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2007-05-02: Volunteer Abroad with Global Vision International;
2007-05-03: The Action Asia Network;
2007-05-04: Consortium de Solidarité avc Madagascar CdSM;
2007-05-05: Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development ACORD;
2007-05-06: The Democratic Left Movement DLM;
2007-05-07: Upendo Village NFP;
2007-05-09: The Social Science Research Council SSRC;
2007-05-10: Yemeni Federation of Women’s Organizations;
2007-05-11: Human Rights Information and Training Center HRITC;
2007-05-12: Catholic Fund for Overseas Development CAFOD;
2007-05-12: Comprehensive Future;
2007-05-13: Pax Christi British Section PCBS;
2007-05-13: The World Humanitarian Forum;
2007-05-14: Peace Education Network PEN;
2007-05-14: Sakyadhita, The International Association of Buddhist Women;
2007-05-15: Asian Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development APWLD;
2007-05-16: Service Civil International SCI;
2007-05-17: Amnye Machen Institute AMI;
2007-05-18: The Zarina Khan Productions;
2007-05-19: Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO;
2007-05-20: the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq OWFI;
2007-05-21: Circus2Iraq C2I;
2007-05-22: The Manthan AIF-Award;
2007-05-23: CONCORD European NGO Confederation for relief and development;
2007-05-24: International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights ESCR;
2007-05-25: Korea Women’s HotLine KWHL;
2007-05-26: Global Women’s History Institute GWHI;
2007-05-26: The Foundation for deep ecology;
2007-05-26: The International forum on globalization;
2007-05-28: The Bainbridge Graduate Institute BGI;
2007-05-29: The Institute for Liberty and Democracy ILD;
2007-05-30: Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan KMVS;
2007-05-31: Centre for Russian and East European Studies CREES;
2007-05-31: The Russian and Eurasian Security Network RES.

The Russian and Eurasian Security Network RES

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Linked with Bettina Renz – England.

The RES is a global initiative by leading academic institutes, thinks tanks, NGOs and media organizations. It provides the framework for studies on security-related developments in Russia and Eurasia:

About: As the fourth specialized network of the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), it integrates the eastern hemisphere to an electronic platform that collects, manages and shares high-quality digital resources. RES particularly promotes research within three fields:

Through dialogue, cooperation, information sharing and knowledge dissemination the RES Partner Network not only enhances cooperation among partner institutions but also contributes to a broader understanding of Russian and Eurasian security developments. We encourage you to take advantage of our services and to participate actively in the further development of the network.

Centre for Russian and East European Studies CREES

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as a part of the European Research Institute ERI, (which is part of the University of Birmingham).

Linked with Bettina Renz – England.

At the University of Birmingham, CREES has been at the forefront of research and teaching on Russia and Eastern Europe for over 40 years. As ever, our staff and students continue to relish the exciting challenge of expanding the knowledge base on this fast changing region (Prof. Julian Cooper/Director & Dr Kataryna Wolczuk/Deputy Director).

CREES Homepage;
Forty Third Annual Report, 2005-2006;
Studying at CREES;

Staff: While CREES does not have its own Research Fellowship scheme, scholars wishing to undertake research visits are always welcome, for any period from a day to a year or more. Academic visitors who join us for more than a month are offered Honorary Research Fellow status, but we are obliged to make a modest charge for the use of a desk and other University facilities. If you are interested in a possible research visit, please contact the Director.

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan KMVS

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Linked with Parmaben Sava – India.

The KMVS has not its own website, but is mentionned on some others, like:

The Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan is an organisation of rural women from the arid border villages of Kutch district, Gujarat. KMVS has 4000 members out of which 1200 are traditional craftswomen, organised and operating as producer groups. Together they design, innovate, produce and market – as entrepreneur-artisans, not lowly paid piece rate workers. They function as self managed production units, accessing cred, raw materials and direct buyers. Together they strive to attain some control over their lives. Their aims are:
1. To form rural women’s organisations in Kutch, with emphasis on social, political, exploitation and inequality issues, so that they can become self-reliant;
2. To take up much activities that help develop skills through which they develop society.
Working Languages: Gujarati, English.
Craft: Embroidered garments, table sets. (full text).

KMVS thereby evolved into an organization with myriad activities designed for empowerment such as looking at handicrafts, credit and savings, health, education, natural resources management and capacity building of mahila sarpanches. In the process it has gone through several restructuring exercises with the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT) playing a major role in the process of decentralization – helping the mahila mandals at the village levels to grow into taluka-level sangathans (federation of mahila mandals) that are now registered as independent bodies. SDTT bears the administrative costs and funds the staff of the sangathans that have established their own specific identity and capacity to work on issues of gender transformation. (full text).

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Institute for Liberty and Democracy ILD

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Linked with Hernando de Soto – Peru, and with Hernando de Soto’s texts and videos.

ILD states: Four billion people in developing and post-Soviet nations —two thirds of the world’s population— have been locked out of the global economy: forced to operate outside the rule of law, they have no legal identity, no credit, no capital, and thus no way to prosper. The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), based in Lima, Peru, has created a key that can open the system to everyone — a time-tested strategy for legal reform that offers the majority of the world’s people a stake in the market economy.


About: The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) was created in Peru by Hernando de Soto and his associates to facilitate the transition of developing and former Soviet nations to an inclusive market economy and the rule of law.

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The Bainbridge Graduate Institute BGI

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Linked with Elisabet Sahtouris – USA & Greece.

BGI’s pioneering MBA and Certificate programs prepare diverse leaders to build enterprises that are economically successful, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative curriculum preserves the rigor of a traditional MBA program, while infusing sustainability—environmental and social responsibility—throughout every course. The MBA program combines distance learning with monthly, intensive, face-to-face classroom sessions. Students build a strong, cooperative learning community with each other, the faculty and staff. Our faculty comprises distinguished business-school professors and business innovators from around U.S. and Canada with a passion for sustainability. Find out if our MBA in Sustainable Business or one of our Certificate programs, in Sustainable Business or in Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship, is right for you.
(See to the other pages from links inside of this website.

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(englisch/french/de =german)

Sitemap; Contacts.

Respect-Inside is a corporate conduct label. (It) is the first international site to provide information about the traceability of manufacture of consumer goods and industrial products. Respect-inside is neither an activist approach nor a site which denounces abuse and ranks companies. On the contrary, it is an Internet platform open to all kinds of stakeholders in the economy:

  • the transparency, traceability and visibility of the supply chain;
  • the measures taken to improve the living conditions of the persons involved in the manufacturing process, from the outset to the finished product.


  • On this site, companies present in a neutral and controlled manner:
  • general information;
  • social actions;
  • environmental actions.

This information is supplemented by reports by audit companies and by independent reports by NGOs (non-governmental organisations) …

… This site is intended for:

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The International forum on globalization

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Linked with Jerry Mander – USA.

Events: Save the Date! Sept. 14-16, 2007, Washington, DC, IFG Teach-in: Confronting the Triple Crisis – Climate Change, Peak Oil, and Global Resource Depletion;

List of confirmed speakers.
IFG programs;

about: THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON GLOBALIZATION (IFG) is a North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analyses and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization. Formed in 1994, the IFG came together out of shared concern that the world’s corporate and political leadership was rapidly restructuring global politics and economics on a level that was as historically significant as any period since the Industrial Revolution. Yet there was almost no discussion or even recognition of this new “free market,” or “neoliberal” model, or of the institutions and agreements enforcing this system—the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other such bureaucracies. In response, the IFG began to stimulate new thinking, joint activity and public education about this rapidly rising economic paradigm. (full text).

The Foundation for deep ecology

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Linked with Jerry Mander – USA.

The Foundation for deep ecology, the Conservation Land Trust, and Conservacion Patagonica have offices at Fort Cronkhite in the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, California. Together, these organizations are dedicated to the preservation of wild nature. In recent years, the Foundation for Deep Ecology has been active in publishing large-format books on diverse environmental topics. These include Wildfire: A Century of Failed Forest Policy, Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture, Welfare Ranching: The Subsidized Destruction of the American West, and Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry. (full text).

Mission statement;
Deep ecology movement;

Global Women’s History Institute GWHI

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The Institute is an outgrowth of the Global Women’s History Project at Westfield State college. It is organized around an educational model that links academic and activist work of women. This work has the potential to transform the way we think and behave. We believe that documenting and archiving the contributions of women in history and current events is often marginalized. We hope that the Global Women’s History Institute will begin to address these lapses and build links between and among women around the world. We anticipate that the Global Women’s History Institute will become a valuable resource, and we encourage your feedback. Links to the Global Women’s History Project, as well as Month Celebrating Women, and the Women’s Studies Program at Westfield State College are highlighted for your convenience. (full text).

Korea Women’s HotLine KWHL

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(Korean Version)

Linked with Heisoo Shin – South Korea.

KWHL Korea Women’s Hot Line, as a women’s rights activist group, is protecting women’s rights from all kinds of violence and advancing women’s social position as well as establishing gender equality in the spheres of family, work, and society. In politics, economics, society, and culture, our purpose is to make women participate actively, thus contributing to this land’s peace and democracy.

Contact: Korea Women’s Hotline 4F, 2-9 Daeheungdong Mapogu Seoul Korea, 121-808.
Tel + 82-2-2269-2962, Fax + 82-2-2269-1823.

We believe that:

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International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights ESCR

Comment first! » links Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) advocates around the world so they can strengthen their own work through the use of human rights tools and approaches; strengthen each other’s work through joint actions, campaigns, and information-sharing; and build the field of ESCR globally though the development of new tools, strategies, knowledge and advocacy.

Working Groups;
Activities & Actions;
News & Events;
Caselaw & Database;

ESCR-Net seeks to strengthen economic, social and cultural rights by working with organizations and activists worldwide to facilitate mutual learning and strategy sharing, develop new tools and resources, engage in advocacy, and provide information-sharing and networking. (full text).

CONCORD European NGO Confederation for relief and development

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The main objective of the Confederation is to enhance the impact of European development NGOs vis-à-vis the European Institutions by combining expertise and accountability.

Report 2007 on Development aid: Europe fails to live up to its promises;
Rising trends in the Development co-operation;
Interesting links;

NGOs want European governments to:

  • Provide genuine increases in European aid;
  • Agree clear and binding year-on-year timetables to reach, at a minimum, the 2010 and 2015 targets; with genuine aid resources;
  • Stop including refugee, student costs and debt relief in official aid reporting;
  • Improve transparency in aid reporting;
  • End all tied aid;
  • Ensure aid is focused on helping the world’s poor;
  • Take further steps to make aid more effective.

About: CONCORD is the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development. Its 19 international networks and 22 national associations from the European Member States and the candidate countries represent more than 1600 European NGOs vis-à-vis the European Institutions.

The Manthan AIF-Award

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Linked with Bibek Debroy – India, with Body mass politic, and with ‘We are 30 years behind China in terms of development‘.

The Manthan Award is an Indian initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India as the national initiative of World Summit Award, to select and promote the best practices in e-Content and Creativity in India. It involves representatives from each state and union territory of India and visualizes the bridging of digital divide and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal.

A message of empowerment, by Bibek Debroy;
News, press coverage;

Digital Empowerment foundation works in the area of Development in relations to Information Communication Technology with especial focus in research and assessment and recognizing the un-recognised. Ironically, most of the movements in the ICT for Development sector are more about technology and less about final deliverables or content in general. DEF observed that most of the innovative initiatives at the grassroots level using ICT do not get attention and recognition which could easily enable them to move forward.

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Circus2Iraq C2I

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Linked with Jo Wilding – England,

Circus2Iraq C2I is a Circus going to different countries with traumatised children. there is no explaining homepage, but pages showing all the famous projects, like the following:

… and many other pages.

the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq OWFI

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Linked with Yanar Mohammed – Irak, and with Honor Killings in the New Iraq, The Murder of Du’a Aswad.

In 2003, Yanar Mohammed founded the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), which shelters Iraqi women targeted in honor killings and sectarian violence (both on the rise since the war and occupation). It also monitors women in jail and assists formerly detained women, such as prostitutes. And, most visibly, OWFI speaks out loudly and insistently for women’s legal rights and secular law in opposition to Iraq’s growing Islamism. Her demands shed light on the precarious position of women under radical Islamism but, perhaps more to the question at hand, they confirm the disastrous consequences of the Iraq war and the political repercussions of occupation, which, according to Mohammed, has unleashed militant fundamentalism that is proving impossible to subdue. (full text).

Yanar Mohammed tells about OWFI: “We mainly work out of our main office in Baghdad and also in the southern city of Nasiriyah. In Kirkuk we have representatives but we couldn?t maintain the office. We still have our representatives working from their homes. They open their homes when a woman needs sheltering”. (full text May 11, 2007).

See the organisation on wikipedia. See also a better article on the french wikipedia.

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Collective Security Treaty Organization CSTO

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In the framework of Commonwealth of Independent States the CIS Collective Security Treaty CST was signed on May 15, 1992, by Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, in the city of Tashkent. Azerbaijan likewise signed the treaty on September 24, 1993, Georgia on December 9, 1993 and Belarus on December 31, 1993. The treaty came into effect on April 20, 1994 … (Read full long text on wikipedia). Retrived (for calendar datings) on 2007-02-17.

Read also:

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

Determining status of a super power, by K.N. Pandita, May 19, 2007.

More War Games: Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) & Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Join Hands Responding to US threats: First theater-level joint military exercise, by Viktor Litovkin, Global Research, November 5, 2006.

Russia and Central Asian Allies Conduct War Games in Response to US Threats, by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, August 24, 2006.



The Zarina Khan Productions

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Linked with Zarina Khan – Tunisia & France & worldwide, and with Le Dictionnaire de la Vie.

The Zarina Khan Productions ist hosted at, the Kemps Film-Television Commercials.

It is also named on, and on the Film- and TV-database).

Amnye Machen Institute AMI

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Linked with Gendun Choephel – Tibet (1903 – 1951).

  • Amnye Machen is the major mountain range in North-Eastern Tibet. Amnye or “Grand-Father” Machen, is also one of Tibet’s oldest mountain deities and mythical ancestral figures. He is worshipped in his many forms across Tibet and beyond, from as far south-east as the land of the Jang (Nashi) people, to Ladakh in the west.
  • The Amnye Machen Institute (AMI) has begun a movement towards addressing these and other imbalances and limitations in the intellectual, social and cultural life of the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet. The Institute is undertaking systematic and scientific studies into Tibetan history, culture, society and politics.
  • AMI is also initiating studies into the external cultures, ideologies and nations that have influenced the course of Tibetan history; but which have been insufficiently examined till now. These efforts are directed towards opening up and exploring new horizons in Tibetan studies and focuse on important subjects such as contemporary Tibetan art, literature and women’s studies that have hitherto received scant attention.

Homepage: click on the links for Programmes; Publications; News; Events etc.

See also Links; Tibet Studies; First National Conference of Tibetan Writers, 1995.
Contact: Amnye Machen Institute, Tibetan Centre for Advanced Studies, McLeod Ganj 176219, Dharamshala (H.P.), India. Tel: 91 (01892) 21441, Fax: 91 (01892) 21073, E-mail.

Service Civil International SCI

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SCI is a peace organisation that co-ordinates international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. Our work is based in the belief that all people are capable of living together and co-operating with mutual respect and without recourse to violence to solve conflict. Through international voluntary work we aim to give people the chance to experience this way of living whilst contributing in a useful manner to the community.

Annual reports (to be downloaded);
What we do;
Get involved;
News and Publications;

About: It has 43 branches and groups worldwide and an ever growing number of partner organisations. The network spans 5 continents, but is based mainly in Europe and Asia. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a huge variety of projects all around the world. For example:

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Asian Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development APWLD

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Linked with Lynnsay Rongokea Francis – Cook Islands, and with Heisoo Shin – South Korea.

APWLD is a network of organisations from all over the Asia-Pacific region. The membership body, composed of individuals and national organisations in the Asia-Pacific region, is represented in the Regional Council (ReC). The Programme and Management Committee supervises and monitors the Secretariat. The Secretariat operates to plan and coordinate the activities of the organisation.

Forum, News;
Calendar of Activities;
APWLD was also at the UN HRC Geneva.

June 20, 2006: Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development has announced that it has a new regional coordinator, Lynnsay Rongokea Francis, starting 1 July 2006. She takes the place of Titi Soentoro. Prior to her appointment as Regional Coordinator, Ms. Francis was involved with advocacy and lobbying for political reform in the Cook Islands and formed the Group for Political Change (GPC) in 2002. She has also has been a member of APWLD Steering Committee from 2000-2003.

APWLD developed from dialogues among Asia Pacific women lawyers, social scientists and activists, which began at the 1985 Third World Forum on Women, held in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Sakyadhita, The International Association of Buddhist Women

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Linked with Sr. Bhikkhuni Dhammananda alias former Dr. Chatsumarn Kabilsingh – Thailand, and with The Chaing Mei Declaration.

Sakyadhita, the name of the International Association of Buddhist Women, means “Daughters of the Buddha.” The objectives of Sakyadhita, as expressed at its founding meeting in 1987 in Bodhgaya, India, are:

  • To promote world peace through the practice of the Buddha’s teachings,
  • To create a network of communications for Buddhist women throughout the world,
  • To promote harmony and understanding among the various Buddhist traditions,
  • To encourage and help educate women as teachers of Buddhadharma,
  • To provide improved facilities for women to study and practice the teachings,
  • To help establish the Bhikshuni Sangha (community of fully-ordained nuns) where it does not currently exist.

Buddhist Women as Teachers.

Join the Sakyadhita community! Support the important work of Sakyadhita by becoming a member. Fill up the Membership Form.

Peace Education Network PEN

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Linked with Patricia Gaffney – England.

The Peace Education Network brings together peace education practitioners and others committed to promoting education for peace. The Peace Education Network works to encourage the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for exploring, making informed decisions about and exercising responsibilities and rights in a democratic society. The network organizes an annual peace education conference and coordinates approaches to curriculum development and the effective distribution of existing resources to teachers and others working in the field.

MEMBERS of the peace education network;
All about;

Disputes may be inevitable, but violence is not. To prevent continued cycles of violence, education must seek to promote peace and tolerance, not fuel hatred and suspicion. The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the years 2001-1010 the International decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World. It defines a culture of peace as ‘all the values, attitudes and forms of behaviour that reflect respect for life, for human dignity and for all human rights, the rejection of violence in all its forms and commitment to the principles of freedom, justice, solidarity, tolerance and understanding between people’. Essential for building a culture of peace is peace education. The United Nations has called on every country to ‘ensure that children, from an early age, benefit from education to enable them to resolve any dispute peacefully and in a spirit of respect for human dignity and of tolerance’. (full text).

Kofi Annan launches the World Humanitarian Forum

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Published on the Tribune de Genève, April 16, 2007.

Kofi Annan, former secretary general of the United Nations, is spearheading a project to create an international humanitarian forum in Geneva, according to media reports. Annan has already chosen to “retire” to the canton but it appears he will remain busy in his retirement. The forum, to be launched in September, would be similar to the World Economic Forum in Davos, only it would be devoted to advancing humanitarian causes, promoting peace and reducing poverty.

Annan has already expressed his interest in these issues, while head of the UN. The idea of a humanitarian forum has received the strong support of the Swiss federal government. And it is believed to be backed by Swiss president Micheline Calmy-Rey – (see also in the german wikipedia) – who has made the promotion of an international Geneva one of her priorities.

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Pax Christi British Section PCBS

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Linked with Patricia Gaffney – England.

Pax Christi, Peace of Christ, is a gospel-based lay-inspired, peacemaking movement. Founded in the Catholic Church, its membership is open to individuals, groups and organisations of all faiths who are in sympathy with its aims and values. It is affiliated to Pax Christi International. Pax Christi strives to help the Church and the wider community to proclaim and to make peace, through its experience and ideas, and especially through the witness and action of its members.

The three major objectives of Pax Christi are:

  • reconciliation;
  • the promotion of a culture of peace and nonviolence;
  • providing the means to bring about peace, e.g. through peace education resources and training.

Peace Resources;
Peacereporter worldwide;
News & Reports;
Contact (on the Homepage, scroll down).

And: Pax Christi on wikipedia; Pax Christi International.

Comprehensive Future

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means equal chance for every child

Linked with Patricia Gaffney – England.

Comprehensive Future wants to see a comprehensive school system throughout England, with fair admissions criteria to all publicly funded schools, guaranteeing an equal chance to all children and an end to selection by ability and aptitude. We don’t have a fully comprehensive secondary school system in England. Many English children face selection for entry into secondary education. The 11plus still exists in about a quarter of English local authorities. Other schools are partially selective on ability. All schools can select 10% of their intake on aptitude for specific subjects.

Main Index;
Latest publications;
Support campaign;
links to communication exchange with Jim Knight;

See also:
our BLOG.
Barry Comprehensive School.

Comprehensive Future is the campaign for fair school admission policies in England. The campaign, which is non party political and open to all, aims to bring about a comprehensive secondary school system with fair admissions criteria to all publicly funded schools, guaranteeing an equal chance to all children.

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Catholic Fund for Overseas Development CAFOD

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Linked with Patricia Gaffney – England.

CAFOD’s vision and values: Underpinning CAFOD’s work is a deeply held set of values that are central to the organisation’s ethos and identity. We act based on principles of compassion, solidarity, stewardship and hope. Confronted by immense poverty and suffering, CAFOD’s most fundamental response is compassion. (full text).

What we do;
News & Events;
Where we work;
CAFOD’s finances;


  • CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. It is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.
  • CAFOD has been fighting poverty in developing countries since 1962.
  • CAFOD believes that all human beings have a right to dignity and respect, and that the world’s resources are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion.
  • CAFOD is a member of the Caritas International Federation, a worldwide network of Catholic relief and development organisations.
  • CAFOD raises funds from the Catholic community in England and Wales, the UK government and the general public so that it can promote long-term development, helping people in need to bring about change for themselves through development and relief work. (full text).

Human Rights Information and Training Center HRITC

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Linked with Khadija Al-Haisami (or Dr. Khadigah Ahmad al-Haisami) – Yemen,

Human Rights Information and Training Center: Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) is a private, civil, non-governmental, non-profitable organization, which aims at enhancing human rights values in Yemen and the Arab World and is committed to all international charters, agreements and declarations published by the United Nations. (see on UNDP).

About: HRITC was established in1995 and works with both non-governmental organziations and government bodies. Objectives: Its objective is to create awareness about human rights and to develop a human rights culture in Yemen.
Activities: Activist, Educational, Type: Non Governmental Organization.
Contact: Headquarters: P.O. Box 4535, Taiz, Yemen
Phone: (967-4) 211-227, Fax: (967-4) 211-227. (See on Wiser Earth).

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Yemeni Federation of Women’s Organizations

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Linked with Khadija Al-Haisami (or Dr. Khadigah Ahmad al-Haisami) – Yemen.

Center for Empirical Research and Women’s Studies, Sana`a` University, Dr. Raufa Al-Sharqi, P.O. Box 1802, Sana`a` ROY, Republic of Yemen. Tel 967-01-219339, Fax 967-01-219341:

The Social Science Research Council SSRC

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Linked with Jacob S. Hacker – USA, and with Economic risk has shifted … .
Welcome to the Social Science Research Council SSRC. Since our founding in 1923, we have developed a world-wide reputation for advancing knowledge on critical social issues, both nationally and internationally. Our work focuses on ‘building capacity in fields that engage important public issues. Current topics include international migration, AIDS and Africa, media reform, and religion and international affairs’. Go to programs overview.
Nurturing new generations of social scientists, both in the U.S. and abroad, through fellowships, training and mentoring programs. Go to fellowships overview.

Publications: about THE PRIVATISATION OF RISK:

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No links with nice texts to present the site (about, vision, staff, etc.), but full of links leading to articles you’ll not find in the main medias.

Newsletter, with a scroll down link for choices in six languages.

Contacts (general);

Upendo Village NFP – Kenya

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Linked with Florence Muia – Kenya.

Future Dream: In 2002, 4 acres of land was donated to Upendo Village, NFP for a permanent site in the small town of Naivasha (50 miles north of Nairobi). As soon as funds are available we shall start building so that we can expand our services to more clients and embark on basic training for them. There is no duplication of this service in surrounding areas. The closest similar program is 50 miles away.

Mission Statement;
Client Stories;
How you can help;

The Upendo Village NFP is a project designed to respond at the local level to the needs of women and their children living with HIV/AIDS. The project surrounds them with resources and support to improve their health, increase their lifespan and plan for the future. Upendo Village is not a hospice program where death is the final outcome. We are providing hope, love, services, and resources so that families can be strengthened and can plan for their future.

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The Democratic Left Movement DLM

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(in english, en français, in arabic).

Linked with Samir Kassir – Liban (May 5, 1960 – June 2, 2005), with A time to rethink, and with ‘Why do many Muslims mistrust secularism?‘.

Most parts of this website are in arabic language.

But from their english homepage you may find a long list of links leading to published english texts.

Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development ACORD

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Linked with Marie Rose Cimpaye – Burundi.

Working for a right to a just and free society (Homepage);

What we do/programmes; At the core of all ACORD’s work is the capacity building of community based organizations and the facilitation of stronger civil society networks that takes part in social action. (full text);
Where we work;


  • - International (for many African Countries, contact is made through the web).
  • - ACORD BURUNDI, BP 2300, Chaussee Prince Louis, Rwangasore, Building CNI, Bujumbura, Burundi, Tel:+257 21 8309, Fax:+257 21 8310, Email, Country Coordinator: Sophie Havyarimana.
  • - ACORD LONDON, ACORD, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4JX, United Kingdom, Tel: +44 (0)20 7065 0850, Fax:+44 (0)20 7065 0851, E-mail.

About: ACORD (Agency for Cooperation and Research in Develo Continue Reading…

Consortium de Solidarité avc Madagascar CdSM

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Linked with Lalao Flaurence Randriamampionona – Madagascar.

Le consortium de Solidarité avec Madagascar existe depuis 2002. Il œuvre pour le soutien au renforcement de la société civile malgache et pour la sensibilisation des acteurs français. Il travaille en concertation avec les grandes ONG malgaches (DRV, Taratra etc.) en menant des réflexions mutuelles sur les questions de dette, sur le développement.

Plan du site;
Contacte; Jean-Yves Barrère (01 45 34 58 48), e-mail;
Adresse et Accueil/Homepage: 27 rue Jean Brunet, 92190 MEUDON (France).


- Ce Consortium, selon son président Jean-Yves Barrère, a été créé en octobre 2002 à la suite du voyage à Madagascar d’une délégation de la société civile française venue à Antananarivo rencontrer et soutenir la société civile malgache au cours de la crise de 2002. Le Consortium regroupe différentes organisations non-gouvernementales françaises telles que Cimade, Survie, Crid, Ccfd ainsi que des associations malgaches de droit français.

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The Action Asia Network

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Linked with Emma Leslie – Cambodia.

The Action Asia network was established in 2000 as a network of individuals and organizations working towards conflict transformation in the Asian region. It is linked to Action International, a network based in South Africa. Through the sharing of experiences at the grassroots level of conflict transformation, the network hopes to create a pool of skills and knowledge.

One of its current programs, the Southeast Asia Conflict Transformation training program, (see on Peacemakers Trust) organizes visits of Burmese peace builders to Cambodia for peacebuilding training. The Action Asia network comprises core members from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Address: The Action Asia network, P.O. Box 2552, Phnom Penh, Country Cambodia. Telephone +855 (12) 764 097, Fax +855 (23) 885 414, Email.

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Volunteer Abroad with Global Vision International

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Looking for a unique travel experience? Make a difference in some of the world’s most critical conservation and community volunteering projects with GVI.

Adventurous individuals can join over 150 projects including challenging Marine Conservation and Wildlife Research expeditions in Africa and Latin America and volunteer teaching and wildlife projects in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our international team of over 150 field staff ensure your peace of mind, in-depth training, cultural orientation and 24 hour support throughout your stay. So, join the world’s most exciting and progressive volunteering organisation and experience the world through new eyes. (Homepage).

Mission statement;
All Programs;
Contact (UK /US /AU).

In the Field Career Opportunities and Internships: Thanks to the international approval and recognition of Global Vision International ’s Expeditions, GVI is now able to offer a large range of jobs, internships and other exciting career development opportunities in the fields of education, research, environmental management and wildlife management.

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This NGO has updated its website. Please find their new presentation (written again) as UPDATED on June 12, 2009.

GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 100 NGOs that have been scrutinised for transparency & credibility. We do not raise funds for ourselves. We help you donate to these NGOs. We tell you exactly where your money went and also give you proof of it through the feedback report. We ensure that at least 90% of your contribution reaches the organization you support (as against the average of 40% for the NGO sector).

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