national security issues. In addition to the regular press briefings ACA holds on major arms control developments, the Association’s staff provides commentary and analysis on a broad spectrum of issues for journalists and scholars both in the United States and abroad.

The Publiction;

Become a Member & Subscribe to Arms Control Today;

Links to the Treaties (full text and additional docs);

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Weeramantry International Centre For Peace Education and Research

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Linked with Judge C. G. Weeramantry – Sri Lanka, with Arms Control Today,
and with Arms Control Association.

Promoting Peace Through Intercultural Understanding“. Founder and Chairman of the Board: Judge Christopher Gregory Weeramantry. The Centre is founded on the philosophy that peace education is the most urgent need of the hour if the world is to be saved from violence and war. Misunderstanding and cross cultural ignorance are the root causes of war, and an urgent program of peace education is the only means of averting a global catastrophe. To this end the Centre has launched a series of projects ranging from school level to the level of professionals and academics both nationally and internationally. Established as recently as 2001 the Centre already has a substantial record of achievements as well as an ambitious program of future activities. (text).

Activities; one exemple – Multicultural Youth Camps: Youth camp for fifty, (50) children from multi-ethnic and multi-religious backgrounds was organised in association with the Institute of Integral Education, Piliyandala August 2002. Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim children were taught about each other’s cultural traditions for two days, placed in each other’s houses for five days and brought together again for two days. This was a great success and the children have expressed the view that they are friends for life. (text and photo).

The Project Gutenberg

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Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International Development Cooperation, and its Newsletter. l

Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books, or eBooks:

The word free in the English language does not distinguish between free of charge and freedom. Free of charge means that you don’t have to pay for the book you received. Freedom denotes that you may do as you like with the book you received. This distinction is immaterial if you just want to read a book privately, but it becomes of utmost importance if you want to work with the book:

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Centre for Comparative and Public Law

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at the Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong

Linked with Cyd Ho Sau-lan – Hong Kong, China, and with Cyd Ho Sau-lan’s letter to Hong-Kong.

The Centre for Comparative and Public Law was established within the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong in mid-1995. Its goals are to promote research in the fields of public and comparative law, and to disseminate the results of that research through publications and making materials available on-line. The Centre’s research projects include the international law implications of the resumption of Chinese sovereignty in 1997, including the Hong Kong treaty project, immigration law and practice, equality and the law in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, human rights protection under the Basic Law and international human rights law. (full text).

Co-operative solutions to global poverty

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(International Development Co-op).

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website for International Development Cooperation. Read there many interesting news and articles, and its Newsletter.

Welcome to the Website of the Co-operative College’s International Development Programme. The college and the wider UK co-operative movement have been involved in international work for many years. From the earliest days of the original UK co-operators (the Rochdale Pioneers) the co-operative vision has not simply been about retailing but also about how, through self-help, people can improve their working and living conditions. This model of democratic, practical self-help is relevant both in the UK and in poor communities in developing countries. A growing number of national and international organizations are now in agreement that co-operatives are vitally important in the fight against global poverty. For example the United Nations estimates that the livelihood of over three billion people is made more secure by co-operatives. The Department for International Development DFID has a Strategic Grant Agreement SGA with the Cooperative College and has funded this website. To find out more about the SGA, the aims of the website, international co-operation and the resources available to you through this site, please select a link from the table on your right.

Contact: Jayne Ormrod, Tel uk: 0161 246 2944

This site is funded by the Department for International Development through the Strategic Grant Agreement SGA it has with the Co-operative College … it has a number of different purposes:

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Linked with Marilyn Waring – New Zealand.

Picked up on Weitzenegger’s Website. Read there many interesting news and articles about International Development Cooperation. See also its Newsletter.

DevNet, the International Development Studies Network, exists to connect academics, students and development practitioners. Anyone involved or interested in international development is welcome to become a DevNet member. It’s free and easy, and members can find out about other members with similar interests as well as receive the monthly DevNet email update. On the DevNet website members and non-members alike will find useful information, including a Aotearoa New Zealand development research database, a calendar of development events and notices, discussion forums, and useful links.

DevNet nz-research.
Use their Forum.

DevNet International Development Studies conferences have been held biennially since 1998. They are New Zealand’s largest, regular, conferences on international development, and provide a great opportunity for Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific residents to learn from each other and international experts.

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Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS

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Linked with Zakari Tata Askira – Nigeria, with European banks and Africa’s wealth, and with LIMITING DOCTORS AND LAWYERS – WRONG ANSWER.

Description: Excerpt: … FRCS is a professional qualification for practising as a surgeon in the British Isles. It is bestowed by the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (chartered 1784), Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (chartered 1505), and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow though strictly the unqualified initials refer to the London College. Several Commonwealth countries have similar-sounding qualifications: FRCSC in Canada, FRACS in “Australasia,” FCS(SA) in South Africa, and some others. (full text).

Download the full description: The Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS of England.

Questions about surgeons.

RCPS-US, Introduction script.

Belgian Association for Solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir BASJAK

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Linked with Paul Beersmans – Belgium, with JAMMU AND KASHMIR: A SMOULDERING CONFLICT … , and with … again Kashmir.

(Added on March 22, 2007: Linked also with ‘ … Conclusions‘, and with ‘ … Meetings‘).

(Added on March 22, 2008: Meanwhile their website has been restructered. Now you go to the Homepage and click for the relevant pages on the link on the left site).

about (homepage and click on about): The “BELGIAN ASSOCIATION FOR SOLIDARITY WITH JAMMU AND KASHMIR” BASJAK is an association of people who are worried about the fate of JAMMU AND KASHMIR and its population and who want to contribute their part, though it be ever so modest, to set a step closer to a solution, to a lasting peace in this part of the world. BASJAK is a totally independent association without any political, religious, ideological and phylosophical link, whatsoever:

Kashmir in a nutshell: English version, Nederlandstalige versie/(Dutch version), and different Reports of study tours (1994 – 2006) *, and Observer Mission Legislative Assembly Elections Jammu and Kashmir State, September-October 2002, an eyewitness report, and differents statements for the Human Rights Commission in Geneva (1995 – 2005) *, and New: Updated Photo Gallery *. Etc. (For full texts, click on the links on the Homepage).
* there are many different links for each of this item.

Contact: Belgian Association for Solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir BASJAK, Office: Middenheide 126, B-9120 BEVEREN, (BELGIUM), Telephone and Fax: 00 32 / (0)3 / 775 26 61, e-mail, , website.

BASJAK is deploying following activities to achieve its above mentioned aims:

Continue Reading… – Action Without Borders

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Welcome! Join us during the weeks of March 12-18 and April 23-29 to help launch a global network of people who want to change their communities and the world by connecting people, ideas, and resources in every possible way. We invite you to imagine a better community and a better world, and to see how we can build it together, starting right now. Click on the photos to see what people are saying about this project, and then take a moment to see why this is needed, how it will work, and how you can get involved.

Read about this idea, see how people are responding to it, and sign up for one of 79 start-up meetings in 35 countries.

  • 1. What do we mean by a better world?
  • 2. The challenge: so many missed connections,
  • 3. The opportunity: we have so much in common,
  • 4. How? Like stores and libraries,
  • 5. Some solutions,
  • 6. Getting started,
  • 7. What you can do right now.


About us;



The Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery (Tiger Temple)

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(Thai Version)

Linked with Abbot-Pra Acharn Phusit (Chan) Khantitharo – Thailand.

Brief history of the temple: In 1985, Pra Achan Phusit (Chan) Khantitharo (presently, he’s the abbot of Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yansampanno Forest Monastery) traveled on foot into the forest in Kanchanaburi. He then practiced Dhamma at the cave (the present location of Wat Pa Tham Phu Toei), around 3 km from Phu Toei village. At that time, there were only 21 households. He started building chamber, pavilion, storage pond, school, and did the teaching. The purpose was to instill Dhamma into the mind of the youths, even living in the remote forest, which would lead to a peaceful society. While he was there, hardly anyone knew that he was a disciple of Venerable Luangta Maha Bua. It was until in 1994 when Luangta Maha Bua ordered him to build Wat Pa Luangta Bua Forest Monastery that he had to leave Wat Pa Tham Phu Toei. He appointed Pra Achan Sunthorn (Uan) Khamphirapanyo as the abbot up to now. However, he took his disciples to present robes to monks at his previous monastery regularly every year. Since this monastery is very far away and the route is still not very convenient. It’s necessary to make the trip in advance to stay overnight and present robes the next morning. We crossed Sri Nakharin Dam by ferry. Upon arrival, the villagers there took us to visit the cave. (full text).


The guest book of the tiger temple.

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Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability

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Linked with Richard Douthwaite – Ireland, and with Three Key Steps to Sustainability.

Homepage: Feasta aims to identify the characteristics (economic, cultural and environmental) of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose. The word feasta (pronounced fasta) is taken from an old Irish poem that laments the decimation of the forests. It means ‘in the future’ and Feasta sees itself as a collective thinking process about that future.

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The Bougainville Women for Peace and Freedom BWPF

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Linked with Josie Tankunani Sirivi – Papua New Guinea.

The group has not an own website, but is named on some of the following sites:


As Mothers of the Land: The birth of the Bougainville women for peace and freedom: … Bougainville is a matrilineal society, in which women are custodians of the land, but, as the conflict escalated, they became unwilling pawns in the fight to control the country’s destiny. They were forced from their homes and herded into PNG-controlled ‘care centres’ or were forced to live on the run, fleeing to the jungle to escape violence, rape and military rule … . (full text).

Report on Representation for Bougainville women to the Asia Pacific Human Rights Tribunal, December 2001: Often people or countries fight because of greed. The powerful nations want all the good things for themselves, even if it is not theirs. So when the rightful owner defends his rights, this is the time when fights and wars start. (full text).

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Mothers and Daughters of Sri Lanka

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Linked with Dulcy de Silva – Sri Lanka.

This group has not an own website, but is named on many others. Hereafter some of them:

Cited on Mothers and Daughters of Lanka is a coalition of progressive women’s groups: (concerned about human rights and has lobbied around peace issues through demonstrations and petitions). These Women’s organizations are:

Centre For Women’s Research: The Centre has 15 years of research experience on women in Sri Lanka with a view to facilitating the realization of their full potential in achieving equality. It promotes women’s entry into non-traditional occupations including politics.
Address: 225/4 Kirula Road, Colombo-5 Sri Lanka, Tele/Fax : 941-502-828 / 941-502-153, E-mail one, E-mail two.

Hatton Women’s Committee: Works with plantation workers (Tamil women). Among its primary objectives are: to motivate, educate and train plantation women with a view to emancipate them from their current subordinate status and empower them to play a positive and equitable role in society; and to provide for the organization of plantation women in order to enable and develop their confidence, self-esteem and participation in decision-making.
Address: Dunbar Road, Hatton, Sri Lanka;

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Banchte Shekha – Bangladesh

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Linked with Angela Gomes – Bangladesh.

I could not find a website of Banchte Shekha, but many texts about this organisation exist in the internet. Hereafter some of them:

Address: Banchte Shekha, Biman Bandar Sarak, Arabpur, Puratan Kashba, Jessore – 7400, Bangladesh – Tel: 0088 0421 73238. (found on

A POWER SOURCE, ANGELA GOMES COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: Her Banchte Shekha organization offers female-empowerment programs to more than 25,000 women in nearly 430 Bangladeshi villages. (full text).

The following article appeared in Women Transforming Communication, edited by Donna Allen, Ramona R. Rush and Susan J. Kaufman, as well as in Participatory Communication for Social Change, edited by Jan Servaies, Rhomas L. Jacobson and Shirley A. White. Both volumes were published in 1996 by Sage. POWERFUL GRASSROOTS WOMEN COMMUNICATORS: Participatory Video in Bangladesh, By Renuka Bery and Sara Stuart. (full long text).

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Ligue des droits de l’homme LDH – France

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Lié avec Adoption – la loi doit évoluer.

Un group défendant les Droits de l’Homme. Ci-après quelques liens à l’intérieur de leur website:

Dernière heure;
Textes fondamentaux;
S’abonner à la lettre d’information;
Nous écrire.

Missions: (Excerpt:) … La Ligue des droits de l’Homme collabore souvent, tant au niveau national qu’au niveau local, avec toutes ces associations, comme elle collabore, aussi, avec l’ensemble du mouvement syndical, ou, bien qu’elle ne participe pas aux consultations électorales, avec les partis politiques qui partagent certains de ses objectifs. Mais elle se distingue fortement de toutes les autres associations par les particularités suivantes:
Laïque, elle compte des membres de toutes opinions philosophiques et religieuses, mais ne fait référence en tant que telle a aucune religion. Association généraliste, elle entend lutter contre l’ensemble des atteintes aux droits de l’individu, dans tous les domaines de la vie civique, politique et sociale. Pour cela, elle ne se contente pas de dénoncer les injustices : elle veut promouvoir la citoyenneté politique et sociale de tous et garantir l’exercice entier de la démocratie. Elle considère que la défense des libertés politiques et celle des droits économiques et sociaux sont inséparables. Elle fait donc reposer l’engagement pour les droits de l’Homme sur un engagement civique et politique …

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