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2008-03-01: The Left Business Observer LBO;
2008-03-02: the black agenda report … ;
2008-03-03: Cambridge Energy Research Associates CERA;
2008-03-04: National Council of La Raza NCLR;
2008-03-05: Voters for Peace US;
2008-03-06: Zentralrat der ex-Muslime;
2008-03-07: The Freedom of Information Act FOIA;
2008-03-08: Worker’s Educational Association WEA;
2008-03-09: Motrat Qiriazi;
2008-03-09: Kosova Women’s Network KWN;
2008-03-10: The Advocacy Project;
2008-03-10: Save a Family Plan SAFP;
2008-03-11: KUKNALIM;
2008-03-12: CICNS;
2008-03-12: Private Rural Initiatives Program PRIP;
2008-03-13: terra;
2008-03-14: SafeCom Inc.;
2008-03-15: Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia ANAWA;
2008-03-15: The Alternatives to Violence Project AVP-britain;
2008-03-16: Council for secular Humanism;
2008-03-17: India Resource Center;
2008-03-18: WorldPulse Magazine;
2008-03-19: The Disclosure Project;
2008-03-20: ASR Association for the Sociology of Religion;
2008-03-21: CREAW;
2008-03-23: The Emergence of a European Islam;
2008-03-24: HKABPW;
2008-03-25: – USA;
2008-03-26: The Council of Canadians;
2008-03-27: The Blue Planet Project;
2008-03-28: Controversial World News Network;
2008-03-29: World for World Organization;
2008-03-30: Int. NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR;
2008-03-30: Human Rights Network AOTEAROA New Zealand;
2008-03-31: women and life on earth wloe.

women and life on earth wloe

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(also auf deutsch, en français, en espanol)

The Women and Life on Earth internet project began in 1999 to help connect women internationally, share information and work for ecological health and peace with justice in the new millennium.

homepage and latest news in english;
coming events;
archive 2007;

About: The Women and Life on Earth internet project began in 1999 to help connect women internationally, share information and work for ecological health and peace with justice in the new millennium. Our roots go back to an earlier Women and Life on Earth movement (see below). Since 2002 we have worked from an office in Berlin, Germany. Our non-profit association Women and Life on Earth: women in international cooperation for peace, ecology and social justice has been staffed by volunteer members and funded by contributions and project work. In 2006 we shifted our first website to a new open content format and decentralized our project work. In March 2008 we are launching our first fundraising drive to support and expand our work. How you can help …

… We want:

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Human Rights Network AOTEAROA New Zealand

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Sharing Information to pursue progress in human rights

Linked with Anthony Ravlich – New Zealand.

The HR Network (excerpt):

  • The Human Rights Network is a meeting place for New Zealanders with an interest and commitment to human rights;
  • Available social research suggests New Zealanders have a commitment to human rights, yet the human rights movement in New Zealand has been fragmented, making it difficult to share information and ideas and to mobilise to meet human rights challenges;
  • A determination to establish a network infrastructure, the Human Rights Network, came about as a result of the experience of some individuals and organisations during the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1998, and during the debate about the future of New Zealand’s domestic human rights protections;
  • Through the Human Rights Network knowledge can be exchanged more often, news can be disseminated more widely and consultation can take place more easily. Where there is a need for collective action, mobilisation can take place with greater haste.

big issues;
discussion forums;
address: Human Rights Network, PO Box 24 423, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND, e-mail;

About Human Rights: Human Rights are those rights that everyone everywhere has by virtue of being human.

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International NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

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Linked with Anthony Ravlich – New Zealand, and with Complaints Procedure At The UN.

Introduction: Campaign for international justice for victims of violations of economic, social & cultural rights: … We are campaigning to provide victims of economic, social and cultural rights violations with access to international justice. Currently, if you have been tortured or if your right to freedom of expression is violated, you can complain to the United Nations. But if you have been forcibly evicted, or if you are unable to access healthcare services, you don’t have the same opportunity. It should not be that way! The way forward is the development of what is called an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR). This Optional Protocol (OP) will establish a complaints mechanism allowing you to present your case to the United Nations … (click on Read more ).

The internal links for the different pages on this website are working inside the Homepage and are found in its left column.

Two external links: ESCR-Net; and the European Roma Rights Centre.

Our Demands: The core elements which are promoted and defended by the International Coalition for an OP-ICESCR in the ESCR Protocol Now! Campaign include:

  • An Optional Protocol to the ICESCR will provide victims of violations of economic, social and cultural rights access to international justice;
  • It would establish a communications procedure that would enable individuals and groups to file complaints before the CESCR Committee for specific violations of the rights contained in the Covenant. Similar procedures are already available for violations of other international and regional human rights treaties;
  • The primary purpose of the NGO Coalition for the OP to the ICESCR is to advocate for the adoption and use of an effective OP to the ICESCR;
  • Members of the Coalition have identified five key elements for an effective OP. Each is a minimum requirement for the Optional Protocol that should be promoted by all NGOs wishing to contribute to the process of making the OP to the ICESCR a meaningful human rights instrument.

… (full text/Our Demands).

World for World Organization

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(also en Español, en Français, in Italiano)

The WORLD FOR WORLD ORGANIZATION WFWO is a Non-Governmental Organization NGO, an Italian-based non-profit organization, operating in Italy and internationally. WFWO was launched on 16 October 2001, on the occasion of World Food Day, and established in 2002, and is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC at the United Nations, New York.

operations and policy;
where do we operate;
events and meetings;
how to help;

About – Our Mission: WFWO’s mission is to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain the hope for better future and improve their quality of life through the access to food security, drinking water, health, education, poverty, HIV-AIDS programs, micro credit, using local skills and practical, sustainable technologies to support development humanitarian projects on relief and rehabilitations programs, to secure the empowerment of indigenous peoples, local communities, women, groups and individuals in developing countries.

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Controversial World News Network

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Linked with Steven M. Greer – USA.

The Controversial News Network is just as the name implies: a news network that covers “the other half of the story.” In some cases it is the other three-quarters of the story. And in tragically far too many it is a totally untold story … (about 1/2).

Homepage/Main and links to latest news;
Steven Greer, designated Guest Speaker;
schedule (will work soon again);
legal notice;
guests index;
studio photos;

About 2/2: In America, we are “16th” in “freedom of the press,” according to an international survey, even though this is the only country for which the founders actually built into the Constitution the guarantee of total freedom of the press. Right now there are courageous reporters in prison for not revealing their sources, notwithstanding that guarantee in the fabric document of our nation, “The Federal US Constitution.” CWNN’s mission is to expose the “sacred cows” that no so-called “no spin zone” talk show host will touch with a ten-foot pole. This website serves as a mainframe of information collected by the Network. Its primary task for now is to archive the shows aired on the San Diego radio station CASH 1700AM, broadcasting live Sundays at 7pm-8pm, hosted by Eugene Ellis with co-host Scott Wood.

The Blue Planet Project

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Linked with Maude Barlow – Canada.

The Blue Planet Project is an international civil society movement, it begun by The Council of Canadians to protect the world’s fresh water from the growing threats of trade and privatization. (About 1/2).

take action;

About 2/2: We work with organizations and activists in both South and North, and are affiliated with international networks including Friends of the Earth International, Red Vida (the Americas Network on the Right to Water) and the People’s Health Movement.

We are currently working with partners world-wide on using a human rights framework to protect water for people and nature for generations to come. This includes working with local organizations and activists on grassroots struggles to protect democratic, community control of water, and building a movement to secure an international treaty on the Right to Water.

In 2005, Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, often referred to as the alternative Nobel Prize, which honours those “offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today”.

The Council of Canadians

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en français: Le Conseil des Canadiens

Linked with Maude Barlow – Canada, and with UN rejects water as basic human right.

Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians is Canada’s largest citizens’ organization, with members and chapters across the country. We work to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians … (about 1/2).

Homepage and latest news;
world water day (22.3.08);
newsletter-link (down at right of each page);
join us;

About 2/2: We develop creative campaigns to put some of the country’s most important issues into the spotlight. We work with a network of over 70 volunteer chapters to organize speaking tours, days of action, conferences and demonstrations.

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Find babysitters, nannies, pet sitters and more …

How does work:

  • 1): Join Now – Sign up as a family or individual for full access to our community of high-quality, trustworthy caregivers and service providers;
  • 2): Find Great Providers – Post a job listing detailing your specific needs, or use our refined search results to find care providers who match your criteria. Request FREE background checks, view photos, videos, references, and more;
  • 3): Get Connected – As a member, view contact details for caregivers or send them messages directly through

Homepage/complete access to provider;
child care;
find tutors near you;
senior care;
pet care;
housekeeping; in my Neighborhood/my state;
my account;
address main-office:, Inc., 1400 Main St., Waltham, MA 02451, USA;
contact by e-mail, a member of our staff will return your request within 24 hours/or one business day.

About us: We’re mothers, fathers, pet owners, sons, daughters, grandchildren, friends, and members of this online community along with you. We understand the difficulties and struggles you face when trying to find the right care and services for your families, yourself, and your home. So why did we create and join Here are a few of our stories. Check back soon to meet more of the team.

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Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women HKABPW

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Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women


  • To promote the interests of business and professional women through a variety of business functions and professional development activities;
  • To stimulate and encourage in women a realization and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community;
  • To promote friendship, cooperation and understanding amongst women;
  • To encourage women to acquire education and training and to use their skills and intelligence for their own and others’ development;
  • To work for the removal of all forms of discrimination and for equal opportunities, status and remuneration for women in economic, civil and political life;
  • To promote excellence in performance and ethics in business and the professions.

(About 1/2, Aims).

Homepage and latest news;
upcoming events;
Collaborations with Universities;
Program Archives;
photo gallery;
Links (BPW around the world;

KABPW’s Bursary: One of HKABPW’s aims is to encourage women and girls to acquire education and training. The Association provides financial support to students in need who are studying courses that are not traditionally pursued by females … (full text);

About 2/2, Community Projects): The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women each year selects a community project to fund. In the past, the following projects or non-profit organisations were given donations.

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The Emergence of an European Islam

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as CNRS-Thema

The Question of Institutional Status: In order to provide a legal context for the practice of Islam, several European Union member States have devised imaginative legal, institutional, political, and symbolic frameworks. Some examples, country by country … (full text).

Contact: Franck Fregosi, Researcher at the CNRS, Sociétés, droit et religion en Europe, CNRS-Université Strasbourg III.

map of Europe (notice: Turkey is told as part of Europe);
a bit of history: From Six to Twenty-Five, or Thirty, The Beginning of International Collaboration at the CNRS;
Europe as a research area;
Research IN Europe;
Research ON Europe;

Index of contacts, (A-K);
Index of contacts, (L-Z).

EURISLAM, Islam as Seen through Social Science Analysis: The convention signed between the anthropology-sociology research unit of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (ANSO) and the Center for “Societé, Droit et Religion en Europe” (SDRE – Robert Schuman University and the CNRS) in September 1998 aims at constituting a bibliographic data base on contemporary Islam and the Muslims of Western Europe. Drawing from a network of correspondents throughout Europe who specialise in a social sciences approach to the subject, this database – named EURISLAM – contains all major references from 1995 to the present (3000 references). EURISLAM is accessible via the web site of the SDRE Center, under the title “bases de données bibliographiques”. Through this web site, access can also be had to the legal studies website of the Laboratory (DREL, JUREL, LEGIREL1) … (full text).


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Holding Corporations Accountable

Mission: counters corporate-led globalization through education, network-building and activism. We work to foster democratic control over corporations by building grassroots globalization a diverse movement for human rights and dignity, labor rights and environmental justice.

Sitemap; /CW Exclusives /Corpwatch Blog /RSS /Share;
Press /Newsletter /Search /Reports /Releases;
Image Gallery;
Tool Kids;
Address: 1611 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94612, USA;

About: The War Profiteers website is maintained and updated by CorpWatch, an organization based in Oakland, California, that counters corporate-led globalization through education, network-building and activism. The orginal site was created by the Ruckus Society, an organization that specializes in engaging nonviolent direct action, also based in Oakland, California.

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Center for Rights, Education and Awareness CREAW

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Centre for Rights Education and Awareness

Linked with Ann Njogu – Kenya.

The Center for Rights, Education and Awareness CREAW is a non-governmental, non-partisan, membership organization based in Nairobi, Kenya that seeks to empower the society on women human rights.

The CREAW Portfolio Video;
The Affirmative Action Video;
Diashow of Affirmative Action:
Diashow of Shangilia Fesival;
CREAW Board;
Our Partners;

About: (CREAW’s) Goal is to Change you, and Transform all. Our Mission is to empower women to realize their fundamental rights and freedoms as human beings with equal rights and privileges as men.

CREAW was set up in 1998 by several women lawyers who had common goals and purpose. It obtained its full legal status in 1999 when it was registered as a Non-governmental Organization in compliance to the Kenyan Laws.

Our membership is open to individuals and women who share in the same vision and mission, and are driven by positive values for women’s development and empowerment. (full text).

ASR Association for the Sociology of Religion

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Linked with Sebastien Fath – France.

The Association for the Sociology of Religion ASR is an international scholarly association that seeks to advance theory and research in the sociology of religion. Formed in 1938 as the American Catholic Sociological Society, ASR traces its roots to scholars in search of a hospitable place for both empirical study and social criticism animated by the social teachings of the church. Our 700+ members come from all continents of the world, and their interests and perspectives are just as diverse and global. The Association encourages and communicates research that ranges widely across the multiple themes and approaches in the study of religion, and is a focal point for comparative, historical and theoretical contributions to the field. In addition, the Association facilitates the sharing of members’ interests with sociologists in other associations and scholars of religion in other disciplines.

News and Announcments;
2008 Annual Meeting: Religion Crossing Boundaries, Session Paper Authors and Presenters Pre-registration (required of all program participants);
Recent Past & Archives;
Grants, Awards, Lecutres;
Publication Opportunities /Call for Papers;
Address: Association for the Sociology of Religion, 618 SW 2nd Ave., Galva IL 61434-1912, USA;
Contact (scroll down).

About: The Association was founded in 1938 as the American Catholic Sociological Society. By the mid-1960s, members interests began to focus on the sociology of religion, and in 1971 the ACSS changed its name to the Association for the Sociology of Religion.

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The Disclosure Project

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Linked with Steven M. Greer – USA, and with Announcing the Orion Project.

The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

Download and watch the press conference on May 9, 2001 (with low resp. high quality video-streams);
the campaign;
press coverage;
media gallery;
news & updates;
IRS non-profit status letter;
address main office: The Disclosure Project, PO Box 265, Crozet VA 22932, USA;

About: … Beginning in 1993, I started an effort that was designed to identify firsthand military and government witnesses to UFO events and projects, as well as other evidence to be used in a public disclosure.

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WorldPulse Magazine

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Women and Children transforming our World

Linked with Ann Njogu – Kenya.

See the world through the eyes of women, with the wonder and possibility of a child.

Homepage, with many links);
submit (your writings);
in the press;

Special Edition February 15, 2008: Braving bullets and increasing sexual assaults, Kenyan women are organizing from the mass evacuee camps to the newsrooms to save their beloved nation. Read:

About: A social media enterprise, our mission: connecting women to transform our world. WorldPulse is a global media organization dedicated to broadcasting the untapped voices and innovative solutions of women worldwide … (full text).

India Resource Center

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Building Global Links for Justice, a project of Global Resistance

Linked with Indian FAX ACTION about Coca-Cola.

India Resource Center works to support movements against corporate globalization in India. We provide timely information on transnational corporations to Indian movements. We also educate and mobilize key constituencies in the US and other countries to take action in support of campaigns in India. India Resource Center is a project of Global Resistance. Global Resistance works to strengthen the movement against corporate globalization by supporting and linking local, grassroots struggles against globalization around the world. Our goal is to ensure that those most impacted by globalization are engaged in and at the forefront of the movement against corporate globalization … (about 1/2).

Homepage and latest actions;
action (actually centered on Coca-Cola for Indian people’s water resources);
contact by e-mail, attn. Amit Srivastava, Coordinator, India Resource Center, and Director of Global (named on all this Google-search Results).

About 2/2: History: India Resource Center is the result of numerous discussions with activists in India spanning a wide array of issues.

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Council for secular Humanism

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Linked with Stephen J. Gallagher – USA.

The Council for Secular Humanism Web Site provides timely information concerning the activities of the Council for Secular Humanism and also acts as a general educational resource on secular humanism. Please select a topic from the navigation bar on your left, or the drop-down menu above, for more information … (full text).

free enquiry (the multi secularist agenda);
public actions;
the secularist humanist bulletin;
online articles of the last bulletin;
institute for the secularization of the Islamic socity;

About: The Council for Secular Humanism cultivates rational inquiry, ethical values, and human development through the advancement of secular humanism.

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The Alternatives to Violence Project AVP

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conflict is part of daily life … but violence doesn’t have to be

Linked with Jo Vallentine – Australia.

The AVP Britain organises workshops which empower people to lead nonviolent lives, based on respecting and caring for ourselves and others. We believe there is a power for peace and good in everyone, and this power has the ability to transform our relationships … (full text).

our workshops
work in prisons;
workshop dates;
work with us;
contact online (also AVPs in other countries).

What is AVP: The Alternatives to Violence Project is a network of volunteers running workshops for anyone who wants to find ways of resolving conflict without resorting to violence. We work in the community and in prisons.

the thinking behind AVP: We understand that conflict is a natural and normal part of life, and that it is possible to learn new ways of handling it. By holding workshops in which the participants consider the underlying causes of friction and violence, practical ways of dealing with situations of conflict are worked out.

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Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia ANAWA

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Linked with Jo Vallentine – Australia.

The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia is a non-profit community group campaigning for an end to the nuclear industry and the adoption of safe energy strategies. (Homepage).

This website was produced by the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia. This group came into being in 1997 (then known as the Anti-Uranium Coalition, AUCWA), to act as an umbrella group for organisations campaigning against the nuclearisation of Australia.

Our role is mainly in research, political lobbying and publication of information that we believe the community needs in order to make informed decisions about uranium mining, nuclear power, weapons and waste.

We are not a ’special interest group.’ We are the tip of the iceberg, representing the 70-80% of Western Australians who oppose uranium mining and waste dumping in Australia, particularly in our home state. (About).

SafeCom Inc.

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Linked with Jo Vallentine – Australia.

Project SafeCom Inc. is a non-profit association, incorporated in Western Australia in December 2001. The vision of Project SafeCom is laid out in the constitution as ‘a safe community’ for people of any race, gender, creed or nationality, who are displaced as a result of Wars or Political, Social, Climatological, Ecological and Geological upheaval and/or Disaster; and for other users as and when appropriate (Homepage 1/2).

What’s new and what’s News?
looking after people;
sustainable earth;
sustainable shelter;
home of terror?
terrorism archives;

Homepage 2/2: … In simple terms, Project SafeCom can be regarded as a ‘farm-based community respite care centre’, but it is much more than that. Project SafeCom also intends to be a fully operational farm as well as a holistic animal care environment.

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environmental marketing

terra, North America’s premiere environmental marketing agency, helps grow the world’s most sustainable companies. A science-based marketing firm, we help clients convert genuine environmental leadership into winning strategy, communications and positioning. Our products and services include:

  • Validation products such as EcoLogoM, a global leader in third-party environmental certification;
  • Consulting in environmental marketing strategy and communication as well as in policy, purchasing and program delivery;
  • Market research, focused on “green” purchasers in B2B, B2G, and B2C commerce.

terra choice’s blog;
addresses: in USA – TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., 1706 Friedensburg Road, Reading, PA, USA 19606;
In Ottawa: TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., 171 Nepean Street, Suite 400, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0B4, Canada;

Consulting: The TerraChoice consulting practice helps customers convert environmental value into winning and profitable strategy, communication, and positioning. We help procurement organizations green their supply chains with policy, management and measurement. We also helpgovernments and international agencies use the market to advance sustainability.

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Private Rural Initiatives Program PRIP

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also called PRIP Trust

PRIP’s niche:

  • To develop a vibrant, efficient and effective development sector;
  • To build institutional capacities of the NGOs/ Civil Society Organisations for promoting Good Governance within the organisations and materialising their goals and objectives effectively.

PRIP Capacity Building Approach;
SMILING Small Initiative by Local Innovative NGOs;
Mode of Operation;
address: House 72, Road – 8/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209, Phone: 88 02 8119111, 8110789, E-mail.


  • Vision: A Centre of Excellence for promoting “Good Governance” through building a vibrant, effective and gender equitable development sector by exploring and expanding human and institutional capacities in pursuance of Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

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Centre d’Information et de Conseil des Nouvelles Spiritualités – Sectes, un autre regard

(les textes en i sont mes commentaires)

Le CICNS est une association sans but lucratif enregistrée sous le numéro W822000132 en préfecture de Tarn et Garonne (France).

Le CICNS n’est affilié ni ne fait la promotion d’aucune minorité spirituelle. Il est né de la nécessité d’engager une recherche sérieuse sur la place légitime de la recherche spirituelle dans une société, au-delà des passions, des certitudes et des amalgames tendancieux … (à propos du CICNS 1/2).

Avis important;
Etat des lieux;
Les événements tragiques (que le monde des dites normaux a bien aidé à provoquer) à l’origine du mythe des sectes;
Les activistes et la répression;
Alternatives à la pensée unique (en France au catholicisme);
le miroir de ce site;
adresse; CICNS, BP7, F-82270 Montpezat de Quercy;
contact par e-mail.

(A propos du CICNS 2/2): L’équipe du CICNS est constituée d’une douzaine de bénévoles …
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a home for Nagas on the net

Linked with Neidonuo Angami – India.

Homepage, some videos and travel destination;
Account (they want you register to see more, like more videos, photo gallery, forum, chat, contact etc. … but you may find many videos on YouTube);

are openly available:

Watch this video of people’s songs: 5 min, March 25, 2007.

See also:


Save a Family Plan SAFP

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partnering with the poor for a just world

Linked with Beena Sebastian – India.

SAFP is a Canadian-based international non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1965 by Monsignor Augustine Kandathil. SAFP is committed to seeking justice and working with the marginalized and poor of India regardless of caste, creed, gender or political affiliation. SAFP is in partnership with more than 50 Diocesan Social Service Societies/local NGO’s, over 52,000 sanghams/self-help groups (grassroots, community- based organizations), more than 25 Institution based rehabilitation centres (for the physically or intellectually challenged, the elderly destitute and the dying), and more than 19,000 families annually in India. SAFP is supported by a wide network of volunteers.

Who we are;
family to family development program;
community development programs;
annual report;
Newsletter archive;
contact / donate online;

: The aim of SAFP was to meet basic needs of poor families and to encourage them to move toward self-reliance in order to become full, contributing members of their local community.

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The Advocacy Project AP

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The Advocacy Project seeks to help community-based advocates produce, disseminate and use information, and so become more effective advocates for human rights and social justice.

take action;
address: The Advocacy Project, 1326 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20005, phone: +1 202-332-3900, fax: +1 202-332-4600, e-mail;
contact/Feedback on the website.

About The Advocacy Project AP disseminate and use information, and in so doing advance social justice.

AP carries out this mission in two ways. First, we work directly with a selected number of partner organizations and offer them services aimed at strengthening their information and advocacy. Second, we seek to work with others who share our commitment to working with community-based advocates, but have a larger footprint or constituency. These can include donors, NGOs, and even governments.

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Kosova Women’s Network KWN

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Serving, Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Women and Girls

Linked with Marta Prekpalaj – Kosovo.

KWN Leads the Way for Civil Society in the New Kosova. Kosova is changing. Whatever the result of Kosova’s political status the way in which civil society operates will also have to change. KWN is meeting new challenges and opportunities head on with a clear plan for the future.

Kosova Women’s Network was informally founded in 2000 by the current Executive Director,Igballe Rogova; but, the history of how KWN came to be an official network is a rich story of family, war, and a growing national movement … (about 1/2, … and more in this 5 pdf-pages).

Inside the KWN;
Resource Network;
Working in Kosova;
Women’s Voice, 2005/03;
KWN annual report 2005, 32 pdf-pages.
KNW annual report 2004, 28 pdf-pages.
address: St. Hajdar Dushi C-2, II/8 Prishtina, Kosova, Phone +381 (=) 38 245 850, e-mail;
contact on the website.

About 2/2: Kosova Women’s Network KWN was established in 2000 as an informal network of women’s groups and organizations from all over Kosova.

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Motrat Qiriazi

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… The Association for the Education of Women

Linked with Marta Prekpalaj – Kosovo.

Motrat Qiriazi is a grassroots organization with a network of rural women activists throughout Kosovo.Their areas of focus are education, training and community-based projects. They also provide trauma counseling and psycho-social assistance.

Motrat Qiriazi has NOT its own website (sorry, the link ‘Website:’, put in the browser, leads to a german seller of ‘lights’ like lamps etc.). But the group is named on many other good websites (see some below).

Address: Motrat Qiriazi, Bregu i Diellit – JUG, L-1 nr. 10 Prishtinë, Kosovo, Ph #: 377.44.111.965 or 377.44.115.996 or 381.38.548.272;
Contact by e-mail.


  • Background: Named after the two sisters Qiriazi, who founded the first school for girls in Korca (Albania) 100 years ago, two sisters from Prishtina(KOSOVA) Safete and Igballe Rogova, formed a society for education of women: “Motrat Qiriazi” (Sisters Qiriazi). With the formation of the Women’s Network in Prishtina and with the collaboration of other women’s groups Motrat Qiriazi started its activities in february 1995.
  • Strategies for change: WHAT WE ARE DOING: …

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Worker’s Educational Association WEA

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The UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult learning.

Vision: Our vision is to be the recognised voice of adult learners, and the leading provider of adult and community learning in the UK by any standard.

Mission: The WEA is a 21st Century, democratic, voluntary adult education movement, committed to widening participation and to enabling people to realise their full potential through learning. (full text, about 1/2).

Address: The General Secretary, Workers’ Educational Association WEA, 3rd Floor, 70 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4HB;

About 2/2:
Aims: To involve learners, volunteers, members and other partners in:

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The Freedom of Information Act FOIA

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Linked with National Security Archive (September 28th, 2005).

The U.S. Freedom of Information Act FOIA is a law ensuring public access to U.S. government records. FOIA carries a presumption of disclosure; the burden is on the government – not the public – to substantiate why information may not be released. Upon written request, agencies of the United States government are required to disclose those records, unless they can be lawfully withheld from disclosure under one of nine specific exemptions in the FOIA. This right of access is ultimately enforceable in federal court.

Text of the FOIA:

What’s New;
FOIA basics;
guide for researchers;

About: An independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University, the Archive collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

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Zentralrat der ex-Muslime

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ex-Muslime melden sich zu Wort

Verbunden mit Der GBS – Newsletter, mit Michael Schmidt-Salomon, und mit Mina Ahadi – Iran.

Religions- und Meinungsfreiheit zählen zu den fundamentalen Menschenrechten, die in Ländern mit islamischem Rechtsystem nicht in ausreichendem Maße gewährt werden. Innerhalb der muslimischen Glaubensgemeinschaft gilt der “Abfall vom Glauben” als Todsünde und wird entsprechend bestraft … (Kampagne 1/2).

Materialien zur Kampagne;
Archiv / Presse;
Die offizielle Webseite von Mina Agadi, auf persisch & auf deutsch;
National Secular Society NSS;
dito in englisch auf meinem NGO Blog;
Mina Ahadi – Iran (in english auf meinen World People Blog);
Kontakt / Impressum.

Kampagne 2/2: … Leider stellt der Abfall vom muslimischen Glauben auch in Deutschland ein Tabu dar. Dass es überhaupt “Ex-Muslime” in nennenswerter Anzahl gibt (vor allem in der Gruppe der iranischen Dissidenten) hat sich hierzulande kaum herumgesprochen.

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Voters for Peace US

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The power to end war and prevent future wars of aggression

Linked with 2008 a year of opportunity for peace advocates.

VotersForPeace is educating, organizing and activating voters to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent future wars of aggression. Our mission is to mobilize anti-war voters into a visible and effective political force that cannot be ignored. We provide voters with the information and tools they need to be effective peace advocates; this includes educating their friends and family on the occupation, writing letters to the media, and holding congressional and presidential candidates accountable … (full text, about 1/2).

Homepage and latest articles
sign the voters pledge;
take action;
peace perspective /archive;
our yahoo discussion group;
antiwar politics;
address: VotersForPeace, 2842 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21218;
write the candidates;
contact: Tel. 443-708-8360

About 2/2: … The first thing that voters can do to take action is sign the Voters’ Pledge. This sends an important message to their elected officials and it empowers other voters to take a stand and demand withdrawal from Iraq.

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National Council of La Raza NCLR

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Linked with Raul Humberto Yzaguirre – USA .

The largest national Latino civil rights an advocacy organization in the United States, NCLR works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

general agenda;
focus issues;
special events;
NCLR affiliate network;
corporate relationship opportunities;

About: The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) – the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States – works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.

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Cambridge Energy Research Associates CERA

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Linked with Daniel H. Yergin – USA.

CERA, an IHS company, is a leading advisor to international energy companies, governments, financial institutions, and technology providers. CERA delivers critical knowledge and independent analysis on energy markets, geopolitics, industry trends, and strategy. Our services help decision makers anticipate the energy future and formulate timely, successful plans in the face of rapid changes and uncertainty. CERA is valued for our independence, fundamental research, foresight, and original thinking. Our unique integrated framework enables us to offer new insights ahead of conventional wisdom, providing a comprehensive “early warning system” that has a direct impact on investment, decision making, and performance. (About 1/2).

upcoming events;
CERA-week & executive interviews;
photo gallery;
contact: by website, by Tel. +1 617 866 5992 or by e-mail.

About 2/2: CERA’s expertise covers all major energy sectors – oil and refined products, natural gas, and electric power – on a global and regional basis. CERA delivers services through:

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the black agenda report …

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… the journal of African American political Thought and action

In the fall of 2006, Glen Ford, Bruce Dixon, Margaret Kimberley and Leutisha Stills of CBC Monitor left Black Commentator, which Ford had co-founded and edited since 2002, and launched Black Agenda Report (about 1/2).

Blacks & Latinos;
black caucus;
political economy;
black agenda blog;
like us‘;
contact: click on mail-icon above at right on the ‘about-page’.

About (2/2): Historic “firsts,” “mosts,” and “onlys” are the hallmarks of Glen Ford’s long career.

The son of famed disc jockey Rudy “The Deuce” Rutherford, the first Black man to host a non-gospel television show in the Deep South – Columbus, Georgia, 1958 – Glen was reading newswire copy on-the-air at age eleven. Glen’s first full-time broadcast news job was at James Brown’s Augusta, Georgia radio station WRDW, in 1970 – where ‘The Godfather of Soul” shortened Glen’s surname to “Ford.”

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The Left Business Observer LBO

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Left Business Observer is an 8-page more-or-less monthly newsletter on economics and politics in the U.S. and the world at large. A list of back issues since 1990 is on this web site … (About 1/2);

Download for free the book ‘Wall Street’, by Doug Henwood, 382 pdf-pages;

current issue;
back issues (with some articles for free);
Frothing at the house: suddenly the housing bubble is everywhere;
The Meaning of Seattle, An interview with Noam Chomsky, by David Barsamian;
address: Left Business Observer LBO, 38 Greene St – fl 4, New York NY 10013-2505, phone 212-219-0010, fax 212-219-0098;
contact by e-mail.

About (2/2): LBO, founded in 1986, is edited by Doug Henwood. Henwood is also a contributing editor of The Nation and does a weekly program on New York’s Pacifica outlet. [The show is on most Thursdays, 5-6 PM eastern time. Click here to listen to WBAI. Click here for radio archives.] His book, The State of the USA Atlas, was published by Simon & Schuster in 1994; his Wall Street was published by Verso in 1997 (paperback, 1998) to great acclaim and impressively vigorous sales (over 20,000). His book After the New Economy was published by The New Press in October 2003.

Profiles, etc. … (full text).