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2007-08-01: Vimochana;
2007-08-02: SAWNET;
2007-08-03: the United Nations University UNU;
2007-08-04: Center for Peace Education;
2007-08-04: The Miriam College;
2007-08-05: The Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra CCMN;
2007-08-06: Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE;
2007-08-06: Natif Web;
2007-08-07: PACHAKUTIK;
2007-08-08: The Freedom from religion Foundation FFRF;
2007-08-09: Lobby für Menschenrechte e.V.;
2007-08-09: TERRE DES FEMMES e.V.;
2007-08-10: aidsmap, information on hiv & aids;
2007-08-11: Women of the Don Union;
2007-08-12: The Foundation for Pluralism;
2007-08-13: International Association for Women in Radio and Television IAWRT;
2007-08-14: Southern Initiatives;
2007-08-15: Independent People’s Tribunal;
2007-08-16: Freedom House;
2007-08-17: EurasiaNet;
2007-08-19: Institute for Human Rights – ABO Academi University;
2007-08-20: European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation;
2007-08-21: Development and Improvement Society Association;
2007-08-22: World Values Survey;
2007-08-23: Inter Press Services IPS;
2007-08-25: Farmers’ Cooperatives (India);
2007-08-26: The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH;
2007-08-27: ProFemina;
2007-08-29: The Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre;
2007-08-30: United Nations Global Compact GC;
2007-08-31: International Network for Social Network Analysis INSNA.

International Network for Social Network Analysis INSNA

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INSNA is the professional association for researchers interested in social network analysis. The association is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Delaware. Founded by Barry Wellman in 1978, the current president is Bill Richards, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6. A copy of its charter and by-laws are available here.

What is Network Analysis?
Courses in Social Networks and Network Analysis;
Links to Network Researchers’ web sites;
Graduate programs that offer training or emphasis in Social Network Analysis;
different contacts & newsletters.

The principal functions of INSNA are as follows:

  • We publish Connections, a bulletin containing news, scholarly articles, technical columns, and abstracts and book reviews:
  • We sponsor the annual International Social Networks Conference (also known as Sunbelt);
  • We maintain electronic services:
    1. A web site accessible at which includes an extensive bibliography of published network-related documents, information about network conferences, an index of websites of numerous network researchers, an extensive directory of and network analysis software, a growing selection of powerpoint presentations and pdf documents, a listing of universities offering network graduate degree programs, syllabi from many courses taught by network researchers, and on-line access to almost all issues of Connections ever published, a link to La revista REDES which publish works of quality in Castilian and Portuguese that include the perspective of the analysis of social networks, and much more,
    2. SOCNET, a ListServ electronic discussion forum, and a link to REDES, a Spanish language network listserve.
  • We maintain a database of information on members, selling a mailing list to selected publishers and educator;
  • We provide a way to subscribe to the journal of Social Networks, published by Elsevier and edited by Lin Freeman and Ron Breiger.

United Nations Global Compact GC

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in the 6 UN languages and german

“We need business to give practical meaning and reach ro the values an principles that connect cultures and people everywhere”. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Homepage with latest news links;
How to participate;
Communicating Progress;
Participants & Stakeholders;
Networks around the world;
News & Events;

About: In an address to the World Economic Forum on 31 January 1999, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, challenged business leaders to join an international initiative – the Global Compact – that would bring companies together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to support universal environmental and social principles.

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The Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre

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Linked with Lesley Ann Foster – South Africa.

The MASIMANYANE WOMEN’S SUPPORT CENTRE is a non-profit international women’s organisation based in East London, South Africa. We promote the domestic implementation of international human rights standards by building the capacity of women and human rights advocates to claim and realise women’s human rights. This is done through the development of new knowledge and the utilisation of a rights-based approach.

All pages are inside the same URL, please click on activities, video, events, honorary doctor, links, contact.

OUR HISTORY: Masimanyane started in January 1996 as a crisis and support centre for women victims of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault.

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Linked with C.T. Butler – USA, with Keith McHenry – USA, and with Helping the Homeless – The Right To Food.

The main menu;
Seven steps to organizing a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community;
graphics, flyers, paintings;
Contact: Food Not Bombs, P.O. Box 424, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514, USA, 505-776-3880, 1-800-884-1136, e-mail, Webs.

Cook for Peace: You can make a big difference by having everyone you know send in A DOLLAR FOR PEACE. Food Not Bombs is as busy as ever. We are growing rice and yams in Africa, starting a movement to provide free medical assistance called Healthcare Not Warfare, organizing numerous actions for peace, social justice and animal rights, working for the release of our volunteers who are jailed in the Philippines, help finish our documentary, and most importantly we are feeding thousands of hungry people every week in hundreds of communities all over the world.

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Linked with Svetlana Slapsak – Slovenia.

ProFemina is a quarterly for women’s culture and feminism.

We have formed the Women’s World Organization for Rights, Literature and Development, or Women’s WORLD, because nowhere on earth are women’s voices given the same respect as men’s.

site map:
African women’s voices;
regional programs;
for women writers;
The Crisis – open forum;

about: We have formed the Women’s World Organization for Rights, Literature, and Development, or Women’s WORLD, because nowhere on earth are women’s voices given the same respect as men’s. In a few countries, a few women are heard some of the time; in most countries, our words are greeted with polite indifference and mere lip service is paid to our concerns; and, in far too many countries, women who try to have a public voice are met with hatred, contempt, suppression, exile, or death.

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The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH

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(the Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities, in english, in slovenscina).

Linked with Svetlana Slapsak – Slovenia.

The Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis ISH, the Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities was founded in accordance with the national Higher Education Act. The resolution giving consensus for its foundation was adopted on November 24, 1995 by the national Board of Higher Education at its 17th session, in conformity with Article 49 of the Higher Education Act. As an independent organisation, the ISH was entered in the register of higher education institutions at the Ministry of Education and Sport under charter number 601-736/95 … (full text).

Status Sole;
Contact (where we are).

Postgraduate education: Studies comprise of 5 programmes and 3 courses of study divided into modules.

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Farmers’ Cooperatives (India)

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This Cooperatives are part of ‘Campus Cooperative Development Corporation‘, named inside our post of June 27, 2007: ‘Some alternative economy cooperatives in India‘.

Published on World Prout Assembly (Homepage) by Shrii Prabhat R Sarkar, August 13, 2007.

Providing food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment is most important for social security. These five minimum requirements are indispensable to raise the living standard of the people. To guarantee these, the principle of production based on consumption has to be adopted. Special emphasis should be placed on agricultural production because the provision of food is of vital importance, and for this the cooperative system should be rapidly expanded.

According to PROUT, too many people should not be engaged in agriculture. Rather, a major part of the population should depend on industry. Not more than thirty to forty-five percent of the population should be employed in the agricultural sector.

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action group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration

The issues: more than two dozens of issues, from BIO… via Erosion/’other new technologies’ to Human Rights.

annual report;

etcBlog: … you will find a series of articles on biofuels, originally written in Spanish by one of ETC Group’s researchers. (Unfortunately, English translations are not always available). Biofuel production is currently a much-debated topic in Latin America. The prominent farmers’ organizations in the region believe that the production of biofuels will lead to further marginalization and erosion of the lands which are currently being used for food production.

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Inter Press Services IPS

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Available in 13 languages (left column, scroll down)

Linked with Praful Bidwai – India, and with many other authors.

IPS, the civil society’s leading news agency, is an independent voice from the South and for development, delving into globalisation for the stories underneath.

News Service;
What we do:
Projects & programmes;

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World Values Survey

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Linked with Ronald Inglehart -USA.

… This is a place to learn more about values and cultural changes in societies all over the world.

Notice: all links (like Publications, Conferences, Organization, Online Data Analysis, Network, downloads, Contact etc. etc.) are working inside the same URL.

Development and Improvement Society Association

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Yayasan Pengembangan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat YPPM

Linked with Hilda Djulaida Rolobessy – Indonesia.

The most potent weapon in the hands of oppressor is the mind of oppressed (Steve Biko)!

Welcome to Indonesian Peacebuilding Directory. This directory is a guide to organizations that work to promote social change and create the conditions and relationships required for peace and justice in Indonesia. The organizations in this directory are divided into three categories: Civil Society Organizations, Training Providers, and Donor and International Organizations. This directory is an on-line version of the first directory, organized by Cordaid and Catholic Relief Service in 2002. This on-line version is organized by CERIC FISIP UI. Simply, just click your left-menu to see the organizations or use “search” menu. If your organization work for peacebuilding, you are welcome to register your organization to this website, please click your right-menu. To update your data, we suggest you to send your updated data to or fax to (62)(21)787 3777. Together We are Strong! (full text).

Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesian Homepage.

Continue Reading… European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation

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E.MA 2007/2008: calendar of the Introduction week: The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) 2007/2008 will start on 17 September 2007. Structure of E.MA 1st and 2nd semesters;

EIUC Library;
Internship and Fellowship Programmes;
Documents of Reference;;

About The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) was established in Venice on 15 September 2002 with the aim of providing an institutional foundation and autonomous management to the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) and in order to enable the member universities to jointly develop additional human rights educational programmes.

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Institute for Human Rights – ABO Academi University

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Linked with Martin Scheinin – Finland.

The Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi University
operates within the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and works in close cooperation with the Department of Law within the same Faculty. The main functions of the Institute pertain to research and education in the field of human rights. The Institute has a long experience in arranging human rights courses of high standard. Moreover, it is currently coordinating a Nordic School in Human Rights Research, for post-graduate students and doctoral candidates from the Nordic and Baltic countries. A Master’s Degree Programme in International Human Rights Law was introduced in the fall of 2006 … (full text).

(All links run under the same URL, to be clicked inside the Homepage).

There are Research, Degre Pr5ogrammes, Human Rights Courses, Projects, Networks, Documentation, Publications, Links.

And contact: Institute for Human Rights, Åbo Akademi University, Gezeliusgatan 2, 20500 Turku / Åbo, Finland.
Telephone: +358 (0)2 215 4713, Fax: +358 2 215 4699.

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UE Cellule de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en Droits de l’Homme

Homepage: The Interdisciplinary Research Cell in Human Rights (CRIDHO) has been created within the Centre for Legal Philosophy (CPDR), an extra-department Institute of the University of Louvain, by scholars seeking to understand the development of fundamental rights by relying on other disciplines, especially economics and political philosophy. The CRIDHO works on the relationship between market mechanisms and fundamental rights, both at the level of interindividual relationships as at the level of the relationships between States in the European or international context. The hypothesis of the CRIDHO is that the conflict between the ” freedom ” of economic agents on the market, with the vulnerability this results in for the less well endowed agents, and the guarantee of fundamental rights, which could exclude the commodification of these rights, requires a reflection on the context in which the individual freedoms to contract and to exchange are exercised, and on the need to transform this context to enhance the autonomy of the individual. This hypothesis is tested on the different material questions which are investigated within the CRIDHO : internal market and competitive deregulation, respect for privacy in the sphere of employment, the need for an open method of coordination of fundamental rights policies in the European Union, freedom of contract and anti-discrimination law in the field of employment …

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Linked with the Open Society Institute.

provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. The web site also offers additional features, including newsmaker interviews and book reviews. Based in New York, EurasiaNet advocates open and informed discussion of issues that concern countries in the region. The web site presents a variety of perspectives on contemporary developments, utilizing a network of correspondents based both in the West and in the region. The aim of EurasiaNet is to promote informed decision making among policy makers, as well as broadening interest in the region among the general public … (full text).

Contact: Email.

The Central Eurasia Project CEP strives to make available more and better information about human rights and the social and economic health of the South Caucasus and Central Asia both within the region and internationally. Some of its projects focus on the neighboring countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan as well. The CEP pursues this work along three lines. Research and advocacy efforts on key open society issues – outlined in cooperation with colleagues from affiliate foundations in the region – form the backbone of this strategy, which is further enhanced by public information efforts and a targeted grants program … (full text).

Freedom House

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Linked with Cristina Guseth – Romania.

Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, is a clear voice for democracy and freedom around the world. Through a vast array of international programs and publications, Freedom House is working to advance the remarkable worldwide expansion of political and economic freedom.

get involved;
Special reports;

About: Throughout its history, Freedom House has opposed tyranny around the world, including dictatorships in Latin America, apartheid in South Africa, Soviet domination of Central and Eastern Europe, and religiously-based totalitarian regimes such as those governing Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Continue Reading…

Independent People’s Tribunal

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on the World Bank Group in India

Linked with Harsh Dobhal – India.

The World Bank Tribunal, the first of its kind in India, is an opportunity for concerned groups and individuals to present research and evidence that objectively examines the impact that the World Bank’s policies and projects. It will serve as a forum to hear the concerns of communities that have been directly effected by Bank funded projects and to envision alternate models of development that will better meet the needs of India’s poor. Panelists include three retired Supreme and High Court Indian Judges, prominent academics and activists such as Eric Toussaint and Arundhati Roy, ex Indian Prime Minister V.P. Singh, and the spiritual leader Sivak Suvaraska.

The World Bank Group WBG in India;
What you can do;
Who is involved;
Worldbanktribunal: Subscribelists;
Tribunal downloads: Conceptnote in english, and Conceptnote in hindi;
Press Release;
Contact by the Web.

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Southern Initiatives

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Linked with Harsh Dobhal – India.

Journal of Sustainable Development Southern Initiatives (ISSN 0973-5380) is a quarterly published by us.

Surely we live in times of great upheavals. Our mindless exploitation of the earth’s limited resources have damaged the environment and brought unbearable stress on ecosystems and human lives. Sustainabilty and sustainable development is the only universally acknowledged way to reduce these stresses and disparities that are a threat to our common future.

Sustainable Development;
Rural Development;
Urban Poverty;
Southern Initiatives in pictures;
Read: DIARIES 2000 – 2007 (a 45 pages pdf text);
Contact: Phone +91-9830237135, E-Mail.

MISSION: Established in the year 2000, Southern Initiatives is a registered non-profit civil-society group with a mission to empower the common wo/man through coordinated research-based advocacy, nurturing of peoples movements on issues, networking and direct action.

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International Association for Women in Radio and Television IAWRT

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Linked with Alina Radu – Moldavia, with ,
The International Association of Women in Radio and Television IAWRT,
founded in 1951, is a forum for personal contact and professional development among women broadcasters worldwide. We are a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Comprising women of many nationalities across the broadcast spectrum, we arrange international conferences with workshops, screenings, lectures, training and professional networking.

Photo Gallery;


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(Good for Muslims & Good for the World)

Linked with Mike Ghouse – USA.

The World Muslim Congress (Motamar Al- Alam Al-Islami), which enjoys Consultative Status with the UN in New York through the ECOSOC and UNICEF and observe Status with the Jeddah-based Organisation of the Ialamic Conference (OIC), was founded in an assemblage of eminent leaders from the World of Islam held in Makkah in 1926.

Events (from 1926 – 1999);
The Muslim World;

… The Motamar’s 1951 Conference held in Karachi saw the seeding of many ideas of cooperation among the Muslim countries and people, which in the years that followed became realities.

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The Foundation for Pluralism

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Studies in Religious Pluralism & Pluralistic Governance

Linked with Mike Ghouse – USA, with, with Muslims demand an Apology from MIM,  with World Muslim Congress.

The Foundation for Pluralism, 2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206, Dallas, TX 75234, Phone (972) 919-4466, Fax (972) 919-4467, E-mail.

We welcome individuals who have risen above all prejudice towards their fellow beings, a few of them we are currently involved or interacting with are: Swami Nityananda Prabhu,  Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, Maryann Thompson-Frenk, David L. Hoffman, Rev. Mark Hernandez, Mirza A. Beg, Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq, Dr. Michael Jenkins , Dr. Howard Cohen, Dr. Abusaleh Shariff and my sister Dilshad Noor. I am blessed to know them.

Pluralism 101;
Pluralism & Governance;
Membership: If you are interested in actively participating in our efforts, please send an email.

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(in english, en français).Linked with Mike Ghouse – USA, and with Muslims demand an Apology from MIM.

Join us. is a next generation search engine focused on people, powered by people;
Ziki inc is a New-york company founded in january 2006 by Olivier Ruffin and Patrick Chassany.

Ziki is a free way to search for comprehensive information about a person based on published information available on the Web.

An estimated 30 percent of Internet research relates to people searches. “To Google someone” has become a part of everyday language for most Americans, and with the explosion of social networks and publication platforms (blogs, photo sharing sites, video sharing sites, etc), Internet users have scattered across the Web a mine of personal information. Since this information is searched on a regular basis , there is a need to organize and present it in a structured way.

Why search with Because of our broad and comprehensive search capabilities, you can use Ziki :

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Women of the Don Union

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Linked with Lyudmila Pavlichenko – Russian Federation.

In english: on this page of the Women’s Information Network;

Members, Sphere of interest, Contact;

Originated in the First Forum of Women of the Don held on April 28, 1993 in Novocherkassk for 101 participants from 13 cities and regions of the Rostov Oblast. Founding conference was held on September 18, 1993.The organization has a wide network of branches in Rostov-on-the-Don, Taganrog, Novocherkassk, Shakhty, Kamensk, Belaya Kalitva.Educational programs, creating new jobs, retraining women for new jobs, legal counseling and protection.Goals: – to increase women’s role in social, political, economic and cultural life; – to improve legal and social protection of women; – to promote the restoration of moral and spiritual values in society. Objectives: – to involve women in state government and administration; – to inform public about the social status of women; – to strengthen the family, to promote understanding of the value of motherhood, housework, rights of the child; – to promote civil peace; – to offer assistance to women and youth in the realization of their right to work in the market economy;

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aidsmap, information on hiv & aids

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(exists also in espanol, portugues, français, russian).

Linked with Gus Cairns – England, and with Asia by DU, Africa by AIDS.

Treatment & Care;
HIV worldwide;
Living with HIV;
Preventing HIV;
Search for HIV & AIDS services across the world;
HIV basics;

About aidsmap: On this site you can find more original, daily news on developments in the world of HIV than any other HIV website. The site also includes completely searchable databases of HIV treatment and care, worldwide HIV organisation listings, and one of the most comprehensive ranges of patient information available on the web …

Lobby für Menschenrechte e.V.

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Verknüpft mit Monika Gerstendörfer – Germany, and linked with Computer as a place of violence.

Die Lobby für Menschenrechte e.V. fungiert als Dachverband und als Interessenvertretung für Organisationen, die im Problembereich der “sexualisierten Gewalt” bzw. in der Menschenrechtsarbeit tätig sind. Sie wurde von Frauen gegründet, die … Die Lobby arbeitet auf der Basis wissenschaftlich fundierten Wissens, der Kenntnis der Lebensrealität der Opfer, eines ausgezeichneten Netzwerks … und einer schier unerschöpflichen Energie. Politische Lobby-Arbeit im Gewaltbereich ist notwendig! (full text).


English links:

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The Freedom from religion Foundation FFRF

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Protecting the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church.

Welcome to the Freedom from religion Foundation FFRF.
Our national association of nontheists has been working since 1978 to promote freethought and defend the constitutional principle of the separation of state and church. With more than 10,000 members (and growing fast), we are the largest group of atheists and agnostics in North America.

Take Action;
News Releases;

The Foundation has taken the lead in successfully challenging the faith-based initiative. FFRF’s lawsuit against the White House faith-based office is at the U.S. Supreme Court, awaiting a decision. Get involved: join or make a donation to our Legal Fund.

Membership in the nonprofit, tax-exempt Foundation includes a subscription of ten issues a year to the Foundation’s lively newspaper, Freethought Today. Your membership supports the Foundation’s work, now more critical than ever, to keep state and church separate.

Freedom depends upon freethinkers.


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Linked with Luis Macas Ambuludí – Ecuador, with CONAIE, and with Native Web.

The Pachakutik Plurinational Unity Movement – New Country (Movimiento de Unidad Plurinacional Pachakutik – Nuevo País) is an indigenist party in Ecuador. It was founded in January 1996 primarily as a way to advance the interests of a wide variety of indigenous peoples’ organizations throughout Ecuador. In the context of Ecuador’s indigenous movement, Pachakutik emerged after successful civil society mobilizations by large indigenous organizations such as CONAIE and CONFENAIE. Despite being backed by CONAIE and the workers’ Social Movement Cooperation, the party is not affiliated with the organizations, as its official purpose was to serve as an alternative to the traditional cluster of political parties that had ruled Ecuadorian politics. The party has been a topic of controversy among indigenous peoples throughout Ecuador because of its nature as a political party, and many indigenous people are unwilling to recognize it as representing their interests because they feel that the party has compromised too many indigenous demands in order to participate in the political process. (full text).

Mapa del sitio web;
Contactenos: Calle Lugo 13-04 y Av. Ladrón de Guevara, La Floresta. Quito-Ecuador, Correo, Web.

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Native Web

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Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World

Linked with Luis Macas Ambuludí – Ecuador, with CONAIE, and with PACHAKUTIK.

NativeWeb is proud to announce NativeWiki, a new project to allow users to contribute information on Indigenous peoples around the world. We encourage everyone to feel free to joyously jump right in and to add and edit content, or create new pages with either new or old materials!

Resource database;
Hosted Cities;
Books & music;
Submit an URL in our database;

About: NativeWeb is an international, nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to using telecommunications including computer technology and the Internet to disseminate information from and about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations around the world; to foster communication between native and non-native peoples; to conduct research involving indigenous peoples’ usage of technology and the Internet; and to provide resources, mentoring, and services to facilitate indigenous peoples’ use of this technology.

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Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE

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Representing the Indigenous Voice in a Modern World.

Linked with Luis Macas Ambuludí – Ecuador, with PACHAKUTIK, and with Native Web.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador CONAIE – Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas de Ecuador, Actualización 31 Julio, 2007;

Eventos CONAIE; Ultimas noticias; Videoteca/videos; Inscribase/Inscription; Convocatoria; Galeria Fotografica; Enlaces/links;
Contact: Confed. Nacionalidades Indas del Ecuador CONAIE, Av. Los Granados E10 – 275 y 6 de Diciembre, Casilla 17 – 17 – 1235, WEB, E-mail, Telfs. (00593)(2)2-453-339, (00593)(2)2-452-335, Telefax (00593)(2)2-444-991.

LINK: See also their page on Natif Web (Natif Web’s homepage):

Continue Reading…

The Casa de Cultura da Mulher Negra CCMN

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Linked with Alzira Rufino – Brazil, and with Violência doméstica, Mulher Negra.

All page-links – written in portuguese, like Noticias, Mulher Negra, Genero, Agenda etc. – have to be clicked directly inside this same web-page-URL. There is also a link to some few translations in espanol and english:

(an english excerpt) Who we are – And a little bit of our history:

  • Inaugurated on 30th of June 1990in Santos/SP;
  • Since 1991, the CCMN offers juridic assistence to women, men and children in cases of racism and offers legal help to women and children that are victims of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Offers since 1993 psychological advice to women and children assisted by CCMN´s juridic service. In cases of racism, this psychological advice is offered to black men, too;
  • Co-promoted in 1993 the “1st National Meeting of Popular Entities” about violence against women;
  • Held in 1994 the “Meeting of Black Women of the Baixada Santista” concerning racial, sexual and domestic violence;
  • In 1995 released the campaign “Violence Against Women: Zero Tolerance” and started the campaign “Violence against women, a question of Public Health”;
  • In the racial field, we released in 1997 the campaign “For an Education Without Discrimination” to sensitize educators to an anti-racist education; Continue Reading…

The Miriam College

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Linked with Loreta Navarro-Castro – Philippines, and with the Center for Peace Education.

The Miriam College, formerly Maryknoll College is a non-profit, non-stock educational institution, which ofers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels. The institution also supports specialized centers engaged in curriculum development, research, community outreach and advocacy in the fields of peace education, environmental studies and women’s empowerment.

academic units;
what’s new?

About: Miriam College is a premier Filipino Catholic institution of learning that forms leaders in service who combine competence with caring, are rooted in Filipino culture and Asian tradition, and yet are citizens of the world. (full text).

Center for Peace Education

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Linked with Loreta Navarro-Castro – Philippines, and with The Miriam College.

The Center’s mission is to help advance a culture of peace through education.

A culture of peace is a set of values, modes of behavior and ways of life that reflects respect for life and for human dignity, rejects violence in all its forms, prevents violent conflicts by tackling their root causes, and recognizes the importance of cooperation, tolerance and dialogue.

The Center’s objectives are:

  • To institutionalize and strengthen the peace education thrust of Miriam College through faculty training, curriculum development and student development programs;
  • To help promote the culture of peace in the larger society by sharing Miriam College’s inspiration, knowledge and experience with other groups and educational institutions, including those that are underserved;
  • To network and develop partnerships with other peace-oriented groups and with all people of goodwill towards building a culture of peace.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Center for Peace Education, Miriam College,
UP PO Box 110, Katipunan Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, Tel. (+632) 435-9231, (+632) 580-5400 extn. 3550, Fax (+632) 924-6769, E-mail.


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Linked with George J. Borjas – USA.

UNU, this means 31 years of research, knowledge sharing, and capacity development.

UNU video library;
Contact: United Nations University Office at the United Nations, New York, 2 UN Plaza, DC2-2060, New York, New York 10017, Tel: 212-963–6387, Fax: 212-371-9454, E-mail.


  • UNU is dedicated to the generation and transfer of knowledge, and the strengthening of individual and institutional capacities in furtherance of the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
  • The mission of UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are a concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States.
  • In fulfilling this mission, UNU fosters intellectual cooperation among scholars, scientists, and practitioners worldwide — especially those in the developing world — and functions as: …
  • (full text).


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Linked with Vimochana.

SAWNET The South Asian Women’s NETwork, a forum for and about women from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka …

Domestic Violence;
Divorce (laws, stories, therapy, mediation, children, self-help etc.);
The Sawnet Discussion List;
How others see SAWNET;

About: SAWNET started as a mailing list in Nov 1991, with about 40 subscribers. The mailing list was originally run by its founders by simply emailing the collected posts to all subscribers every day. The number of subscribers grew rapidly, and the logistics of running it manually became too much for us. Darci Chapman and Lata Narayanan got Sawnet its own email address, which eventually moved to its current home at Concordia University in Canada …

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Linked with Madhu Kishwar – India, with Donna Fernandes – India, and with SAWNET.

Vimochana seems not having an english website, but is named (in english) on:

India together – Vimochana has been working for 20 years on women’s issues. Our focus has been domestic violence and sexual harassment at the workplace. Initially, we operated as an office based counselling organisation. But soon enough, we got fed up with arm-chair theorising and decided to personally investigate the cases that came to us. The transition brought many shocks. The first was the sight of burnt bodies of young girls and women. Our initial attempts at investi-gation were not easy … (full text).

Vimochana: A Forum for Women’s Rights: Towards gendered justice and reaffirming the ethic of the feminine.

STREELEKHA, (named on, is a feminist bookstore based in Bangalore, South India. It is a sister concern of Vimochana, an activist organisation based in the same city. The women at Vimochana and Streelekha have been working in and around Karnataka for the last 17 years, mostly to protest and defend the rights of women wherever and whenever they have been violated. (full text).


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