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Index August 2008

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2008-08-01: Derechos Chile;
2008-08-03: The Black Alliance for Educational Options BAEO;
2008-08-04: Center for Civil Initiatives CCI;
2008-08-06: Youth – Delhi;
2008-08-07: political pa;
2008-08-08: Center for Education, Counselling and Research CESI;
2008-08-09: tax justice;
2008-08-10: Indian Food Policy IFP;
2008-08-11: Village Academies;
2008-08-12: The Aman Trust;
2008-08-13: Fellowship for Threatened Scholars around the world;
2008-08-14: ISLAMIC VOICE;
2008-08-15: Center for the Protection of Children, Bishkek;
2008-08-16: Janusz Korczak International News;
2008-08-17: North Eastern Community Health Association NECHA;
2008-08-18: The Janusz Korczak Living Heritage Association, Sweden;
2008-08-19: GlowFish alpha;
2008-08-20: Ethical Corporation;
2008-08-21: Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit RMMRU.Net;
2008-08-22: Climat Action;
2008-08-23: People for the American Way PFAW;
2008-08-24: Justice Africa, London;
2008-08-25: Citizens Alliance to Uphold Special Education CAUSE;
2008-08-26: Civil Society International CSI;
2008-08-27: BLiTZ – Internet Version;
2008-08-28: ATTAC – Die Sommeruni ist für alle Interessierten offen;
2008-08-28: Asian Legal Resource Centre ALRC;
2008-08-29: United for Peace and Justice;
2008-08-30: Soka Gakkai International – SGI-USA;
2008-08-31: Health People NY/USA.

Health People NY/USA

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Linked with Chris Norwood – USA.

Health People is unique in the United States as a groundbreaking peer organization which helps people from low-income communities become leaders to effectively fight chronic ill health. Started in 1990 as a women’s AIDS prevention and support program, Health People has grown to provide a full range of AIDS services for men, women and families, as well as to start a large community asthma program, New York’s first diabetes peer educators program and a community smoking cessation program … and: The Health People Pledge: I promise to be responsible to myself, my family, and my community. I promise to fight AIDS-asthma-diabetes-smoking with compassion, determination and love. (Homepage).

Prevention and Support that helps;
Groups and Programs;
Workshops and Services;
Events and News;
Health People Team;
How You Can Help;
Gift Donations;
Address: Health People: Community, Preventive Health Institute, 552 Southern Blvd., 2nd Floor, Bronx, New York 10455, USA;
Contact, map and how to go there.

About: “The mission of Health People: Community Preventive Institute, a peer-based organization, is to empower and train residents of communities overwhelmed by chronic disease to become leaders and educators in effectively preventing ill health, hospitalization and unnecessary death”

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Soka Gakkai International – SGI-USA

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Buddhist Association for Peace, Culture and Education

Linked with Chris Norwood – USA.

The origins of the SGI-USA worldview can be traced to the teachings of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived some 2,500 years ago in what is modern-day Nepal. Born Gautama Siddhartha, he abandoned his sheltered, princely life and sought instead to understand the inescapable sufferings of every human being — birth, aging, sickness and death — and the means by which these sufferings could be overcome … (full text).

Homepage with Highlights and search;
News and Events;
Community Support;
The three founding presidents;
Exhibitions and Resources;
Member Resources and Tools;
Women’s activities;
Men’s activities;
Study and Publications;
Newsletter /subscribe online;
Links to SGI Organizations and Affiliates;
Find us /search SGI-USA locations;

About SGI-USA:  The SGI is based on the teachings and philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism, which places the highest emphasis on the sanctity of life. Members seek, through their practice of Buddhism, to develop the ability to live with confidence, to create value in any circumstance and to contribute to the well-being of friends, family and community.

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United for Peace and Justice UFPJ

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United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1400 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous Iraq War and oppose our government’s policy of permanent warfare and empire-building. We welcome the participation of any and all national, regional and local groups who share our goals and wish to work with others … (about 1/2).

Get involved;
End the war on Iraq;
Member Groups Directory;
Ongoing campaigns;
Grassroots action;
Address: UFPJ, PO Box 607, Times Square Station, NY, NY 10108, USA;
Contact and feedback.

About 2/2:
Since our founding in October 2002, UFPJ has spurred hundreds of protests and rallies around the country, and organized the two largest demonstrations against the Iraq war.

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Asian Legal Resource Centre ALRC

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Principles Guiding AHRC and ALRC Programmes:

  • Victims-directed approach must be combined with structural reforms needed to prevent human rights abuse and to promote rights;
  • Protest work will be combined with a community-based approach. In this, building of a support base in church and religious groups will be given priority;
  • UN-directed approach must be combined with regional and country based human rights promotional activities;
  • Human rights promotion must be combined with promotion of democracy and rule of law;
  • The issues of poverty eradication, gender equality, caste, indigenous peoples’ and minorities’ rights must be brought into all programmes.

Sitemap/NaviNuke and last some CHR- resp. HRC-sessions;
Press Releases;
HR legual links;
Our Publications: books, and articles;
National Human Rights Institutions Acts (Asia-Pacific);
Human Rights Case Law;
Related Documents;
General background;
Address:  Asian Legal Resource Centre, 19/F, Go-Up Commercial Building, 998 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China;

About /Background of ALRC: The Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) is an NGO having General Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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ATTAC – Die Sommeruni ist für alle Interessierten offen!

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Programm und praktische Infos

Per mail erhalten von: Infoliste von ATTAC-Schweiz (Rundbrief anmelden oder abmelden)
Date: 27/08/2008

Zur Einführung: Das Klima spielt verrückt und treibt die Herrschenden dieser Welt zu kranken Lösungen. Die Nahrungsmittel sollen nun nicht nur die Bäuche, sondern auch die Tänke der reichen Minderheit im Norden füllen! Durch die Bankenkrise mit ihren Milliardenverlusten und „faulen” Krediten entdecken die Spekulanten jetzt die Nahrungsmittel als sicheren Wert und heizen die tödliche Maschinerie weiter an. Schon gibt es Hungerrevolten. Währenddessen foutieren sich die Eliten immer mehr um den sozialen Ausgleich. Die obersten Chefs belohnen sich selbst mit Millionengehältern und zügeln diese in Steuerparadiese, während der Anteil der Working Poor und SozialhilfeempfängerInnen zunimmt. Die Umverteilung von arm zu reich ist in vollem Gang und wird medial unterstützt. Die Reichen und Schönen werden glamourös gefeiert, während Arme und Ausgegrenzte verteufelt und kriminalisiert werden – Geits no?!

An der Sommeruni 2008 befassen wir uns mit den ideologischen, wirtschaftlichen, sozialen und ökologischen Aspekten der aktuellen Systemkrise. Wir diskutieren Alternativen und konkrete Handlungsmöglichkeiten. Denn Auswege aus der Sackgasse sind vorhanden!

Redaktion: attac schweiz / suisse, Rue des Savois 15, CH-1205 Genf, info en français, Info auf deutsch.

BLiTZ – Internet Version

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Linked with Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury – Bangladesh, with Must He Die? Meet A Muslim Dissident, and with Choudhury speach to IFLAC’s writers’ symposium.

Editorial of the latest issue: The Moderate Muslim, by Lori Lowenthal Marcus. There lives in Dhaka one of the elusive souls for whom most of the world, or at least most Western politicians, have been searching: a true Islam-loving moderate Muslim who believes in brotherhood among all religions and respect for all nations by all nations. Unfortunately, it is possible that this priceless and endangered species may soon become extinct. At least since September 11, 2001, world and communal leaders have been touting the virtues of the “moderate Muslims.” The express or implicit message is always that Islam has been hijacked by aberrant radicals but if we look to, nurture and promote the moderate Muslims, all will be well with the world … (full text ed. of latest issue).

From latest edition:

Advertisement Tariff;


  • STAFF REPORTERS and CONTRIBUTORS: … (full text).

Civil Society International CSI

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… strengthening democratic ideas and action worldwide

Linked with Holt Ruffin – USA.

Our Mission: Civil Society International (CSI) assists independent organizations working for democracy and civil society in countries closed, or inhospitable, to these principles. We bring together in one place information about projects worldwide committed to the keystones of civil society: limited government, popular elections, and the rule of law; free association and expression; regulated, but open and market-oriented economies; aid to the poor, orphaned, elderly, sick, or disabled; and finally, civic cultures that value pluralism and individual liberty but also respect human needs for community and shared visions of the common good… (full text about 1/2).

To find yourself through the whole, huge amount of pages {some under construction}, best you go first to the sitemap;

Here some excerpts:
CSI Brochure;
Add an organization;
Central Asian countries and Russia;
International Orgs: Religion;
International Orgs: NGO Development;
Civic Action in Eurasia;
Address: Civil Society International CSI, 2929 NE Blakeley Street, Seattle, WA 98105;
Contact: e-mail one, e-mail two, Tel: 206-523-4755, Fax: 206-523-1974

About CSI 2/2: We assist projects overseas by

  • publicizing their work;
  • helping them recruit staff, interns, or overseas partners;
  • and helping them identify opportunities for funding or leadership development.

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Citizens Alliance to Uphold Special Education CAUSE

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CAUSE is the Parent Training Information Center for the State of Michigan. CAUSE is a statewide non-profit coalition providing free information, referral, support, advocacy, and workshops to parents and professionals working with children with disabilities and special needs … (full text Homepage).

Education and Schools;
Workshop Descriptions;
IEP Information;
Sample Letters;
Parent Training and Information Center Listing;

About: CAUSE will provide you with the History of CAUSE, who we are, what we do, projects and workshops offered through our organization, how you can support, become a member or contact CAUSE. A calendar of CAUSE workshops and other conferences across the state will also be available for informational purposes. CAUSE also has publications that may be helpful when navigating the world of special education … (full text).

Justice Africa, London

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Linked with Alex de Waal – England.

Justice Africa is a research institute and advocacy organisation founded in 1999 in London to campaign for human rights and social justice across Africa. Justice Africa has become one of the most distinctive and individual voices for Africa; and it has achieved this because it is run by, for and with Africans and African communities. In the words of the Pan-African slogan: “Nothing for me without me” … (about 1/2).

Our Sudan program;
(Our other) programmes;
Tajudeen’s Thursday Postcards;
the blog: Making Sense of Darfur;
Address: Justice Africa, 1C Leroy House, 436 Essex Road, London N1 3QP, UK;
Contact. Tel +44 (0) 207 354 8400, e-mail.

About 2/2: … We seek to:

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People for the American Way PFAW

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Linked with Tubbs Jones – USA, and with Peace, Prayer, and Protest.

People For The American Way PFAW is an energic advocate for the values and institutions that sustain a diverse democratic society … (full text who we are), and Watch People For’s 25th Anniversary video, 3.56 min,

PFAW mourns Stephanie Tubbs Jones;
Action Center;
Progressive Voice;
Educational Opportunity;
Equal Rights for all;
Protecting Democracy;
Reports Archive;
Our blog: Week X Week;
For the Newsletter and Action Alerts you have to register first;
Media Center;
Address: People For the American Way, 2000 M Street, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036, Telephone: 202-467-4999 or 800-326-7329, e-mail;
Contact on our website.

Who we are/learn more: People For the American Way Foundation is a premier source of vital information for policymakers, scholars and activists nationwide on the Religious Right movement and its political allies.

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Climat Action

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Assisting business towards carbon neutrality

Business is at the forefront of efforts to reduce climate change. Without the support of business, efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will at best be only partially successful and not nearly enough to avoid the worst impacts of global warming. Most business leaders inherently know this and realise that climate change is a serious challenge – maybe the most serious challenge human societies collectively face today … (full text ’shrink your carbon foot print’).

The business case;
Climate leaders;
Address: Climate Action, Henley Media Group, Trans World House, 100 City Road, London, EC1Y 2BP, United Kingdom;

About: The Sustainable Development division of Henley Media Group has been providing senior decision makers in the public, private and intergovernmental sectors with sustainable development and corporate social responsibility reference resources since 1998.

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Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit RMMRU.Net

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Linked with Sumaiya Khair – Bangladesch.


  • To increase understanding of the potential contribution of migration for pro poor growth and poverty reduction in Asia.
  • To be the premier resource centre on migration, refugee and displacement issues in South Asia.
  • Initiate regional collaborative research to understand the links between migration and poverty reduction.
  • To provide training and disseminate and promote the idea among young academics, professionals, grassroots leaders, NGO activists that orderly and managed migration can reduce poverty and benefit receiving and sending regions and that migration is an important livelihood strategy to move out of poverty.
  • Establish network with academics and activists of South Asia on issues of migration for policy advocacy at national and regional levels.

… (About 1/2).

Homepage, Links and News;
YRF Young Research Forum;
Address: RMMRU, Sattar Bhaban (4th Floor), 3/3-E, Bijoynagar, Dhaka–1000. Bangladesh;

About RMMRU 2/2: The Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), an affiliate of the University of Dhaka, has been functioning as a research, training, and policy advocacy institution since 1996.

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Ethical Corporation

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Essay: Ownership and sustainability – Are listed companies more responsible? Owners used to be stewards of their company’s future, but this idea has faded in modern publicly-listed companies. Mark Goyder asks how dispersed share-ownership might affect corporate efforts to be responsible … // … But does this historic view of ownership as stewardship still apply in the age of global capital flows, instant trading and complex derivatives? … (full text).

5 Upcoming Ethical Corporation conferences & events (October and November 2008): on Homepage; (with many other links on the Homepage, as: more Reports, log-in, Meet Our Columnists, … and many items and regions);
CSR jobs;
Ethical Report 2008 … ;

One of the debates: project finance – The Equator Principles – Is it a happy fifth birthday for the Equator Principles?

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GlowFish alpha

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the network for progressa network of people, nonprofits, and foundations, creating change together

Glowfish is the fastest growing network of people, organizations, and ideas dedicated to progress. Like you, everyone and everything here believes in bettering the human condition, whether through sharing the arts or the provision of essential needs, whether on this continent or another, whether in our free time or as our livelihood. Glowfish is dedicated to creating connections and the sharing of ideas that create action toward bettering humanity. Glowfish is completely free and has something for everyone.
What’s Glowfish got for you? For Nonprofits? For Foundations? … (Homepage).

Most pages are reached by links from the homepage (Recent Jobs and Volunteer Postings, Search Glowfish, User Login, Featured New Organizations, Recent Topics, New GlowFishers, Featured Groups, Recent Strategy Papers, Recent Resources);

Contact: For now, you can contact us by e-mail, or by messaging our organization on the site itself.

About Glowfish: Glowfish is a network for progress.

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The Janusz Korczak Living Heritage Association, Sweden

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Linked with Janusz Korczak alias Henryk Goldszmit – Poland (1877 – 1942);

The Swedish Korczak Association was founded in 1971 by Michal Wroblewski, a former co-worker of Korczak’s in Poland. The Association was formally registered in 1988 and throughout its existence it has maintained an affiliation with the Stockholm Teacher’s College … (about 1/2).

Convention on the Rights of the Child, Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 20 November 1989;
books (diff. languages);
the Chronicle;
the cybrary of the holocaust;
a german site;
a teacher’s guide to the holocaust;
Feedback e-mail.

About 2/2: The purpose of the Association is to disseminate information on Janusz Korczak and his lifework.

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North Eastern Community Health Association NECHA

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Linked with Elizabeth Edattukaran – India.

Vision: “Envisage a just and peaceful society where people enjoy life in its fullness.”
Mission: Empower the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable to take responsibility for themselves and the society through a process of community health.
Goal: NECHA strives to make community health a people’s initiative in the village of North East India. (see here).

Organizational Profile;

Genesis (Profile, scroll down): Fr. K.C George, a diocesan priest from the Archdiocese of Imphal, who was convinced of the philosophy of community health and the practical approach of alternative systems of treatment in North East, was instrumental for conceiving the idea of NECHA in the North-East. In fact he is the founder father of NECHA. A team of nurse sisters was his support in the initial stages.

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Janusz Korczak International News

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About Janusz Korczak, from the whole world

Linked with Janusz Korczak alias Henryk Goldszmi – Poland (1877 – 1942), with the Center for the Protection of Children, Bishkek, and with JKB Korczak Prize in Burundi: Encouraging peace.

To take part: You can address all kinds of documents to us: text, photographs, pictures, pdf, video, etc. It is possible to submit them in all languages, but the preferential language of the site is English. To facilitate our collaboratif work, preferentially use either the form of contact of the site, or this e-mail.

Korczak International News;
What are doing the korczakian people today?
International contact list;
Korczak in Kyrgyzstan;
Contact online.

Editorial: Welcome on this new site, intended to inform you better about the activity of the Janusz Korczak associations world-wide and the realisation of the international Korczak movement.

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Center for the Protection of Children, Bishkek

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Linked with Janusz Korczak alias Henryk Goldszmi – Poland (1877 – 1942), and with Janusz Korczak International News.

No own website found, but they are named on many good sites.

1) On the Korczak friends in Kyrgystan. This is a non-government organisation working with street children in Bishkek. The main strategy is focussed on:

  • Lobbying for the protection of the rights of street children;
  • Working with the mass media to present fuller information and suggest solutions;
  • Allowing the children and the parents to be heard-by giving them a voice in civil society;
  • Providing basic services and developing alternatives;
  • The Centre has created a network of programs aimed at supporting these children in the basic aspects of their lives.

… (full long report).

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An Islamic Monthly in english language, published in India, Bangalore

Linked with Nigar Ataulla – India, Bangalore.

Editorial of July, 2008: The relationship between ritualism and values is inversely proportional. The more one sees a society engrossed in rituals, putting on the garb of holiness and sanctity, the less respectful it becomes of the values. It grows more concerned with image than character. Rituals often have the tendency of raising a faade, putting on a mask, covering up the real face and robbing the individual or the society off the substance. People of faith, be they Muslims, Christians, Hindus or others, often camouflage their action under ritualism to put on a cloak of sacredness … (full text).

Homepage as sitemap;
The Muslim World;
Muslim Perspectives;
Community Initiative;
Muslims and Money;
Muslims and Economy;
The world of Internet;
Special Report;
Address: ISLAMIC VOICE, English Monthly, Post Box # 4705, VivekNagar Postoffice, Bangalore-560 047, Karnataka. India;

Women in Islam: Asmaa bint Yazeed Orator of all Women – Asmaa (May Allah be pleased with her), the Prophets companion, obtained from him the definitive statement that women are in no way less than men.

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Fellowship for Threatened Scholars around the world

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Linked with Fund Helps Threatened Scholars Around the World.

The Scholar Rescue Fund formalizes an unwavering commitment to academic freedom that the Institute of International Education (IIE) has demonstrated for over 85 years. At the heart of the Fund is the idea that each scholar we help who continues his or her work in safety is a beacon of hope in our world. Together we can make a difference. One life, one voice, one idea at a time.

I am a scholar in need;
I am interested in hosting;
I want to donate;
World Report;
Partner Organizations;
Addresses: Scholar Rescue Fund. Institute of International Education, 809 United Nations Plaza, New York 10017-3580;
and: SRF Iraq Scholar Rescue Project, Institute of International Education, 1400 K Street, NW, Suite 650, Washington, DC 20005-2403;

Specially connected Organizations:
Institute of international Education IIE;
Iraq Scholar Rescue Project;

About: Around the world, scholars have long suffered harassment, torture and persecution as a result of their work. In the worst cases, scholars pay with their lives for their dedication to scholarship and freedom of thought.

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The Aman Trust

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initiative for a just & compassionate society

Linked with Urvashi Butalia – India.

The AMAN’s programmes are managed by a central office and implemented under six major portfolios that are described below. AMAN’s library, archives and the web-site are important pedagogical resources for work on peace-building. The portfolios are: … (full text Programme Design).

Strategy and Perspectives;
Articles and Papers;
Portfolios: Campaign for Non – Violent Conflict Resolution (4 items); Gender Mental Health and Conflict 5 items); Human Security Citizenship and Law (4 items); Pedagogy for Social Peace and Civic Restraint (3 items); Social Resources and Caste Conflict (3 items);
Volunteer Form;
Address: AMAN Public Charitable Trust, O – 63, IInd Floor, Lajpat Nagar Part II, New Delhi, India 110024;

About AMAN: AMAN envisages a pro-active role for civil society in the reduction of conflict and the mitigation of its effects. Its philosophy is based on the concepts of ahimsa and samrastha (non – violence and harmony).

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Village Academies

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A network of college preparatory schools based in Harlem NY

Linked with Howard L. Fuller – USA.

Village Academies was founded on the belief that education can change the lives of our children – and can change the course of history. We are building a network of high quality, public charter schools in Harlem, New York. Harlem is the historical epicenter of our country’s civil rights movement, home to legendary activists and extraordinary leaders. Our generation must carry on the work of the civil rights movement – by ensuring that all children have equal access to quality education … (full text Homepage).

Apply to teach;
Educational program;
Our professional standards;
Jobs and Internships;

Growth Plan (about): Above all else, Village Academies is passionate about providing the highest quality education for children in under-served communities.
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Indian Food Policy IFP

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Linked with Devinder Sharma – India.

Welcome to the premier Indian Food Policy website. The Indian Food Policy web site, is a platform for discussion of issues related to South East Asian food, agriculture and trade policy. Every sixth human being on the planet resides in India. We believe democratic food policy is meaningless rhetoric without listening to the views of the Indian farmer … (full text).

Kisan chaupal – IFP Community;
Today’s article;
Guest article;
Links: right column of each page;
Address: Indian Food Policy Website, 62 Daffodil Gardens, Ilford IG1 2JW, Greater London UK;

Farm dept / press releases: A tragedy of unprecedented proportions is unfolding across rural India.

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tax justice

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also in deutsch espanole francais portugese

TAX HAVENS CAUSE POVERTY: The Tax Justice Network promotes transparency in international finance and opposes secrecy. We support a level playing field on tax and we oppose loopholes and distortions in tax and regulation, and the abuses that flow from them. We promote tax compliance and we oppose tax evasion, tax avoidance, and all the mechanisms that enable owners and controllers of wealth to escape their responsibilities to the societies on which they and their wealth depend. Tax havens lie at the centre of our concerns, and we oppose them … (full text, Homepage 1/2).

activities; Aid, Tax and Finance for Development; Corruption and the Offshore Interface; Links; Newsletter;

Homepage 2/2: … Take a look at our core themes:  Continue Reading…

Center for Education, Counselling and Research CESI

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Linked with Dragica Aleksa – Croatia.

CESI is a member of Croatian Women’s Network; ASTRA – Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights; WGNRR – The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights; SEE ECN – South East European Education Cooperation Network; The Balkan Women’s Network for Democratization and Conflict Prevention; INSTRAW-GAINS – International Research and Training Institute for Advancement of Women – Gender Awareness Information.

Programmes and Projects;
Films and Video-Clips;
Address: CESI, Nova cesta 4, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia;

About: … Vision: Republic of Croatia is democratic, socially just society in which all persons enjoy equal ights and have equal opportunities for realization of their full potentials, and they participate in all aspects of social, political, cultural and economic life.

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political pa

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Political Affairs – Marxist Thought Online

Support the Employee Free Choice Act; The Employee Free Choice Act can help reclaim the American Dream by restoring workers’ freedom to form unions and bargain for a better life. Our goal is to gather signatures in support of this bill-1 million voices calling for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. But 1 million people is a lot of people. We won’t reach our goal without your help and the help of your friends and family. Please support this bill and help us reach our goal of 1 million signatures—sign the petition today.

Mailing address for all correspondence: Political Affairs, 235 W. 23rd St., New York, N.Y. 10011;
Contact: tel 646-437-5336, online.

About 2/2: Political Affairs is an online magazine of ideology, politics, and culture. Our mission is to go beyond simply giving an account of events to providing analysis and investigating what is new and changing in our world – from a working-class point of view.

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Youth – Delhi

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The Voice of Youth in Delhi

Linked with Tripurari Sharma – India.

Career Queries;
CV / Internship and Jobs;
study abroad;
medico maniacs;
Youth V radio;
art and theatre;

Campus News /Return of the Fuchcha: Radio Mirchi has started a new project in Delhi namely ‘Return of Fachcha’to help students seeking admissions in the colleges. The 14-day campaign will provide students with needful information about admission procedures like how to fill the forms, how many photographs to carry, other documents that would be required at the time of admission and important things that freshers should keep in mind.

Continue Reading… Laos

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a website for the Akhas

Linked with Sinuan – Laos, Akha tribe;

The two of us have been living in Laos since 2002 with the goal of improving the lives of the Lao Children through healthcare and education. We are living in Muang Sing District in the Luang Nam Tha Province in a village surrounded by many Akha and other ethnic villages … (about 1/2).

The Akha Photogallery;
Address: Health Frontiers, Vientiane, LAO PEOPLE’S DEM REP;

Pages of two websites linked with
International Opportunity for Pediatrician or Med-Peds Physician;
The Photogallery of Bryan Watt;
(another) Akha Network’s Homepage;
Virtual Borders, an ambient and its downloads by Mukul’s Homepage;
The virtual Hilltribe Museum;
The Akha on wikipedia.

About 2/2: … I am a humanitarian photographer and my wife is a pediatrician with a masters in public health and a diploma in tropical medicine. She attended Don Dok, the National University of Lao to study the language.

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Center for Civil Initiatives CCI

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Linked with Biserka Momcinovic – Croatia.

Centres for Civic Initiatives (CCI) is one of the largest indigenous, non-governmental organisations in BiH. The mission is to initiate and promote active participation of citizens in democratic process and strengthen capacities of individuals and organisations to successfully solve problems in their communities … (Homepage and latest news).

For all internal links click in homepage’s left column: (About us, Democratisation, Parliamentary Programme, Press, Previous activities, Reports and Publications, Links and networks, Our funders, Newsletter, CEECN, and addresses of 6 regional Offices).


About us: … 7 years ago CCI was active in three regions, working from three regional centres of our country: Tuzla, Banja Luka and Mostar.

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The Black Alliance for Educational Options BAEO

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Linked with Howard L. Fuller – USA.

The ability to choose how your child is educated is a power all parents deserve. BAEO exists to help Black parents understand all of the educational options that exist … (full text Parental Choice Options).

scholarship info;
BAEO Mission Statement;
gates small schools;
how to donate;
resources and links;
Address: 1710 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Suite 12, Washington, DC 20036;
Contact: phone (202) 429-2236, fax (202) 349-9879.

About BAEO: Organizational History: On March 4-6, 1999, the Institute for the Transformation of Learning (ITL) at Marquette University convened a meeting of 150 Black people in Milwaukee Wisconsin, to learn more about the benefits of educational options for Black families.

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Linked with Devinder Sharma – India.

The goal of is to provide useful information to people who would not obtain this information otherwise. is to be used as a nonprofit research tool. Our opinion is indeed biased — because it seems to us that the “balanced news” of today’s journalism is accomplished by blending fact with fiction. Each article on this website is far from the final word on any subject and one can only get an overall view by viewing a lot of it. In other words, don’t base your opinions on one file or even a few files from As for our political affiliaout 1/2tion, we have none — not conservative or liberal … (full text, 1/2).

Homepage, … and in its left column 18 links to specific environmental items (from air to water);
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About 2/2: … We see liberals and progressives as kind-hearted conservatives who can only add to the downward spiral of society in the US. We live in a world of contradictions where conservatives are willing to bring on Armageddon and liberals resist change at all costs. In other words, conservatives are liberal and liberals are conservative.

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Derechos Chile

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Version en Castellano.

Linked with Viviana Elisa Díaz Caro – Chile.

Derechos Chile, a web page dealing with the history of human rights abuses in Chile, beginning in 1973 when the military regime of General Augusto Pinochet took power and continuing through today’s current events. On this site you will find testimony, photographs, articles and other interesting information. With its link to The Santiago Times, Derechos Chile offers regular news stories about the continuing evolution of human rights issues in Chile. Here you will find information for everyone – for those with a limited understanding of Chile, and for those who participated in making its history. If you want to know more about the site, please continue reading (homepage).

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WHY KEEP LOOKING BACK AT THE PAST? The team that created this web page was motivated by a concern for the word “memory.” In the years that have gone by since Chile began its “transition” to democracy, there has been a constant call for people to forget. The effort to erase the memory of a very specific part of the country’s history comes most especially from one sector of the society. Still, as made evident by regular, every-day events, the contradictions from the past continue to have their effect today.

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